Iranian President Rouhani Warns U.S. NOT to take new action against Iran

The dust is settling on what really happened during the Iran response to the Soleimani assassination. We had thought that the US would refrain from falling back on its standard "We will tell you whatever version that we choose as to what happened."


by Jim W. Dean, …with PressTV, Tehran

Update: Oh my, someone is running scared, so much so they are openly censoring content. What the idiots goof on is that just attracts more attention to what they don’t want known or seen...JD

Editor’s Notes: The dust is beginning to settle on what really happened during the Iran response to the Soleimani assassination. We had thought that the US would refrain a bit from falling back on its standard “We will tell you whatever version that we choose as to what happened.”

After a decade of on the scene videos instantly appearing on the internet, faking the reporting of a major military event had gotten harder to do. The Trump regime was busted the first day on its fairy tale story, with VT in the lead, as mainstream media seemed unable to find material that VT did, and quickly.

The US would have preferred the public not be able to see the accuracy of the Iranian missiles which Iran put on display with this attack. Iran wanted to make sure those potentially thinking of attacking their country knew that it had a strong retaliatory capability.

Tehran also got a bonus with what appears to be a complete failure of the US air defense system, with US Gulf allies learning that participating in an attack on Iran might be a huge mistake. Hopefully, this realization might inspire greater efforts toward diplomacy to defuse the situation and reign in the US fake war on terror.

Iran is certainly not looking for a major war, where it knows it could get hurt badly in a major exchange, and what infrastructure it has built up was done so under great difficulty and sacrifice from its people, willingly and unwillingly, as is often the case here in the US.

The most wonderful thing that came out of this, is one…Israel. Mr. Netanyahu quickly announced it had nothing to do with the strike, and frankly threw Donald under the bus. Iran was quick to state that if the US did retaliate against it, then Israel would be attacked.

I think that Bibi really feared that their air defense would not stop the Iranian missiles, especially after we saw no evidence of the expensive Patriot System working. You can bet your booties that the IDF has been on the phone with the Americans as to what the hell happened.

Second, the US-allied Gulf states have all had a “come to Jesus moment”, or “come to Allah moment” as the case may be, over wanting to deescalate Middle East tensions.

We have more statements from them that they are ready for talks. That begs the question, will the US try to block these from happening, maybe threatening them with….wait for it, wait for it…”Sanctions”…as it has done with Iraq?

Yes the US remains a powerful military power, but its credibility is severely damaged here. Trump, of course, has been a wrecking ball for some time, but the Pentagon and military command jumped off a bridge holding hands on this one with their incompetence laid bare.

It is time to stick a huge enema up the Pentagon’s butt, and then run for high ground to not get washed downstream. This is in no way an aspersion on the military as a whole. But, those who have carried water for our national security risk president have put themselves in the category of being a threat.

If they would like to debate VT on that, we would be most appreciative under the usual terms, everything videoed, each side having half the time and no editing of the original material.

This is not something that we would enjoy, but to fix what needs to be fixed. Remaining in denial makes us a threat to ourselves, and VT does not have a molecule of that disease… Jim W. Dean

January 09, 2020


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  1. Let’s see now, the Roman empire died out. The Spanish empire died out. The British empire died out. What’s next? Oh, yeah, it is time for the zio-american empire to end its reign of control. Are you scared, Bibi? Perhaps this can be your moment of deep thought on how actually vulnerable you are without big daddy Uncle Sam to run interference for you.

  2. It is interesting to see that along with the revelation of nations in the region that the US missile defense systems are ineffective, the US is losing control of the narrative in regard to security. The conversation publicly is changing from ‘you need us to be secure’, to ‘we will never be secure as long as the US is here’.

    • As it came out today, that Iran took control of the US drones, it might also have taken the air defense system down. Notice how this should be a big story in US media, especially on a Sunday…and there is nothing. Once again, the public is denied getting the basics of what they need to evaluate correctly what their government is doing.

  3. “If they would like to debate VT on that we would be most welcome, under the usual terms, everything videoed, each side having half the time, and no editing of the original material.” Magnificent Suggestion, Sir! I’d watch that on pay-per-view but I’m afraid they’d show-up-missing. I can picture the lot of them chatting with the lobbyists at The Army And Navy Club in DC/NW.
    Good food is served in that place and the $100,000 annual dues serves to keep out the ‘riff-raff’.
    In my college days I was a guest in that place and was suitably impressed by the perfumed-princes ‘all-brass’d-out’ to facilitate their identification by the predators perched in the rafters.

  4. With friends like Netanyahu,…
    Trump had the temerity in a tweet to tell the Iranian government, “do not kill your protestors”. What he should have said, and left out was, “let us do it with our sanctions”. With Trump’s buffoonery, and Iran’s resolve, perhaps the rest of the world will have the courage to turn its back on the US and its treachery.

    • How many thousands in the world die each year because of US sanctions ? From the unborn to the elderly, no exception. Sickening to say, we are Israel’s Twin.

    • SWAX: The oldest twin … just like Esau, birthright gone – sold out for what? A bowl of stew to the younger upstart Jacob.

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