Fecal Fiasco: Vultures Versus Texan Customs and Border Radio Tower


Health Editor’s Note: Obviously this U.S. Customs and Border Protection Radio Tower has been built in a vulture fly-way, one of the areas that they like to frequent and possibly call home. All we can say is “You build it and they will come”…Carol

Vulture Poop Has Compromised a Customs and Border Protection Radio Tower in Texas

By Katherine J. Wu, Smithsonianmag.com

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has lost control of a radio tower in Texas—not to a downed power line or a bizarre frequency fritz, but to a flock of well-fed vultures that arrived to unceremoniously drop a deuce.

The 320-foot tower, located in the city of Kingsville, is now entirely coated in the feces, urine, and vomit of some 300 vultures who first began calling the facility home over six years ago, according to a CBP document. Bathed in this nauseating soup, railings, catwalks, supports and other structures around and inside the tower—many of which workers come into direct contact with—have become “a safety hazard,” Leah Asmelash and Hollie Silverman report for CNN.

Concerned that the infestation will compromise their ability to exchange intel on trade and border security, government officials are seeking to obtain a “Vulture Deterrence Netting System” that would make the tower less appealing to land on, before the birds’ roosting season begins in late summer or fall.

The fear of gazing skyward into a haze of fast-pooping scavengers—which will apparently also drop their prey from heights of 300 feet or more—is reason enough to call in sick to work, but the…

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  1. If they move it will the vultures follow? Maybe the vultures could be persuaded to roost, etc. on top of the border fence. That would deter fence climbers, no? (which I heard is what people are now doing). We do need vultures, as we need garbagemen, although garbagemen do not really get rid of dead things and trash, they just move it away from our homes. It is really a better idea for us all to have compost containers. That would be more thorough and more ecologically sound, as in….returning to the earth what came from the earth. Well, I digress. In Belfast, Northern Ireland there is a program in which an apartment dweller puts vegetable waste in a container on the curb. This is emptied during the recycling route. Belfast authorities said this cuts costs for garbage hauling as there is less garbage and it is of course good for the earth.

  2. People are worried our neighbor to the south is a threat. That to me is stupid. because even at this moment, Today, the timeline you have ignored has grown to fruit. Brexit and Trump and Leicester Foxes, all came in a heap from Cambridge Analytica, then Harry and Meghan are the anointed marriage between the US and UK. Then the Fed begins pumping. Then Boris. The two clowns assure Brexit. Then , She signs a deal with Disney, the best Monarchy propaganda outfit in our borders. Then Murdoch unleashes US SUN. Today. US SUN. And what is the front page ? The Monarchy comes to oversee their investments and to affirm a presence, and we must see like a vulture to understand. Get the whole picture or become subjects again. Are you staring at the ground from a foot away or from the sky ?

    • Call it superstition or fantasy, but the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is here and plainly seen. And the jackals follow shortly. The foxes. And the jackals. It was a great experiment, too bad, because it could have been great. Now, it is not time to hope for saving it,.. but to save whatever we can. We couldn’t even learn from our very premise and intention. We just opened the door and invited it back in. We don’t deserve it. We didn’t earn it. We lost it. The entire idea of what we are doing has been usurped by fantasy and desire to indulge our children with more fantasy and lies. They cannot be a princess. It is a birthright. And they don’t have it. What a bunch of fools. Ground gazers.

  3. What does vulture do ? It is the first decan of Aquarius. It flies very high and watches everything. It can see a dead beast on the ground from 2000 feet, and even sense death and every other beast on the ground watches them to see when it is time. It eats meat. it has a special skin around its head and neck that prevents bacterial infection when eating rotting flesh. Observe the King Vulture. Is that not that eye of Horus. And is that not upon us now, as a satellite is the vulture. Even the very shape and function of them is the telling feature of what time it is. The eyes in the sky. Good morning. Get a coffee and get ready. Or at least ready your grand children for the battle of water, oil and brandy. It is a simple thing to see. The artists have been trying to tell you for years.