Busted: MI 6 Ran Attack Piece on Biden in Guardian, Sanders Apologizes


VT caught this in the Guardian yesterday; election interference by MI 6, through the Guardian.  Today, Bernie Sanders made an attempt to redress.  Our own investigation says this is Kosher Nostra interference through British intelligence, god help us for using the term “British” and “intelligence” in the same sentence.  “Bernie, clean the foreign agents out of your campaign please.”  VT

Sanders Apologizes to Biden After Surrogate Writes Op-Ed Claiming He Has a ‘Big Corruption Problem’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) apologized to former Vice President Joe Biden after one of his campaign surrogates wrote an op-ed alleging that Biden has a “big corruption problem.” “It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way. And I’m sorry that that op-ed appeared,” Sanders told CBS News on Monday evening.

The op-ed, written by law professor Zephyr Teachout and published in The Guardian, claims that Biden “has perfected the art of taking big contributions, then representing his corporate donors at the cost of middle- and working-class Americans.”

“It is the kind of transactional politics Americans have come to loathe,” Teachout wrote. Earlier Monday, the Sanders campaign sent out a “Bern Notice” email circulating the op-ed, according to NBC News. CBS News reports that Teachout does not officially work for the Sanders campaign but that she has stumped, introduced, and endorsed him.

The op-ed came after Biden accused the Sanders campaign of releasing a “doctored” video that shows him in support of cutting Social Security this weekend, though there was no evidence to support that claim. Late Monday night, Biden acknowledged Sanders’ apology, tweeting, “Thanks for acknowledging this, Bernie. These kinds of attacks have no place in this primary. Let’s all keep our focus on making Donald Trump a one-term president.”

Source:  DailyBeast.com

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  1. Well, it’s plausible that it was SIS. Zephyr looks English AF and with a mother of surname, Miles, is looking like the Norman French clandestine mafia doll she might be. She also has a first name with Greek turned English-French roots. Order of Etymology is (1) Greek – “Zephyros” -> (2) Latin – “Zephyrus” -> (3) Old English circa 14th Century – “Zefferus” -> (4) French – “Zéphire” -> (5) Modern English – “Zephyr”. But then, as you say, who controls SIS? So… we’re back then at Martha’s Vineyard. ;P Eeeenteresting. Are they really gunning to put Bernie in… or Bloomberg?

  2. So, here MI-6 is at fault! Good to know! But you do not seem to have the same approach with the Christopher dubious file on US president Donald Trump., with Steele being an ex MI-6 and also the timing of the release of that crackpot.. So, I note and thank you for being so biased!

  3. It is true that MI6 (Naval Intelligence) has not been run by True Brits such as The Admirable Ian Greenhalgh for some centuries. Shakespeare covered the Undue Influence of Bankers in “The Merchant of Venice” and William of Orange sealed that Influence for the International Bankers in 1694 with the Bank of England.

    The Crown is The City of London Corporation.

    I trust that the inverted commas do not imply that True Brits are not Intelligent, rather they have Morals and Emotions, something that the Usual Suspects who run MI6 seem to lack: deriving THEIR Rationales from so-called “British” Empirical Philosophy (also misnomered in the Usual Truth Inversion for word meaning – that and straight out name changes). based on Pleasure and Pain (with very flexible and ill-defined Social Contract), but excluding Good and Evil, which rely on some Sense over the Obvious Five Senses. The latter rely on what is known as Heart, Emotions and dare I say Intuition.

    • THEY have spread Chaos, Ignorance and War, particularly into the USA. The “Education” System from out of Frankfurt and Tavistock has ensured that the Hoi Poloi of the USA Corporation will remain slaves of their own ignorance for some time to come. Dangerous for the Rest of The World too. The Rothschild Predicted (see “Economist” magazine) Unipolar World Policeman has now turned into Judge, Jury and Executioner.

    • “Usual Suspects”? For clarity, are we talking Talmudic, Freemasonry, or some combination of the two?

      How do you view the Fabians? Part of the usual suspects, or with benificent intention?

  4. Not sure many know or care about NY politics or money flows here. Keep in mind, we have 20 million people, and somehow we just couldn’t find a decent senator among us, so we elected a governors wife/ first lady, from Arkansas. This did not curb any corruption. Teachout , lost the election for state AG, and while we don’t really know how strong James will be, Teachout was going to go after the roots. That is not allowed. So, if you had a house in my village, worth 240,000 gr, you would pay 13,000 per year in property taxes. State mandated projects and Billions everywhere, disappear into vast chasms rife with failure. Most politics are done in backrooms and predators rule the night.

    • I like that Dorie Miller will be the first enlisted and first black American to have his name on a ship, but lets look at Modley. PwC is an interesting background. Technically, Britain has a larger interest in our overseas troop morale than anyone. Harry and Meghan are now fixtures in US media, something that could easily have been predicted at the engagement. It all looks like package deal to me, that pile would not just Brexit without a plan A. If we follow the minds of actuaries, Teachout is not a problem for us, but it would be for them. It’s nice to enjoy the crumbs they throw the enlisted, but lets see what comes next. Its usually not good. He’s not escaping to Canada, that is the Queens backyard. She owns it. I call it, building a camp on the perimeter. And sending someone inside. Its Br’er Fox and the Tar Sand baby.