Secretary of State Pompeo’s new US policy, which even includes assassination of a NATO head of state because of his alignment toward Russia, is put into wider context with recent developments on the Syrian front.
A week ago, Pompeo put Russia and China on notice that the US would kill their leaders as well but Erdogan has moved to the top of the list, the S 400 and worst of all, opposing Trump’s personal business partnership with General Haftar who just seized Libya’s oil ports from the US backed Tripoli government, US backed but not Trump backed.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday said Qassem Soleimani was killed as part of a broader strategy of deterring challenges by U.S. foes that also applies to China and Russia, further diluting the assertion that the top Iranian general was struck because he was plotting imminent attacks on U.S. targets.
Providing cover for Trump’s move against Turkey is the UNSC decision to renew unsupervised NGO activities in Idlib that have, under the guise of relief activities, supplied poison gas to the White Helmets and advanced armaments to al Qaeda.
Following the recent developments in military and humanitarian developments in the Syrian province of Idlib, intense meetings took place during the two days between officials from the United States of America and representatives of the political opposition and the Syrian military in the Turkish capital, Ankara.
Well-informed sources said that US State Department officials met with officials in the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian interim government, primarily al Qaeda and affiliate organizations, in addition to leaders of the so-called “Syrian National Army”, as well as representatives of civilian bodies in the non-existent “interim government.”
The American officials assured the Syrian political and military opposition that the United States is greatly interested in the Idlib file, and will put its political and economic weight in order to stabilize the ceasefire and put an end to the attacks of Russia and the Assad regime.  This act corresponds with renewed US backing of ISIS in Iraq and major new ISIS bases in US occupied areas of al Tanf and Dier Ezzor inside Syria.
During the meeting, the officials indicated that they want to push for a political transition in Syria, based on the Geneva path and international resolutions issued by the United Nations, and in order to achieve this goal, Washington will resort to escalating political and economic pressure and tightening sanctions on the Assad regime and Russia with the aim of forcing them to submit.
American officials promised the Syrian interim government to provide advanced weaponry  along with humanitarian and health support to alleviate the human suffering in Idlib Governorate, and they asked the Syrian National Army to put more weight in Idlib battles in order to prevent the progress of the legitimate government and Russia.
American officials have also expressed their desire to strengthen relations with the Syrian National Army, and have asked its leadership to focus on organizing the army and maintaining its reputation as an institution that is able to participate in protecting the country when a political solution is reached, and to stay away from the mistakes that occurred in the east of the Euphrates and in the north of Aleppo  In order to preserve its international and domestic reputation.
Return of military support
On the issue of returning US military support to the Syrian opposition factions, the source confirmed that the State Department officials did not exclude this option, and it is likely that it will be resorted to after several months in the event that there is no reaction from Russia and the Assad regime to political pressure and economic pressures, and their commitment to stop  the campaign in Idlib and work for a political transition.
The meeting also focused on discussing the presence of Iranian militias in Syria, where American officials informed opposition representatives that Washington was working to expel these militias from all Arab capitals, and that the strike directed at “Qasim Soleimani” was caused because he was responsible for the expansion of these militias in Arab Countries.
Relations with Turkey
The American administration pays special attention to reactivating relations with post-Erdogan Turkey and ending the period of tensions that prevailed between Ankara and Washington, as the latter does not want the continuation of Turkish rapprochement with both Russia and Iran.
The meetings are supposed to continue over the next two days, during which US State Department officials will take note of the proposals and observations of representatives of the Syrian opposition and submit them to the White House for study and evaluation.

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  1. The Zionist “Greater Israel Project” is always the key element and the ultimate endgame plan in examining Middle East conflicts. The Zionists will stop at nothing short of their Armageddon scenario to achieve their rebuilding of the “Third Temple of Solomon” with their “King” planted on the throne in the NWO one world theocratic/technocracy government capital city of Jerusalem.
    The Zionists want ALL of Syria and most of Iraq up to the Euphrates in order to recreate the Jewish “Promised Land.”
    Under the usual guise of “humanitarian aid” they will now use their terrorist mercenary army ISIS (assembled by Erik Prince brother of Betsy Devos) to get it. Erdogan has seen the handwriting on the wall because Zionist Israel/U.S.A. has no problem performing mafia drone assassinations and they need to operate out of (occupy)Turkey. Best to side with Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, and Iran on this matter because Israel and the U.S.A. won’t win the “Battle of Armageddon.”
    The common enemy to all humans on planet Earth are the “Zionists” and their Anunnaki hybrid Royal bloodline Black Nobility masters.

    • The evil “Kingdom of Zion” begins in ancient Babylon with the first captivity of the “Tribes of Israel” (ten Northern Tribes occupying Canaan). It has a spiritual root tied to the political administration and autocratic rule of the Sumerian Kings over city-states. Just like the “Three City States” of today (Vatican, Crown, and District of Columbia) but this time…..they want the whole planet.
      The humans on planet Earth need to fight back this time….with everything they can use.

  2. Is Erdoğan well informed enough to see which way the wind is blowing? He should make peace with Syria by withdrawing all his proxy forces (they can be send to Libya or wherever) and focus on his real enemy – those at the level that make the real decisions for the US and Israel.

  3. Pompeo, a CJ ‘EndTimes’ nutcase putting on a show for his masters, the queen of England and the pope. God says , “Earth stays.” and I am here to make that happen, with assistance of course. Right off the bat, I suggest we retire Pompeo at once and survey the Fukushima action up close to remedy that. We have a huge group of over paid CJ ‘End Times’ persons in the way of our survival. They must be stopped. I lack the tools to do this. For 50 years, I have not been able to get people to listen to the fact of the nuke fusion demolition systems put in the WTCs, UN Building, and the Chicago Sears & Roebuck(Willis)tower. My comment readers are the imbeciles. I was a draftsmen supervisor building an evil nuclear fission plant untiI I quit in 1975 over the insane lack of concern about the spent fuel overflowing every Washington state spent fuel storage facility, BACK THEN. We need to act. Not my fault. Pompeo is nuts and I think somebody is still wearing President Trump around like a sock puppet.

  4. It’s interesting that the CIA’s tactics are not hidden in the shadows anymore and are clearly exposed. This is all going to end in a massive global conflict. Threatening the leaders of Russia, China, Turkey, etc. is a declaration of war. I would guess that the leaders of Russia and China concluded a long time ago that a conflict with the US was inevitable.

  5. So, selling the rest of the world on “de-escalating with Iran”, while making secret plans to ramp back up in Syria? What snakes! And the dudes who dreamed up the “interim Syrian government” have to be the same folks that cooked up the “President Guaido” scam in Venezuela, or at least attended the same State Department tutorial on subversive tactics. Prediction…it won’t work; Russia and Assad will not submit.