PS752 Downed by Cyber Attack

We have a clear picture of how Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 came to its tragic fate.


by Ian Greenhalgh

We now have a fairly clear picture of how Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 came to it’s tragic fate shortly after taking off from Tehran International Airport.

Ukrainian International Airlines is owned by Israeli businessman Aron Mayberg and the infamous Ukrainian-Israeli oligarch, politician, and energy tycoon Igor Kolomoisky, who was notably one of the biggest financiers of the anti-Russian, pro-EU coup d’etat which overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

Kolomoisky is also a principal backer of current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky whose dubious phone call with Trump resulted in the 45th U.S. president’s impeachment last month.

Kolomoisky, AKA “the Chameleon”, is one of the wealthiest people in the ex-Soviet country and was formerly appointed as governor of an administrative region bordering Donbass in eastern Ukraine following the 2014 putsch. He has also funded a battalion of volunteer neo-Nazi mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the War in Donbass.

As admitted by Iran, the plane was brought down by one or two missiles fired by a Tor-M1 missile complex under control of the Iranian Republican Guard Corps (IRGC).

However, this is only the beginning of the story and how the plane came to be in the sights of the IRGC missiles is the key part of the narrative.

I shall attempt to layout that narrative in as clear and concise form as I can.

No assets inside Iran were needed, it was a purely Israeli operation.

Iranian sources have revealed that the pre-flight inspection checklist was not signed by Iranian airport engineers, however, the Ukrainian crew insisted on flying at their own risk and responsibility.

The plane experienced some technical difficulties during or immediately after the take-off – this is when the cyber attack took place and it targeted both the navigational system and the Identify Friend or Foe (IFF)- transponder. The IFF transponder was turned off and the aircraft changed course, putting it on a direct heading for the IRGC base nearby.

Now you have an airliner heading directly for an IRGC site and it’s protective missile batteries, even worse the IRGC were on high alert, expecting a US strike; so when an unidentified aircraft appeared very close to their base, they had only a matter of seconds to decide whether to engage it.

IRGC Aerospace Commander Hajizadeh’s said a huge ‘anomaly’ impaired Tehran’s air defense system, leading to the impression an enemy plane was approaching a sensitive military center – the root of the subsequent ‘human error’.

Iran claims the missiles were launched by an individual who was out of radio contact with his commander and “panicked” upon seeing the fast-moving object on radar.

The fact that the IRGC operators experienced a communication failure at the precise moment the plane appeared on their radar makes it clear that cyber attacks were also carried out against Iranian command & control systems.

With no time to delay and no way to consult senior commanders, the operators had to consider the plane heading straight towards them as a military threat and they took the decision to engage the plane and shoot it down.

There you have it, a couple of hacks was all it took. The Israelis are experts at this and have done it before – remember the Russian IL-20 shot down by Syria, the Israelis were using that plane to shield an incoming jet fighter strike.

BBC: Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Xtremey well summing-up, Master Ian Greenhalgh!
    I have myself visited thet base in the times of The Shah (working for US of North A defence contractors. Sottoo voce I told them they better rely on other radar systems (like the Swiss Fledermaus radars), since sooner or later their US of North A masters would fool them once more. Instead, they seem to have ordered Ukrainian/Russian “продуктий” (grocery products) well known and controllable by CIA and Mossad/ISIS to the hilt.

  2. It’s also possible the pilot was mind controlled as per the JFK Jr. ‘accident’ when a Mossad team too was in town.

  3. This makes perfect sense.
    A wholly Zionist Operation.
    Israel, USA, and Ukraine acting in collusion to covertly wage war on Iran.
    Ukraine is after all, the largest and prime land portion of the Khazarian empire which is the first homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews.
    By deception they do war.
    Hopefully, VT is not the only news publication that addresses the obvious.
    Thanks Mr. Greenhalgh.

    • In Persian we have a saying, “Khodet khari”. Those trying to point fingers for Iran are the ones who should be first examined. Ihor Kolomoisky is no enemy of Putin.

  4. Respectfully, we all know where this is coming from. Obviously, security in Iran is my primary concern because it is the shield against harm on the people.

    So, keeping in mind that I am not an enemy, but a friend, Iran’s government respectfully should listen to me when I recommend they understand that they are going to have to face some hard facts as well. There *is* internal corruption and that morality disparity, popularly known as the “Aghazadehs”, cannot exist when there is also an economic disparity and security dissonance fueled by the same set of double standards. That corruption tarnishes the standards of Shia Islam, the Revolution, and the Resistance. It weaponizes the complaints of enemies to the Iranian people AND the government.

    One question Iranian strategists should be asking is, “How many gifts can we possibly offer our enemies?” The supporters of the IRI have been left out to dry in this regard because the scrutiny has never faced inwards and because foreigners have constantly hijacked that scrutiny to push Iran either West or East.

    Imam Khomeini said, “Neither East nor West”. Iran is not a Cold War playground and can serve instead as the blackhole of empires if need be. Iranians are left with no other choice. The remedy is to remove the impunity for the “too big too fail” immediately and without question.

  5. Okay I don’t know What Anybody makes out of the embarrassed efforts of the Morally Superior Iranian Something …… but there’s an investigation , between a 100 to 150 ” On Duty ” Arrested , Special Court , Compensation to Victim’s Family …… so Mr Donald Trump Now YOU Could Now Be Only Asking to Suck Blood of Some Iranian Maybe ………. BUT Anyway this is a big event and of course ALL Processes , Protocols , Procedures and Protection gets a complete ReHaul ……… Cyber reviewed completely to improve existance but to further Backdoor USA way way worse ………

    • through this rousing by the USA , ALL Iran moved AND The State just invited Fresh Blood AND Ideas to Improve things ……. The Revolutionary Guard just received a Heavy Young Batch …. Bless the Orange Baboon in the White Mansion ……

    • Oh dear me, Mr Echoes: How can they compensate victims’ families when they have neither US nor Canadian $s nor British Pond Sterlings nor Wesern European Union Euros — Swedish Kronor, maybe? Or they might alternatively offer the victims’s families fine skiing resort stays at the mountain cabins just north of Tehrân — or bathing vacations along the Caspian or Gulf beaches!
      Very good wine to be gotten in Irân by now also (Shiraz) — unless you happen to ba a muslim. And Armenian Cognac too!

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