The Pachacamac Idol of Peru Survived Pizarro

The Pachacamac Idol, a 1200-year-old wooden carving that held spiritual significance to the Inca (Sepúlveda et al., PLOS ONE, 2020)

This Inca Idol Survived the Spanish Conquest. 500 Years Later, Archaeologists Are Unveiling Its History

by Katherine J. Wu/

As the year 1533 drew to a close, Spanish conquistador Hernando Pizarro departed Peru, full to bursting with stories of the wonders he had seen. The Inca Empire, he explained to his comrades and superiors, had readily succumbed to the four Pizarro brothers and their forces. Along the way, the Spaniards had attacked the locals, imprisoned their leaders, looted Inca valuables and desecrated places of worship.

One sacred casualty, Pizarro boasted, was an 8-foot-tall wooden idol, intricately carved with human figures and animals, once housed in the Painted Temple near what is now Lima. The Inca revered the idol, which represented one of their most important deities, as an oracle. But Pizarro quickly linked the artifact to apparent “devil” worship and ordered his followers to “undo the vault where the idol was and break him in front of everyone.”

Shortly after, Western records of the artifact dwindled, and the so-called Pachacamac Idol was presumed destroyed, as Pizarro had planned.

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  1. These always reminded me of Eastern Island Moa stones, with the head carving very similar indeed. Interesting article. But the most crucial point is that the Conquistadores came to Central and South America and destroyed all the manuscripts and put these into a large pile and burned these! an utter act of barbarism! The typical example is the conquest of the Aztec empire in Central America after Hernan Cortez believed by the Natives to be the reincarnation of Quetzcoal, “the feathered serpent”destroyed Emperor Moctezuma II, his human sacrifice based empire and in that frienzy, Diego de Landa and his zealous friars burned almost all the Maya codices, the heritage to all of Humanity’s past. Only 4 of these books written in glyphs remains to this day and the most well known is the Dresden Codices. I certainly do not accept this was done beacuse these books were un-Christian, as most zealots were brainwashed with this fairy tale. I am of the strong opinion that a few in the West knew about our true origins and our past and send these depraved individuals to do this barbaric work of destroying such important writings…

    • …. This was similar with what Deash was doing in Iraq and Syria by destroying the artefacts, especially one I noted specifically, the Sumerian and Babylonian sculptures of “deities” carrying a sort of bag, as highlighted first by author Graham Hancock in his book “Magicians of the Gods”. These Daesh thugs have not done that out of madness, If one accept that, then that person is a fool! They received orders from an informed third party. Especailly, VT editor Mr Duff wrote 3 nice pieces on archeological destruction but the overall ideas were in his NEO article: “Tel Aviv has spoken- Palmyra must be destroyed”. Coming back to Central America, it was a bit late but Diego de Landa had realised his grave mistake and managed to salvage a few of these books which would have been lost otherwise to us! The same can be said with the bizarre and orchestrated looting of the Baghdad Museum and the missing Sumerian tablets recently discovered and recorded by French and German archeologists working for the Iraqi government at that time and during the early phase of the 2003 illegal attack against Iraq by you know who!

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