Blockbuster: Tulsi Sues Hillary for $50m Over Clinton’s Ditsy “Russian Asset” Bullshit

VT now believes Hillary threw the election


When did they get to Hillary?  We always can hang on her Deep State/Right Wing Conspiracy statement…

Her attack on Tulsi, who visited Syria and began telling the truth about US involvement there, is pure insanity.

Has Hillary lost her mind or is it something else, did she throw the election?

VT may seek the same route after the Kosher Nostra and their Deep State stooges came after us as Russian agents.  Several FBI visits later and an extensive investigation and VT was not just found to be independent but VT was also found to be holding tons of information the FBI thought…thought….it needed to protect the US.

Then, of course, they got shut down as well.

Does anyone want to go there?  Anyone want a real intelligence briefing like Adamas clients get?

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  1. Filthy bloodsucker Hillary Clinton should be in jail, as US president Trump has promised. Make no mistake, she will rot in cell, if she will not be executed! Her honey trapped Husband willie Billy too, for the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia. I will never forgive him, the princess of darkness Madeleine- “it was worth it” and “KLA Hashim Thaci ass kissing” Albright and war criminal Wesley Clarke (NATO supreme commander at that time in March 1999) for that cruel and criminal bombing for 78 days. I have relatives there and I am not going to forget the distress that we endured. Willie cow boy billy should think with his head not with his private part. They can all rot Hell, soon they will. You guys at VT editions (I mean most), you keep supporting that filthy criminal! You really lost it!

    • The Clinton’s (if guilty of crimes) have already escaped justice, since even if eventually convicted with the time trials take they will have spent 90% to 95% of their lives out of prison, and their remaining time will be mostly decrepit geriatric and/or senile. The same is true for Trump. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  2. Hint: Why do you think they never bother with me? I don’t have a special status other than they know I can file 100+ page briefs in my sleep. I type like half a page a minute anyway. Also, why do you think I’ve purposely used nom de guerres this entire time? Because I think they don’t know who I really am? Nonsense. They won’t even take down my items about Soleimani because they know the litigation route I’d take would have a probability of success. Yet, they’re blasting others left and right. What they do with me is they use a plausible deniability route and take down my accounts on other bases (most of them hollow).

    On the other hand, rather than deal with them through litigation, I did some other things and now Facebook has the Golden Horde on its back. I promised it when they first took down our Instagram. If they do it again, then there will be more costs. So now, we have stasis.

    And yes, she was the A plan, Trump was the B plan — the B plan shockingly won. They had 2016 stacked in view of the Iran deal. Look at how the Saudis were on both sides of that equation. It’s all about continuing the Israeli agenda via different segments. They narrowed it down to their A versus B plan using CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. No surprises that McCains and Clintons virtually say the same things. Barr DOJ cleared the Clintons after making Epstein and Epstein tapes unavailable.

  3. How long will it be for these two lying lawyer pieces of human garbage from the intellectual cesspool Yale University at the fake Sandy Hook School Shooting Capital of the world, continue to pollute the landscape of America? Slick has reportedly had his law license revoked. He reportedly flew on the Lolita Express with his friend Epstein. He reportedly has a large number of armed guards protecting him at our public expense. He unzipped his pants to the lips of a whore in the White House….How low can they go? Just imagine this possible obscene outcome: Donald Adolph gets thrown out by impeachment and is replaced by lying lawyer Hillary! By the way Slick is basically a draft dodger too.
    God Americans are stupid!

  4. Watching the disgusting performance of the majority party of the US senate in the farce known as the impeachment “trial” (no documents, no witness testimony), nothing would surprise me about how deep is the reach of the Kosher Nostra.

    • I would not argue against your assertions. My immediate concern is that Trump is a clear and present danger.

  5. Reptillary claimed Trump a Russian asset.
    Reptillary claimed 2016 Green, Jill Stein a Russian asset.
    Reptillary claimed Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset.
    Reptillary claimed at Hulu, Bean Brain Bernie a Russian asset.
    Meanwhile, Reptillary sell US out to Russia with Uranium One.

    “First the sentence….and then the evidence”
    ~ Queen of Hearts, Wonderland

    • She’s of “Knights Templar” ancestry and a Shneerson devotee. When she said she was broke on TV at the end of Bill’s POTUS tenure, and got a brand new mansion in New York to take the Senate Seat that JFK, Jr., was presumed to fill for a vacating Moynihan, it became obvious. Why carpet bag there? Who bought her the mansion?

      When 9/11 occurred and she was there to watch it, she and Christine Todd Whitman specifically were responsible for “okaying” people to go back when the air was carcinogenic.

      And then she plays dumb as she votes for a war against the wrong country after he husband was sucker punching Saddam with cruise missiles and sanctioning children to death en masse via Albright.

      Obama’s biggest problem were the attachments inborn to his Presidency. Hillary as SecState, Kagans (aka Russian/Jewish Mafia), Rahm Emmanuel, Petraeus honeytrapped as CIAD, etc.

      After the smoke cleared, I suspect Brennan was a true counterintelligence guy while Panetta and the rest were not. That’s why Brennan no longer has security clearance. He was cleaning them out. Maybe even Comey too. The problem with those who clean out corruption in silence is the corrupt figures it out and then goes to spoil their efforts, maybe even by tying them into some other corruption. Those going after corruption have to be spotless themselves. Ask J. Edgar Hoover. 😛

    • I guess in short According to Hillary Everybody except Hillary is a Russian Asset , What a convenient accusation and no proof required ……..