Editor’s note:  Investigations, reality-based, show something entirely different.  We show widespread vote tampering in Wisconsin where the same regions cited by The Guardian, in fact, voted at levels of 96 to 115 percent, a much larger turnout than for Obama.

In fact, it was a turnout that included up to 300,000 dead or “never existed” voters.  These facts came out during the recount that found vast and widespread discrepancies yet simply walked away silently like Al Gore in 2000.

This is why there is so much confidence in Trump for 2020.  He won 2016 while losing a 3 million popular vote with up to 10 million Trump votes being dead or fabricated.  With 4 years of packing courts with Zionist judges, he can’t be challenged, no matter how much money the Deep State spends or how far they go to continue the takeover of America as a slave state for “the filth.”

Pastor Franz Gerber of Praise Chapel Community church on 2 January 2019 in Crandon, Wisconsin. Photograph: Lauren Justice/The Guardian

Where Christian evangelicals worship Trump more than Jesus – key voters stay loyal to the president

by Chris McGreal in Forest County, Wisconsin, The Guardian

Large numbers of voters across rural Wisconsin flipped from supporting Obama to Trump – now dividing lines over the president are even deeper

Pastor Franz Gerber is worried that so many members of his congregation appear to idolize Donald Trump more than they worship Jesus.

The preacher at the Praise Chapel Community church was among those who voted for Trump in rural Forest County, Wisconsin, which swung heavily from Barack Obama to the Republican in 2016 and so helped deliver a state that put the president in the White House.

Gerber now has some regrets about his vote but what really disturbs him is an unquestioning and even aggressive adulation for Trump within his flock.

“It seems like there are many evangelical Christians that are willing to die on the hill of supporting the Republican president, supporting Donald J Trump. And to me, that hill is not worth dying on. No matter who the candidate is, no matter who the individual is,” he said. “To put all your hope into that individual is a dangerous road. Scripture would warn us against that.”

Downtown Crandon, Wisconsin. Photograph: Lauren Justice/The Guardian

Forest was one of 19 counties in Wisconsin that flipped from the US’s first African American president to one of its most polarising in 2016. Obama took 56% of the votes in Forest county in 2008. Eight years later, Trump won 61%.

The large swings across rural Wisconsin squeezed out a narrow victory for Trump in the state by fewer than 23,000 votes, a margin of just 0.77%. Alongside wins in other parts of the midwest, it delivered him the White House even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

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  1. What scares me just as much is the rise of post modernist Marxism being indoctrinated in the colleges and universities, brainwashing young people into accepting the worst form of government ever created: Communism.
    Some of these brainwashed individuals work for Bolshevik Bernie and this is what they think, thanks to Project Veritas: http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/bernie-2020-field-organizer-calls-for-violence-mass-murder-of-opposition-and-reign-of-terror/

  2. Masonic Zionism & it’s Double Headed Eagle Scottish Rite UK British Freemasonry’s Great Game plan in full view. Christian Zionist Congress DRT up by Theordor Herzel 1896, “It you will it, it’s no Dream”. Ben Giron Netanyahu (Polish immigrant Zionist fake name) ”the Founding Fathers of Zionism” & ”The Marranos of Spain” tell the whole story of the IHS Jesuit plan for World Domination if there are any readers out there. Poop Show Circus. To live your life in fear is what it means to be a slave. Phillip K Dick insider knew & saw it all. Told humanity & a few others like Orwell, Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Albert Pike. End game final chapter drawing nearer. Esoteric Knowledge & secrecy still runs the show.

  3. https://brucegerencser.net/2019/05/why-evangelical-christianity-dying/

    That above is a link to a wonderful article on the death of Evangelical Christianity due to demographic changes that are already upon America! From race to age to many not following strict religion at all called nones.

    I believe Trump will get a second term along with cuts to Disability and health care for millions as many will suffer however, the sane out number the insane and in time the suffering will be blamed on the Evangelicals whom will never have any power in this country again and they are already marginalized to mostly rural unpopulated areas.
    Red Flag laws will be needed to disarm unruly and uncivilized and violent Evangelicals as this process really gets underway in the coming years as they will be mad as hornets losing power to them “liberals”!

    Bruce Gerencser is a fine blogger and should be consulted on matters of Evangelical Christianity as he came out of it after 30 years of being a pastor and refers to it as a cult.

    Just my two cents as many of you should relax….


      If anybody knows a misguided evangelical or fundamentalist person offer them this online address to read how they have been thrown to the wolves: https://jamesperloff.com/tag/scofield-reference-bible/-

      I refuse to call them Christian as their leaders Hagee, Hinn et al are satanists, hidebound and hellbound satanists who worship at the altar of Baal. James Perloff lays it on the line as regards Zionist infiltration and take-over of the fundalmentalist and evangelical movements (now cults) which with their support for Zionist genocide of Muslims by the hundreds of thousands and have damned themselves as anything but Christian. Scofield scuttled their spiritual ship with the help of leading Zionist Samuel Untermeyer who – wouldn’t you know it, also strong-armed President Wilson into the Zionist camp. Anyone facing eternity in hell with Hinn and Hagee will find the half-hour read a doddle. Who knows, it may save their souls. Jesus on the mainline. Pick up the phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdKDsK0Gom4

  4. NOBODY can make rational decisions using the CFRtv as an information source. Unfortunately, President Trump was born into American British freemasonry with backing from abroad and is now a 33rd degree freemason with its blood loyalty oaths to the freemason ‘Grand Patron’, queen Elizabeth. He also watches television. This means, he may be too close to the British based CFR to see the problem source. Television has been like stink on a skunk with this guy since he was young. STILL, the MSM lies about and sponsors mass-murders. Uncle Gordy can tell you about Trump’s adolescent years and His father’s attorney, Roy Cohn. We need to take the President out of a real pool of maggots so he can become self-realized in a positive way.

  5. I see a young girl was expelled from a Christian school, because of a photo of a birthday cake with a rainbow on it. But they still support a dude who hung with Cohn, and his “wife” who made a gay porn film.
    The very idea of an Informed populace being integral to Liberty,.. is at stake,.and when they want what they despise, and seek comfort in the very predator eating their minds, they are confused and a danger to themselves. And like the rationalization that explains the devil put dinosaur bones in the earth to confuse them, they will say the con-artist is playing 4 d chess for the favor of their God.

    • The most obvious option is the one neither party wants. Bernie Sanders. That is who should have won the 2016 election if all things had been fair. Even John Boehner stated Bernie is the most honest man in Washington. There are several good public servants in every sector. Among Bernies intangibles, the most important one, is he encourages honest people to run for office. That everyone agrees, is what we need. So, to fight him, they have always directed the populace to stare at the ground, instead of down the road. Just as Trump surrounded himself with idiots, Bernie will do the opposite.

    • In my opinion looking from outside US, I think that things with Trump ar bad but with killary it would have been much worse…

    • Adrian, do you even remember your own comments ? Just be honest and all is good. It is kinda time for humility, and for a few people to stop being babies, and step up. You went through stuff, own it and move forward into honesty,.we all do it. If nobody can swallow their pride, then a whole lot of pride is gonna choke a whole lotta people. Be real and post in your real name, that would be a step. …Really ?

    • David I remember every thing what I said before and ALWAYS I hold the same thing about 2016 elections, Trump is bad but with killary it would have been much worse…

  6. like it or not, washington d.c. is mostly political entertainment, for us main streeters. hollyworld, east. when are dumb pro electioneers, paid to promote their product, going to “get it” and require actor traits of personality and persona to storyboard their political wannabe clients? jfk. reagan. barak. trump. trump wins on his personality/ persona. hillary? nah. no. no. no. a 3rd grader’s take. she and her handlers were hoping against hope. and they almost pulled it off. at the cost of $$$$$$$$$$! wtf. her emptiness and nastiness and bitterness as an persona is the central reason she lost. hollywood.

    • plus, i don’t feel all that sorry for her. we all know she was acting president during the clinton white house years. billy boy was simply her front man. that’s why her staff reported such blowout wreck-the-place fights between the two. hillary is passionate about politics. lots more so than billy. she knew — intuitively, at least — her persona was her biggest disability. so she hooked her wagon to billy when he came along. and it worked for her. political power over sex! now it’s time for her to retire. like all the fooking over-the-hill boomers in washington d.c. age limits. term limits. health requirements. to serve for elected office. please! give us main streeters some fresh young blood. time’s long past for the next gen’s to get the center seats at the political control panels in the political data centers and do their magics and wreckings.

    • in fact, i’m voting on a single issue in 2020: youth. i’m so fooking tired of the boomers hogging the controls. selfish dumb fooks. good for the justice democrats. they fronted aoc. she’s not quite a barak. now if the sheldon’s of the democrats can finger another barak, the election is their’s hands down.

    • boomer here, yaw! That’s the problem with the dems,…they have their own “Sheldon’s”, and they ain’t on the side of the progressives!

    • and BTW, what was so justice or progressive about “barak”? He droned more brown people to death, extra-judiciously, then the idiot, Bush-the-lesser. His Justice Department, under Holder, didn’t prosecute one Wall St. banker for bundled mortgage security fraud, over-the-counter derivatives fraud, or liars loans. His State Department sponsored the Nazi Maidan coup in Kiev, and destroyed Libya, murdering Gadaffi, stealing Libya’s 140 tons of gold, and looting its $100 billion sovereign wealth fund, bra!

    • @ed,
      barak. who cares the winners ideals, values, ideologies? it’s all about winning. as we well know, the big money & elites run the show. and barak could win. he could deliver silky smooth sweet speeches. what else matters except studio movies that draw the audience in and make us feel, feel, feel…

      mbses: forcing the banks to relaxi their lending standards started full tilt under billy boy, excuse me i meant hillary. many books about the cause of the 2008-2009. it was progressive democrats — mrs clinton — pushing affordable housing for the poor. and forcing racial lending quotas on the banks. with the result that jimmy boy johnson as head of the fha/ fannie mae/ freddie mac grew those institutions into publically traded profit makers such that they now hold 75% of all home mortages!!! too big to fail. you betcha. and it ain’t the corrupt banksters fault. they’re role was being the fall guy. rather, it was the anti-racist (anti-semite, anyone?) fooking lefter’s/ libe’s/ progger’s riding in hillary’s back seat with yet another of their Big Pity the Poor Programs. put the shit on the steps of whose front door it belongs. (anti-semite: no, anti eastern euro thugs. conveniently using the semite label. prove it: show me the bloodline trace to mr abraham. or stfu.)

    • I like your answers! It was the Clinton’s who unleashed the banks by signing the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. I also blame the Clinton’s for the current controlled media in the US situation with the Communications Act of 1996, allowing six entities to own over 90% of all media. I’ll concede the boomer generation was/is the most spoiled, “had everything handed to them on a platter” generation, who totally screwed the pooch for future generations.