By Jack Heart, Orage and “Phil” for Veterans Today

If you must rewire your house you better call a licensed electrician and if you must fight a battle you better make dam sure you have a general with combat experience…

As no less a scoundrel than Richard Nixon once said, “let me make this perfectly clear.” The second amendment is written in unerring clarity and it uses the word “infringed” to stop any amendments of it dead in their tracks just like a forty-four magnum will stop a child molester. That’s the most appropriate analogy I can think of considering the character of those attempting to amend it.

The second amendment is there to protect the first amendment which with the consolidation of the media into five or six major corporations, all pushing the same globalist open-border agenda, has already been violated to the extent of mortally wounding the United States of America.

Don’t believe that? Well, then what happened to Lou Dobb’s when he tried to broadcast the facts about illegal aliens and the damage they are doing to the infrastructure on national television? Why is Frosty Woolridge the second most censored writer in America, only surpassed by the efforts that go into marginalizing Jack Heart and Orage?

In America, in light of the criminal Citizens United decision, the left is no longer the left and the right no longer the right. Every politician from major players like Donald Trump to bit players like Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are nothing more than actors bought and sold on the open market by globalist corporations. Every one of them has but one agenda; and that is to play out their part in bringing about a one-world government whose hell on earth idea of utopianism was first articulated in Metropolis, a movie from 1920…

The books A Clockwork Orange and 1984 would follow, not the movies which were exercises in dissembling by an already CIA infested Hollywood.

It is human free will that is at stake here, not the right of some redneck fool to wave his gun around in support of a phony president and even more phony god. Towards that end, and only that end do we support the right of every American to own a gun. Although god only knows how cowardly Americans have been until now about exercising that right, that obligation, to use those guns to overthrow the pasty-faced tyrants that are enslaving them and the rest of the Western World…

Apparently, while the fools among us are worrying about a supposedly dead Iranian general who looks suspiciously like George Clooney suffering from AIDS and the Donald Trump impeachment circus; Ralph Northam and the rest of his globalist cohorts have been hard at work further undermining the constitution. ABC reports “Virginia lawmakers voted Friday to ban firearms at the state Capitol.” (1) Obviously this is in response to what we have written about twenty thousand militia members being instructed to attend Northam’s constitution shredding party with concealed weapons.

ABC says so much when they delicately add that these so said “lawmakers” have “concerns about planned Jan. 20 rallies that are set to draw huge crowds of pro-gun and gun-control advocates. Gun advocates from around Virginia and even out of state have pledged to turn out in force to highlight their resistance to proposed gun-control measures.” (2)

With Antifa, a supposedly leftist organization that through its gratuitous violence has done more damage to the left than California’s politicians, scheduled to be there, violence seems almost inevitable. The only one who will benefit from violence is Ralph Northam and his globalist masters. In fact, some of my Russian contacts have already told me they are expecting him to pull a false flag event…

It is my heartfelt wish to see every globalist and all their acolytes and sycophants in every western country dragged from their mansions and high rise offices, summarily shot, then hung upside down on meat hooks in the streets just as was done with Mussolini. As a National Socialist, for that crime and all the other crimes against humanity they have committed in the past hundred-plus years, I can consider no other form of Justice adequate.

But also, as a Socialist, I find myself with strange bedfellows in Virginia. These people have been “educated” by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly (I was asked coming from Long Island if I knew them). They think Donald Trump really runs the country and Jesus runs heaven. Worst of all most of them have never had a fight in the schoolyard let alone seen actual combat and I fear the Globalists will eat them alive.

The militias, commanded by men who have never seen a shot fired in anger in their lives yet hold pretensions of being “generals,” are sitting ducks for a false flag provoked by Antifa and orchestrated by treasonous federal agents, many of whom have thoroughly infiltrated the neo “Nazi” and Ku Klux Klan organizations which likely will also attend. It has happened before in Charlottesville, VA, most notably after the Unite the Right rally, held by Klansman and “Nazis,” on August 12, 2017.

To prevent such an incident from occurring in Richmond I recently took an eight hundred mile car ride to Tennessee. There I met with a man whom I must call Phil to protect his identity. Phil is career army intelligence with what I’m pretty sure he would tell you is all too many years of combat experience. I’m sure his wife would…

Phil has drawn up a list of his recommendations and concerns to the militias:

  • Is recall election process in the works for Governor or Representatives?
  • Is there a letter-writing or petition signing campaign going on?
  • Have county stop ANTIFA and other buses in the counties surrounding Richmond for safety inspections. Safety violations potentially require an impound of busses that are unsafe to operate.
  • Get copies of ANTIFA demonstration permits.
  • Have security forces beefed up in the travel lanes between ANTIFA and patriots?
  • Get drone permits to monitor what is happening with ANTIFA and security forces.
  • Ensure that all those armed and in attendance at the patriot rally have been briefed on the rules of engagement and on weapons discipline.
  • Make sure that there is a First Aid tent (maybe Red Cross would do this) in the area of Patriots rally.
  • See if local businesses will set up water/coffee stations in the Patriot rally area.
  • Ensure that there are lines of communication, either cell phone or preferably radio, between all elements of Patriot rally.
  • Provide personal security for rally organizers and speakers.
  • Track numbers supporting the rally. Attempt to ensure that all attendants are on the up and up.
  • Coordinate prior to rally with National Guard and State Police.
  • Ensure that primary means of entrance to rally areas are watched by individuals with communications to command post; at least a mile away for foot traffic and four or five miles for motor traffic.
  • Make leaders aware of contingency planning to handle:
  • Injury/accident
  • Gunfire from Patriot rally
  • Gunfire from the outside rally
  • Overwhelming numbers of counter-protesters on the flank
  • Unidentified vehicles in the area or in the ranks
  • Identified vehicles
  • Rally security forces on the perimeter of the rally with canes, walking sticks, etc to limit the use of deadly force yet show force.
  • Rally security forces and leadership have gas masks or respirators on their person
  • No face masks within Patriot ranks.
  • Get other social organizations (Veteran organizations, Rotary, Elks, Lions Club, and others) involved to bring greater numbers of individuals who support the Constitution.
  • Ensure leadership and speakers have contingency exit plans. Vehicles close, security planning in and out of the area on foot, rally points if all hell breaks loose, etc.”

Phil also added concerns about parking to avoid just such an incident as what happened in Charlottesville in 2017. Parking should be arranged so has no law-abiding militia member must cross Antifa lines to get to their car and leave.

He also voiced concerns about having old established organizations; such as the Elks Club, Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus and such to witness the rally, people who are respected in the communities. That will make it that much harder for the media, who are naught but the Ministry of Propaganda for the globalists, to fabricate a false narrative should violence break out.

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1 – News, A. (2020). Virginia lawmakers ban guns at state Capitol. [online] ABC News. Available at: [Accessed 12 Jan. 2020].

2 – Ibid.


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  1. the teeth in the 2nd amendment are only as strong as weapons parity between the rulers and the people they rule. the 2nd amendment got de-toothed de facto by the nuclear weapons of ww2. big weapons. so big and so dangerous that only the rulers could be trusted to keep them. consequently, the rulers have become the bullies, with the bigger stick. until the people rise up and tear down the pentagon, i.e., the rulers’ standing armed forces, nothing will change. (the pentagon was built post ww2; the defense department was created post ww2. ww2, like 9/11, wrecked this once great country & its constituion as rule of law.) until then, all talk. we the people must have weapon parity. to ensure the elites and rulers don’t polarize this nation into “us” against “them.” the constitution? at the present, it’s more figurehead, a great old mythical tome, than it is a working set of by-laws that rulers are forced to follow as rule-of-law. anyone know of any nuc’s sold on ebay and the open market?

  2. Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Self defense was a given, along with hunting for food.
    The right of the people to own fire arms which include military style rifles(AR-15) shall be respected and not whittled away by Marxist/communist politicians. Just remember that after the Bolshevik jues took over in Russia, after convincing Russians who owned fire arms to turn them in, they were then slaughtered by the Bolsheviks.
    This is what they have planned for America: turn in your guns and then wait to be murdered in your sleep. The Red menace is alive and well in America, hiding behind the Democratic party, waiting for the moment, using groups like the violent ANTIFA, BAMM and BLM to do their dirty work.
    Two members of ANTIFA have already been shot and killed by police for attempting murder and arson. Two more are now spending long prison sentences for violent attacks that sent people to the hospital. This will not deter groups like ANTIFA, only drive them to worse violence.

  3. My thoughts on the events unfolding. The crazy folks who have a desire to show off their guns and thump their chests will likely stay home now that the state says don’t bring guns. Those types are cowards, afraid of what they’ll face behind bars. Those who are law abiding and believe in the rights all are born with will still show up, because it isn’t about their guns. My thought of ANTIFA, red flags and counter protests is a simple and telling quote attributed to Huey Long from Journalist Lawrence Dennis in the 1930s; “When America gets Fascism it will call it Anti-Fascism.”

    • ANTIFA has proven to be more violent than any other political group. Even the ALt-Right has nothing on ANTIFA.
      What I think about ANTIFA, I can’t print here.

  4. Trouble is jack is these same men will back Trump to the hilt as VT and Duff document daily how the Republican party are simply scum of the earth run by the fake Evangelical Christian morons.

    They don`t deserve military style guns as their ilk will just bring about a right wing dictatorship with low slave wages and no pensions and Social Security and of course no labor unions to protect workers rights.

    Southern militias and their nonsense will just prop up the current system as disarming these men is actually prudent to fix our society.

  5. These are good intentions, and perhaps the best wording in the amendment is ‘well regulated”.
    The service groups mentioned along with others like Veteran orgs and SAR, should be called upon, to formulate “regulation” and weed out banana nut cakes , in every community. These orgs are always looking for something to do besides badly prepared bake sales, and serving burned beyond recognition chicken. Each community should have a storehouse, range and training. If the community cannot regulate, well, then that is the biggest threat to the amendment. Right to bear, does not supersede safety. And right now, it is the Wild West. Ramping up tensions or threats is not a path forward. Formulate proper regulation and organize. That way, funding could be provided and continuity preserved. btw,..there is no org more Globalist than the churches. keep them out of it.