Boris Johnson stands with Trump on JCPOA while British FM says America is no longer the World leader

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with Press TV, Tehran

The craters caused by missiles in Ain Al Assad US base

[ Editor’s Note: Welcome to 2020 geopolitics where we are off with a bang in the new year with another close call on a war in the Persian Gulf, and Trump trying to keep his political balloon from being popped by one lie too many.

Debate Shows are always a pleasure to do, as we have so much more time to inspect an issue. This was my first time on with Ian Williams, who has spent years in the trenches doing the work including writing a box load of books.

The Iranians have been expecting the E3 to go south on them with the JCPOA, as they could not continue their empty promises to breathe life into their Bigfoot legend of the INSTEX trade mechanism. 

On November 29th of last year, they announced that six countries had joined the payment system which, with 20/20 hindsight, we can see six weeks later as part of their smokescreen for stringing Iran along until now.

Notice how quiet Trump has been for a few months on the EU sanctions, nary a word. This all seems stage-managed to me, as we head toward Trump’s February 4th State of the Union address, the day after the Iowa caucus.

He timed signing the China trade deal just as his impeachment trial will be starting, and he played Mr. War Leader early in the month with the diplomatic assassination of Soleimani.

And yes, I think he was baited to get whacked when he did to fit Trump’s schedule. As Gordon does so love to say, “It’s a nasty world out there” … JD ]

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– First published … January 15, 2020

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  1. Even Grenada is a Commonwealth realm, and the Queen is head of state there. Our “special” relationship is as a dog guarding the yard. Brexit, Hong Kong, or Cambridge Analytica, were not spur of the moment whoopsies. The US has been subject to British propaganda constantly, from James Bond to every single daughter under 13 wanting to be a princess. It feels like to me, we are being purchased and manipulated. This is precisely what Washington was warning about. Smiles, handshakes, and jovial cocktail hours turn to “compromised” if we are not careful. The bed is too small.

  2. How can any Entity or Country deal with the USA Kol Nidre Foreign Policy? Even the EU are Reneging a bit.

    Is the World descending into Chaos and Anarchy. What Group has an History of such Revolutionary Spirit?

    If you want to study the Genesis of UK/English Intelligence Networks, then dig back to Elizabethan Times and study Shakespeare with the likes of “The Merchant of Venice”. Shakespeare was a Catholic and The Universal Church (Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch and Constantinople) had already been dealing with The Problem for 1500 years bye then.

    • It is not ‘the Kike Freemason Conspiracy’. “It is more like a Big Bowl Of Spaghetti (Big BOSS – Stoopid, follow the money), something that came out of The Middle East”. Quote from David Mitchell, President of Business International, later taken into the “Economist Intelligence Unit”, a Rothschild Entity.

    • Did the USA ever really obtain Independence? I thought that the arrangement was settled in Paris between France and the UK several years after 1769. In 1812, after Rothschild said that if the issuance of currency was taken by the Government of the USA they would be “involved in a disastrous war”. Nation States are really just Black and White chess pieces moved around in The Great Game. Issuance of Currency is Sovereignty and Control of virtually all Central Banks in The World reside in Private Hands.