MSNBC: Much New Evidence Ukraine Crimes, Trump, Barr, Nunes, Giuliani, all face prison


…and implicating Barr in criminal acts as well…in blackmailing Ukraine into faking evidence against Biden and his son.

That Barr helped plan crimes in Ukraine personally under the authority of Attorney General of the United States with full cooperation in planning and execution with Nunes, Trump, Barr with all having full direct knowledge of criminal acts, all fully complicit.

Books on Impeachment:

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  1. Mike, look into the ‘Ed Buck/Adam Schiff’ case. Then look into the alleged telephone call recorded of Victoria Nuland bragging about the low $4 billion price tag to use Blackwater and others to murder the Ukraine government in 2014, just before creepy Joe Biden got a $50,000/mo-$80,000/mo IMF/Ukraine vein for son Hunter to suck on from the IMF loan granted The Ukraine just before the 2014 ‘coup’. Do some study. Homework leads to the big money. Communism was NEVER meant to work. It was designed then produced in the book The Communist Manifesto in 1848 as a brainwash, followed by ‘Das Kapital’, and then in1917, train loads of firearms, ammunition, food, gold, and jars and jars of crystal methamphetamine for the prisoners busted out of prisons where the most psychotic killers were given the ranks. Then China. Mike, be a tiger.

  2. M.O.A.Bitches, you arrogant fool. My FRIENDS are from backgrounds humble and poor to downtown in the middle of it all. I was drunk ONCE in 6 years, which was when the U.S. Marine Corps and President Trump’s representative paid a visit to the CIA headquarters and the FBI headquarters to give the impression they were there to tell the treasonous swine that there was a ‘new sheriff in town’. Alzheimers? How about we do a crossword competition, $1.00 or $5.00 dollars a word, 20 minute time limit? You apparently are giving me the message that you dislike my comments. Boo hoo. Your logical capabilities are not present in this, your writing which here resembles the mess caused by a chimp flinging poop. The WTCs were set up with the Kellogg Corporation’s fission-fusion demolition system based on Russian technology already used to cut navigable canals in Siberia for years. The basements of the WTCs also were nuked one day in summer of 1968. Do some homework to make yourself interesting and your neurosis will disappear. I was born into this mess. Get me to GITMO. They are incarcerating and torturing innocent people who did not do the 9-11 attacks. I knew how the demolition system worked, minus a few details, straight from Kellogg people in 1966-1969. We told everybody but they sat on it like eggs.

    • Calm down , MOAB is Always a Bullsh1tn Senseless Fool uttering Good for Nothing maybe coz She’s on the Israeli Payroll ……..

    • Tulsi has political Battered Woman Syndrome, saying ANY Russia questions incite nuclear war: Extremist.

      Ukraine: We shoulda kept our nukes!
      USA is BUILT on broken treaties. How could we be so naive!?

  3. Born into the Arms of the KGB……..Head f$cked and butt f$cked over a barrel and gas pipe the same as US intelligence community……Smart dust and wifi illuminating deep state fakes like fairy lights on a xmas tree………..

  4. The question is what do you do about it? Barr appears to be the key here. Even Sessions may have subpoenaed and prosecuted these characters, but Barr appears part the cabal; Epstein conveniently silenced and Ghislaine Maxwell seemingly forgotten. Barr needs to be impeached, or at the very least, a special prosecutor (Archibald Cox like credentials), with complete autonomy, needs to be appointed.

    • The convenient part is a professional blackmailer of the world’s most powerful, not having contingency backups…

      … In the digital age!

  5. Given that Ukraine is the stomping ground of the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Zionist International Central Banking Cartel wants that land at all costs to remain in the economic control of their grubby hands. So the United States orchestrated a coup (False Flag: Maidan Massacre 2014) to take it out of the Russian influence realm by ousting the democratically elected president at that time. That coup set off a chain of events that continues to this day.

    This impeachment trial is a show contest of wills between the Communist Zionists and Nationalist Zionists with both of them hiding their Zionist motivation and crimes. Two sides of the same coin floating the “Petrol Dollar” to determine which Zionist Mob faction will claim the assets of Ukraine. This Hegalian Dialectic should be a familiar tactic to Americans by now.

    There are no “good” guys in the District of Columbia but Trump is so busy “Making Israel Great” that he and his NY Mafia need to be in prison. They are part of the same Neocon Mob culpable in 9-11. “Make America Great Again” by locking up ALL of the Zionist criminals that helped with that False-Flag Operation.

    • Lyra, USA “floated the petrodollar” & won World Reserve Currency when it founded Globalism & the Globalist WTO as a solution to the… Trade wars that fueled Nazi fascism & WWII.

      It was an EURO/EU deal Yanukovich declined, and he was preparing to flee BEFORE any violence. Why?

      Also, try throwing ONE molotov at US Capitol and see what happens!

    • Lyra’s take on impeachment is the show trial.
      Even if everything else she said were true, ie IMF “Economic Hitman” model vs RussSphere.

      Understandable paranoia!

  6. What exactly transpired between President Trump and Parnas? I hear crickets. I deal with THE SAME people daily over the past 5 years and I still do not remember their names, let alone know how many unpaid parking tickets they have in their glove box or what they did to their goldfish. Therefore, I do not know them, nor about them. Face it, Nancy Pelosi and Schiffty Adam are spoiled brats in need of an attitude adjustment for actual felony crimes over seas. Crimes which included conspiracy to commit murder and extortion.

    • Smug much?

      “I deal with THE SAME people daily over the past 5 years and I still do not remember their names”

      GEEZ . . . let me take a wild stab at why YOU can not remember people you “deal with” on a daily basis for over 5 years:
      a) you drunk, and it’s difficult to remember through the morning stupor
      b) early onset Alzheimer
      c) you way, way WAY too important to remember the common pissants you step over daily in your vain attempts to get to change your gold fish water
      d) all of the above.

      Please don’t be a lawyer. Please don’t be a lawyer . . .
      Or, please DO!
      This is the defense of a brilliant legal mind, I can see that. {rolling eyes}

      Unpaid parking tickets that have nothing to do with remembering ANYONE’S name . . . oh, and non sequitors . . . for all!

    • Who did Pelosi and Adam Schiff plan to murder? Where do you come up with this crap? Have you been visitiing
      Trumps twitter?

    • ANY US congress person that supported foreign “adventurism” in the Middle East is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder… If we convict all the guilty there, the halls of Congress would be an echo chamber…