Are you an American or a Democrat?

It's a thought provoking question to arrive at the truth


This is a question I have been begging to ask with the apparent divorce of civil decorum in our political parties. I suppose the discussion should go back to the presidential debates for the 2016 elections, when then-candidate, Hillary Clinton, asked then-candidate Donald Trump if he would accept the results of the Presidential Election of 2016, to which, Donald Trump stated, “I will look at it at the time”. 

Chris Wallace then went on to school the President about the peaceful transition of government to the winner of the election as a time-honored tradition in American politics. True to form, and with a history of hypocrisy, Hillary said she was “horrified” at Donald Trump’s answer. She went on to state that Trump’s positions were always “troubling” and that he was unpatriotic . . .  right!

With Hillary believing the numbers in the polls conducted by 99% of the media,  she felt assured she was a shoo-in to be anointed as the next president of the United States,beating Trump in a landslide. But as Karma generally has a way of biting one in the butt, particularly in this case where there was such a shadow of life-long dishonesty surrounding Hillary and the Democrats (nomination stolen from Bernie and advance tips on debate questions afforded Hillary), she got a little surprise on election night.

But beyond this, were allegations of corruption with her tenure as Secretary of State, the pay-for-play accesses to the power wielded by the Clinton Foundation, and Comey’s fake investigation into the Hillary e-mail scandal, her campaign went down in flames. This was much to the delight of honest, hardworking Americans who were just plain sick and tired of the politician’s belief the application of the justice system was only for we the contemptible God-fearing, Walmart shoppers out here in fly-over country.

So, despite Hillary and the media’s damnation of President Trump regarding his prophetic statement about accepting the results of the presidential election, it was dear old Hillary herself, who along with 99% of the media of this country, who had an Epileptic Seizure and refused to accept the result that Donald Trump won the election, fair and square, like it or not.

From that great night in November, when the real American’s delivered the call of justice, Hillary and the leftover “has-bins” from eight years of Obama’s failed regime, have tried everything they can think of to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. They have even gone to the point of a seditious coup d’etat, incorporating the illegal use of the FBI, NSA, CIA, internal Revenue Service, the Justice Department, and “Deep State Operatives” to subvert President Trump and the American public.

They have wasted more than $40 million taxpayer dollars, employed more than 30 FBI investigators and dozens of secret service operatives of foreign governments to frame a case for impeachment of President Trump on (excuse the pun) trumped-up and baseless charges. After 2-1/2 years no evidence was found to warrant the Democrat’s illegal actions to frame Donald Trump.

Even using Soviet-Style Star Chamber secretive hearings in the basement of the Congressional office (where Trump was not allowed to be present and unable to confront his accusers and defend himself – even those with jay-walking tickets are afforded more rights in America’s court system, they come up with only hearsay and innuendo claims by people who do not love America and hate Donald Trump. Insiders and Never-Trumpers lined to voice opinions about Trump’s way of governing but no tangible evidence of any kind that would meet the burden of a crime punishable by impeachment was even remotely discovered.

So my friends, any person legally in our country, and a citizen of the United States, I must ask the burdensome question “Are you an American or a Democrat?”  To assist you in making this choice, let me point out the difference, and by the way, liking or hating Donald Trump is not the issue here, but deciding if you stand as an American or do you stand with the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist Communist Party who outright rejects America’s rule of law, the Constitution, the peaceful transition of government, and self-responsibility.

You see, if you are an American, you believe in the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Those who have come to the United States from countries like Cuba, North Korea, Russia, and other countries of Eastern European and elsewhere, know the importance of our rights as listed in the Constitution, specifically identified in the Bill of Rights, and are guaranteed under our concept of Equal Justice Under the Law.

If you are an American, you believe a country cannot be a sovereign country without clearly defined and secure borders; that our country cannot be safe without a strong military; that internally we must have law and order secured by law enforcement officers of the highest integrity; and that our political system must only be represented by honest and duty-bound, freely elected politicians, who will adhere to the limitations placed on them by the U.S. Constitution. They swear to defend the Constitution and the United States when sworn into office, yet few ever pay attention to that oath. They just mouth the words.

Furthermore, an American believes that through hard work, and individual effort and self-responsibility, he/she can achieve financial success not achievable in any other country on planet earth. This achievement may require special talents or educational skills, but as an American, you can become successful by applying the tools you can learn in school or technical trade institutes.

Additionally, you believe in the sanctity of life, and that all of us are created equal in the eyes of God, and through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, identified that every American is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without being subjected to the whims of a taxation system that deprives the citizen of our lawful right to own property and to earn a living equal to the time we are willing to invest in that pursuit.

As an American, you believe in your right to freedom of religion, speech, assembly, association with others, and to be free to petition our government with grievances. You further believe that you have the right to bear arms to defend yourself and your family from those who would do you harm or from a government who would submit our country to tyranny.

You believe in and value your right to vote in free honest elections. And lastly that we have a right to a government that is accountable to the public and recognizes that the federal government is limited to what they can and cannot do by the Tenth Amendment, which protects all citizens from big, intrusive federal government action.

Over the last two months, we have heard House Speaker Pelosi piously invoke religion in an effort showing how often she prays for the success of President Trump while condoning the latest atrocity the Democrats have brought to the table in several states which is post-abortion Infanticide (killing a baby who has survived a botched abortion attempt).

She often touts “the Constitution”, but sounds as if she has never read a word of it, as the “one chamber house committee star chamber closed-door, impeachment hearings revealed. Even staunch liberal Democrat constitutional scholar, Alan Dershowitz (author of the critical acclaim book, Guilt by Accusation), admits the whole impeachment fiasco has no legal foundation.

Additionally, their open-door policy with no legal U.S. borders would allow anyone wanting to enter the country (without exception) and avail themselves and their families to free healthcare, free education, free housing, and unlimited welfare benefits, and expect the hardworking U.S. taxpayer to foot the bill.

Unfortunately, these wizards of fairness (the politicians you have elected) believe these under-educated undocumented border crashers are entitled to the fruits of your labors while the rest of us have to work for a living. This is outright foolishness, and of course, unaffordable.

But the biggest boondoggle of all is this newly touted “green new deal mandate” which every Democrat candidate bought into at the recent Democrat debates. This stupid and irrational policy would allow the federal government to outlaw the use of fossil fuels by 2050. Talk about STUPID? This would be the fastest way to destroy the world’s most vibrant economy and destroy America that allows us to live better than the residents of any other country.        

This is not just a mindless catastrophic prediction. Look out your front door and make a note of everything you see. You will note that everything in sight has a connection to fossil fuel: energy to power industry that provides the workforce with jobs; fossil fuel is the most important ingredient in paint, cosmetics, medicine, plastics, food growing and processing, asphalt and concrete used in highways and building infrastructure, lumber processing, and every manufacturing job you can name. In fact, the country can’t even get products to market without transportation.

It is a simple fact that every product in every store is delivered by fossil power vehicles of some sort, and these are just a few examples of what these mindless twits have in store if they gain control of our country. Last but certainly not least, we wouldn’t be able to defend America without fossil fuel to power our airplanes, tanks, or make our munitions, but I suppose these dolts believe a 40-ton tank in the heat of battle will have an electric charging station available when they stop running in the middle of a desert, jungle, or some remote mountainous terrain.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Democrats have been trying ways to subvert the Constitution by invoking laws to negate the Second Amendment, to ignore the Electoral College, and to increase the powers of the federal government in violation of the Tenth Amendment. My word to those who hate America and our Constitutional republic I say, if you want your wishes to come true all you have to do is win elections and then amend the U.S. Constitution not destroy it. Other than that, your ideas and promises are no better than the tyranny we have witnessed throughout history. In short, you truly deserve to be called the Democrat-Progressive-Communist Party.

This and coming elections will not be about insincere promises that never materialize for the good of the country. It won’t even be about all the promises of “FREE STUFF” the politicians want to give the illegal aliens, for the country will be long bankrupt and on the dust heap of history before they can totally wipe out America. They seem to only benefit the political class and continue to bury our children and grandchildren in a debt from which they will never recover.

Author Bio
Following his service in the Marine Corps Ed Mattson built a diverse career in business in both sales/marketing and management. He is a medical research specialist and published author. His latest book is Down on Main Street: Searching for American Exceptionalism Ed is currently Development Director of the National Guard Bureau of International Affairs-State Partnership Program, Fundraising Coordinator for the Warrior2Citizen Project, and Managing Partner of Center-Point Consultants in North Carolina. Mr. Mattson is a noted speaker and has addressed more than 3000 audiences in 42 states and 5 foreign countries. He has been awarded the Order of the Sword by American Cancer Society, is a Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow and appeared on more than 15 radio and television talk-shows.
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  1. They should have a likes or dislikes for post. You said a lot and it’s the sad facts. Good Post. I often think, how it is possible to get so many evil people in high places ? That is why people like Jeffrey Epstein are working for Israel. If your not evil, you will be.

  2. Our first 4 presidents were British freemasons, and murdered on July 4 of 1826 and 1831. President Madison knew something was up and lasted his term, and #6 President John Quincy Adams ran on the ‘Anti-Freemasonry’ ticket and won. The murders were over our first four presidents’ violations of their blood loyalty oaths to their freemason ‘Grand Patron’ king George. WE NEED another John Quincy Adams. Nowadays, BOTH demorat and repulsivekin political party centrals are run by American British freemasonry, and it shows. The top ‘Grand Master Mason’ is the British Duke of Kent, and the ‘Grand Patron’ over ALL freemasonry everywhere is the reigning British monarch, today being queen Elizabeth II. I PLEDGE NEVER to submit to the CJ/BS Vatican nor the Church of England nor freemasonry. I build stuff. No rest for the wicked. No sympathy for the devil.

  3. DEMAND! As a citizen and independent voter, I demand to hear from ALL WITNESSES to the impeached crimes of Donald J. Trump. This ridiculous idea that we are to have a trial with NO WITNESSES is beyond ridiculous; it’s contemptuous at the highest level. He works for me, for us, the citizens. He is NOT King!

    If you are a Trump supporter, run with it. However, it’s NOT okay to dismiss the rule of law in favor of your political support for one man. If he is NOT guilty, then fine. Let the witnesses speak. Hear them out. Then if he is NOT guilty, fine! And if he is guilty, then you can decide if you care enough to put pressure on your Senators to remove him. Or if you really don’t care and are okay with any President breaking the law as long they support your interests, then roll with that. Just expect the worst in the future.

  4. Oh please; “what made America the greatest economic power in the world” was that the new country started out with the fabulous advantage of access to the untouched mineral and agricultural wealth of three and a half million square miles of land, the incredible abundance of its vast ocean fisheries, and the labor stolen from ten million African slaves. You would have to be a total fool not to profit under these conditions, the crackpot capitalist theories of Adam Smith notwithstanding. Add to this our national hobby of applying unrestrained violence to any people anywhere, first in North America and then all across the globe, who possess anything our one percenters desire to add to their store of riches.

  5. Hey Ed, how about a president that takes orders from a zionist psychopath like Netenyahu? The way your buddy tRump does? tRump has been the best president Israel ever had.
    And while we’re speaking of such high minded morals of which you are obviously so qualified to speak of, how about the Donald’s past? His four bankruptcies, raping young girls….I bet you’d like to get away with it as well. His connections to Epstein, his connections to the Russian/Kazarian mafia that has fronted the money for his golf courses and resorts. His total lack of moral compass in vetoing congress’ attempt to stop arms sales to one of the worst violators of human rights, a regime waging a genocidal war on Yemen, the pack rats running Saudi Arabia. His total support for another racist, genocidal country Israel.
    So tell me what sort of patriot tRumps is in supporting red flag laws? Or his recent executive order attempting to outlaw freedom of speech?
    Ed, you’re the biggest god damn hypocrite that ever wrote a sentence. You have no right to lecture anyone else about patriotism or moral code.

    • Furthermore his sanctions against other nations who refused to bend a knee towards the little tyrants in Washington, including that fat, bilious morass human failure is causing millions of people to suffer and die but I suppose you’re ok with that.
      The tariffs that the fat floating fool has imposed on imported goods has affected Americans with high prices for consumer goods. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, tariffs are another tax.
      Real Americans oppose the endless U.S. military adventurism and fighting israel’s wars. Real Americans oppose the the bullying and threats against other sovereign nations that tRump is so fond of doing. Real Americans want a renewal of the nations infrastructure instead of wasting hundreds of billions on useless and needless militarism, on planes that can’t fly and ships that can’t float, on 800 foreign military bases across the globe that are doing nothing for the American people and creating evermore hostility between the people of those nations and the occupying army.
      Real Americans oppose red flag laws which tRump is so fond of. Real Americans support the First Amendment, another one that tRump seems to have forgotten. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments are being whittled away and tRump has no problem with that either.

  6. Seriously?
    Any true “patriot” would acknowledge the fact that neither of the two Zionist political parties, Democrats or Republicans, are upholding the Bill of Rights in the Zionist Occupied Government of the corporation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    To imply otherwise is outright deceit.
    Trump is an obnoxious Zionist puppet who represents the Zionist International Banking Cartel and their Black Nobility Masters just like all of his predecessors regardless of political party.
    So, Mr. Mattson, if the portrayal of truth were your objective —- the question you should be asking is: Are you a Zionist representing Israel First or an American?

  7. I bet you are a problem in your own family Ed. This isn’t anything but an attempt to cause chaos and promote division. Nobody does this part time. It is personal, and you should keep it to yourself. If the comment section is your therapist, then the recommendation is 3 weeks of humility and removal from human contact. Go see if the forest has any islands in it. Alone.
    No charge. Stare at the ground for a week and a half, record what you see, then stare at the sky for a week and a half. Which one is a patriot ?

  8. Reminds of Bill Maher.
    He loves calling Dem/Millennials Snowflakes, but…

    #WhenAmericaWasGreat, they came through #OpenBorders* & called Ellis “Heartbreak Island”.
    For the LOW acceptance rate of… 98%! And LONG processing times of… 4 hrs!

    Noncitizens, encouraged to vote and could even hold office.

    • * WHILE Asians were immigration banned (for most of 20th century) and Hispanic US Citizens were being terrorized & illegally mass deported.

  9. Funny, half those cartoon excuses are used by #DramaQueenDon…

    “The Chosen One, more lynched than slaves & Jim Crow Blacks. More crucified than Jesus.”

    “Saying no to Trump is saying no to God” – Televangelist Paula White.

  10. The USA Patriot Act null and void the Constitution as intended. They can arrest anyone without probable cause and take you out of the country. Kidnapping is okay. The NRA was forced to had over a there membership list. Bush said it would not be used against them. LOL, I am sure every post I make ends up in my 911 file. I never made a post until my 911 wake up.
    I was all in for Donald, until a week before the election. Was reading a story on how Donald was being schooled by war criminal Henry Kissinger before each town hall meeting. All my hopes and dreams for a Great America fell apart. Me and my better half sat this one out. As written in several places on this site. A elimination of Trump from POTUS, puts Syria No-Fly-Pence up next. BTW , Henry Kissinger was walking next to Trump at a news conference today. I am an American that votes across party lines.

    • Fun Fact: Bernie advocated a 0.5% WallSt sales tax, while Marc Cuban wanted…10%.

      20X the “Leftist”!

      While Trump ran on a 35% #TrumpTAX tariff TAX.

      Never mentioned by the media as they anointed him “Tough on Trade”. 🤔

  11. Lol. This guy needs to take the first letter of his last name add it to the beginning of his first name, make it plural, and never miss a dosage.

    Free stuff ?? As in free oil from Northern Syria at the cost of trillions of dollars extra to the poor taxpayer, because the super rich according to you shouldn’t kick in.

    He doesn’t understand the phenomenon of over population. It’s like the Iranian royalist douchebags expats who are machinating a war with Iran through this orange clown. They miss the Shah’s era. They don’t understand that in 79 the population of Iran was 28 million and now its 85 million. Give the 85 million population of Iran a new king appointed by pentagon and see how he’s going to shit like that al-Sissi boy putting half of the unemployed in jail and the other half in graves.

    And the Congress Democrats that you keep whining about are actually right wingers like Liz Warren (she voted fat right all her life) and you separate them from the rest of the Israeli firsters zios called the republicans of the congress as if they are different, labeling them the progressives …

    I bet not a moo comes out of you when your tax dollars are going to a contractor in Afghanistan …
    That my friend is not America and the constitutional republic, it’s the military industrial complex yanking your chain and you seem to like it.

  12. You can’t have a secure country without a strong military? Tell me, genius, who is going to attack the USA with its nukes? The only ones who can kill you now are the Russkies and their better weaponry but you’re the only one to blame for being at a disadvantage for being such a stooooopid, uncouth bully for decades. People have a right to defend themselves from bullies like you, you know.

    Speaking of bullies… since you wouldn’t stop crashing latin american borders FOR A CENTURY, arrogantly spitting on cries of Yankee go home…now the result of your destruction of the peace, prosperity and liberty of all latin america has been this large scale migration north. You and your stooooopid military are the ones responsible and you should poetically and MORALLY if not help then at least understand what’s really going on. But of course, to expect any moral behavior from a pack of atheists is impossible. You’re not reeeeeal Christians. By far.

    • Don’t tell me its thd globalists bla bla bla. You RethugliKKKlans have been in bed with the satanic baby eating oligarchs through the Republican party and its heinous politics of hate, warmongering and narcissism. Oooooohhhhh you’re antiwar now? That’s only because 911 treason showed you that your worst enemy is inside the chicken coop. For a century you and your ancestors have served as Rotchilds new Hessian mercenaries, that’s why your top policy makers are always satanic skull n boners like Steve Munching now. You’ve raped, pillaged and plundered for the devil it turns out…lmao. Repent for God is absolutely real and you’re screwed.

  13. I am not a Dem or Rep. I AM AN AMERICAN FIRST. Your article serves to shame anyone who is not for Trump, the worst POTUS ever. Hillary would have been as bad we will never know and I am glad of that. I do not pledge my allegiance to anyone party, your question is an INSULT to Americans. Both parties are corrupt and for a site that publishes many articles on Israel and its crimes and hold on this country , Trump has given them the best blow job a Jew could hope for by stepping away from the Iran Deal. His only platform is to dismantle all social programs and undo whatever Obama did, but not with a better plan, but with NO plan. An irresponsible spoiled POS.. AS for free stuff , we pay taxes, the biggest welfare queen is the Industrial Military Complex getting half the pie and divving up the rest into small crumbs for all the other social programs. Teddy Roosevelt perhaps one of our better POTUS President Roosevelt brought a new attitude to the nation with his progressive and energetic disposition. He was elected 4 times and with good reason, he is part of what made America a great nation. Trump is turning us into a 3rd world country.

  14. #DramaQueenDon won* because…

    We can’t handle the truth that
    #OpenBorders** #MadeAmericaGreat. (#MAGA!)

    The media anointed him “Tough on Trade”.
    They hailed him the Unpolitician. When he’s really the lying, prevaricating UberPolitician. He’ll piss in your FACE & tell you it’s raining.
    They serenaded him for his decree Obama was “Born here, period”. While they called “inauthentic pandering” on a mere beer by Liz Warren.

    #DeepState Comey kneecapped Hillary, while #MumOnTrump…

    • * A few thousand votes, in a few swing States.

      Where tens/hundreds of thousands were victims of #ThePurge.