Iran’s FM Zarif dismisses E3 triggering of JCPOA’s dispute mechanism as ‘illegal’‎

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor ….with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: The E3 is borrowing from Trump’s style. If you want to back out of a deal, you just throw some crap up on the wall to see if it sticks. There is little followup on EU news in the US press, so we don’t know what the public reaction is, but the E3 did follow up with the same “we want to save the JCPOA” song we have been hearing for a long time.

No one expects to see any quick new sanctions from the EU, but what is most pitiful is that the E3 has not even been able to get medicine through to Iran. How lame is that?

Trump’s impeachment has taken the headlines off Iran a bit, and as for the plane shoot down, there is only so much you can write about “where the black box is” before the public gets bored.

The China Phase One agreement signing seems hung up, as Trump does not want a big news bomb to fall on that day. There are many flying around out there like drones, with Trump packages hanging on their wings, wanting to do unto him like he has done to so many others, like change their worlds… JD ]

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– First aired … January 20, 2020

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  1. At this point, any other nation that signs any sort of treaty or agreement with the U.S. needs to realize that within a few years, a new person will inhabit the White House and all deals will be off.
    tRump has set the stage for future backlash as who once were allies to America will soon enough realize it’s not to their advantage to remain so.
    Their is very little trust in Washington these days. Even the American people have lost trust and confidence in a government that has become so corrupted and under such outside influence (israel), they see themselves as being used and abused….at least some Americans realize it.
    As long as tRump remains in the White House, the rest of the world will have to assume that he will break any treaty or deal at a whim and then turn around and punish any who fail to follow along.
    tRump has learned all too well from the likes of Roy Cohen and other N.Y. City mobsters.

    • Rahm “the bomb” Emanuel was very fond of that saying. Never let a crisis go to waste …or was it Ziggy who first said that?