Israeli Army Annual Report: “Turkey is our Enemy”

The powerful Israeli military intelligence service, in its annual report, views Turkey as a major and serious threat to the country, especially in the Mediterranean region.


by Andrea Munchouroulia,

The powerful Israeli military intelligence service, in its annual report, views Turkey as a major and serious threat to the country, especially in the Mediterranean region.

In this “written assessment” of the Israeli General Staff, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seen as promoting an increasingly aggressive stance in the region, threatening Israel’s energy and maritime interests.

Despite the official retention of diplomatic ties by the Israeli government, the Israeli military has added the Turkish Republic to its list of main threats in its annual assessment for next year, putting it in the top spot in the light of its growing aggression. in the area.

This is the first time the Israeli Military Intelligence Service has included Turkey on that list.

” Relations between Israel and Turkey are getting worse with the responsibility of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is used to attacking the Jewish state while supporting and supplying Palestinian terrorist groups to operate freely in his country, ” she.

Although the Israeli military sees no direct confrontation with Turkey in 2020 in the assessment presented to Israeli decision-makers each year, Turkey’s ever-increasing offensive in the region has made it one of the top threats, for this and for nothing. is not certain, and the Turkish armed forces will be closely monitored.

The report does not describe a specific threat from Turkey to Israel, but it does elaborate that the policies pursued by Erdogan, whose Islamist party is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, are a cause for great concern for the Israeli general staff.

” In recent months, Ankara has stepped up its expansion by conducting military operations near Syria, proposing the creation of an EEZ with Libya, despite the fact that it violates the territorial waters of Israel’s ally, Greece, ” the report said.

In an interview with Channel 13 last month, the Israeli foreign minister said it was his country’s “official position” that a possible Turkey-Libya gas pipeline would be illegal.

“But that does not mean that we are sending warships to confront Turkey,” he said.

In October, following the Turkish invasion of Syria in the context of the Ankara war against Kurdish groups in that country, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said in a monthly meeting before the UN Security Council that “Erdogan is sending violence, in support of terrorist organizations, ”he added, adding that“ Turkey’s illegal invasion of Syria was no surprise because of Ankara’s well-known tactics ”.

“Erdogan has turned Turkey into a safe haven for Hamas terrorists, and a financial center to channel money, to subsidize terrorist attacks,” he said.

“Erdogan’s Turkey shows no moral or human behavior towards the Kurdish people. Erdogan has turned Turkey into a regional hub that promotes terrorism,” the Israeli official continued.

Danton said that “Erdogan is dragging his country down an ‘imperialist path’, threatening journalists, persecuting religious minorities and promoting anti-Semitism.”

This is the case, otherwise, the military sees things moving methodically through parameters and data, or the politicians who implement a “political positioning” of things, but in a different way control the situation.

Turkey is extremely dangerous because it has launched a plan to revive the Ottoman Empire with a “weapon” on religion while creating a defense industry that will support this plan.

Neo-Ottomans will not back down unless they receive a critical blow because they want to control all their former “territories” as they say, from the Balkans to the Middle East and Libya.

The biggest problem, however, lies in Erdogan’s disappearance from the country’s political scene at some point, with a large number of Turkish politicians and followers “training to continue the same” plan, and that does not change anything.


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  1. “Byzantine” was an Historic Term for complicated politics. Is it fair to say that the Anatolian Peninsula and Middle East are operating on “Beyond Byzantine” Politics, a sort of Macro Machiavelli. The First Principle is to “study their actions, do not listen to their words”. In addition, we do not quite know who are they and who are THEM – most likely none of them are THEM.
    This is the Historic Home of Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Qabalahism, Dualism and Gnosis. With all the hundreds of variations. Analysis of Thought Processes or Religion is more fruitful than just race or ethnicity.
    “National” Borders may just define the Chess Pieces in The Great Game. “Balkanisation” would imply that “Nation States” can still be defined by Conferences or Treaty Settlements, whereas the whole aim of the Death Cult in drawing up such divisive and incongruous arrangements is to Foment Chaos and Anarchy, in preparation for the Next Round. Splintering and More Splintering from the Nile to the Euphrates is almost a Done Deal. Except for the Shia Crescent.

    • Surely Turkey versus “Israel” (New Masala) is Another Dialectic. Remember the Bull Shit Dialectic between “Israel” and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? What has happened there? They did become open allies. Soleimani’s murder would likely be to preserve that alliance.

      The Young Turks came out of an Italian Grand Orient Lodge and Salonika, likely as well with a cadre of Sabbatai Zvi Assimiles, who had already long ago infiltrated the Ottoman Empire. This may define a part of the Muslim Brotherhood and how that Lodge operates, including in the KSA. The USA conveniently evacuated to the Syrian Oil Fields to allow Turkey to move on the Syrian Kurds and for “Israel” to heighten influence with Iraqi Kurds. United Kurdistan and the Corridor To The Med is still a Pipe Dream in Real Politick. No Independent domination of the High Ground happening there.

  2. Around here Turkey is typically dealt with using 3″ 12-ga. 1-7/8 oz. of #4, #5, or $6 shot – also have had the opportunity to potentially head butt a couple while riding the Beemer, but decided to duck instead. Oops, wrong Turkey.

    Will the Turkish army actually fight these days, or have they been spoiled by using mercenary proxies?