By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est. 1816)

President Trump, and not obliquely, has put the assassination of Vladimir Putin “on the table” as part of a new policy, one at direct odds with both American and international law.  This isn’t just a broad policy against those Washington deems enemies, but Russia was specifically listed as a target for highest level assassinations in order to achieve regime change.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during a policy address at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute on January 13, 2020, outlined the new policy. The title of the speech was “The Restoration of Deterrence, the Iranian Example.”

The Hoover institution has a long history of CIA ties and receives secretive private funding from a variety of “strange bedfellows:”

  • The Bradley Foundation, cited by the Council of Islamic American relations for Islamophobia and hate-mongering.
  • The Scaife Family Foundation, long run by now deceased Richard Mellon Scaife, right-wing extremist billionaire who employed an army of private security operatives used to threaten members of the press, including involvement in the death of Steve Kangas, founder of America’s independent press.
  • The Castle Rock Foundation, a front for Adolf Coors, one of the largest funders of right-wing extremism and Russophobia in the United States
  • The Koch Foundation, largest funder for climate denialism through profits from the coal industry

Former President Herbert Hoover, long blamed for failing to address the needs of a starving nation during the first 4 years of the great depression, for whom the Hoover Institution is named, was a powerful advocate for allowing and possibly even supporting Hitler in his war against Russia.

Only recently, after being suppressed for 50 years, has Herbert Hoover’s World War II analysis, “Freedom Betrayed,” been published, by the Hoover Institution.  In that work, the “betrayal” was entering the war against Hitler and fighting alongside Russia.

You see, TDC or “top dead center” for American conservatives has always been the destruction of Russia and the subjugation of the Russian people on behalf of the Deep State.

In his Hoover Institute address, Pompeo clearly stated that an attack on Russia, on its leadership and even President Putin, was very much a part of the new American policy under his leadership.

He further clarified, “The importance of deterrence isn’t confined to Iran.  In all cases, we must defend freedom.  That’s the whole point of President Trump’s work to make our military the strongest it has ever been.”

This was, of course, before Iranian missiles easily punched through America’s Patriot Missile defenses in a humiliating attack with, according to Trump “no casualties.”  On January 16, 2020, however, the Pentagon announced that 11 members of the US military serving at the Assad Air Base had been evacuated to Landstuhl, Germany in order to be treated for wounds.

Trump lied, but nothing compared to the wild threats from Pompeo against a nation whose nuclear strategic arsenal significantly overshadows that of the United States, certainly qualitatively and in that area, overwhelmingly.

“The destruction of Suleimani is an example of a new US strategy aimed at deterring its opponents. This applies equally to Iran, China and Russia.

The states are now realizing the possibilities of the strongest position that we have ever had with regard to Iran. We are just holding it back for now. But in order to truly protect freedom, it is important to restrain all enemies. That’s the whole point of President Trump’s work. That’s why he is trying so hard to make our army the strongest it has ever been.”

When Secretary of State Pompeo, after months of planning, pushed through the drone assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani, chief architect of the ground war against ISIS, little did he expect Iran’s reaction?

When, only days later, Iran obliterated America’s largest base in the Middle East with a devastating ballistic missile attack, forcing the US to back down and seek more sanctions.

The real issue is how much of the Pompeo rhetoric is real and to what extent Pompeo and Trump are bluffing.  One thing that has become clear, however, is that both Trump and even Pompeo, a graduate of West Point’s infamous “Class of 1986,” a hot-bed of Russophobic extremists called “the West Point Mafia,” are not schooled in the realities of warfare.

From the Daily Beast:

“An account of the meeting in the upcoming book A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America depicts Trump becoming increasingly angry as his generals tried to teach him the fundamental basics of American post-war history.

The book states that the meeting took place six months into Trump’s presidency after his generals became concerned about ‘gaping holes’ in Trump’s knowledge of America’s key alliances. The idea was to bring Trump to the Pentagon’s Situation Room, where military leaders, so the plan went, would give him a crash course on who America’s allies were, why they were worth keeping on the side, and where on earth they were located. (Trump didn’t know)

However, the meeting seems to have descended into chaos almost immediately. Secretary of State Tillerson, then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn reportedly took turns trying to explain their points to Trump. But Trump is said to have first appeared bored out of his mind before he got increasingly angry.

Trump is then said to have complained about President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, and the length of the war in Afghanistan. Each time, his generals reportedly tried to gently explain why his view of these complex geopolitical issues might not be entirely accurate. It was reportedly during a conversation about Afghanistan that Trump blew his top.

The president reportedly called Afghanistan a “loser war,” and told his military leaders: “You’re all losers… You don’t know how to win anymore… I want to win… We don’t win any wars anymore… We spend $7 trillion, everybody else got the oil and we’re not winning anymore.” It’s reported that Trump was so angry at this point that he wasn’t breathing properly.

In his most incendiary comment, Trump—a man who, remember, managed to get out of military duty in Vietnam due to a supposed bone-spur problem—is said to have told the assembled forces: ‘I wouldn’t go to war with you people… You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.’

The comment reportedly left the room dumbfounded. Tillerson was ‘visibly seething,’ and decided to speak up. The secretary of state said: “No, that’s just wrong… Mr. President, you’re totally wrong. None of that is true.’ When the meeting ended soon afterward, Tillerson reportedly stood with a small group of confidants and said: ‘He’s an (expletive deleted) moron.’”


Is Pompeo’s statement to the Russia hating establishment, an open threat against a foreign leader, carelessness, hubris or insanity?

Is President Trump ready to back Pompeo, as he did with the disastrous Soleimani killing?

We then have to ask, how can such statements be made with no pushback from congress or the media, not a single word?  Has America become suicidal?

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Making the sort of threats to leaders around the world is doing no one any good. It simply reinforces the idea that the U.S. leadership, if you can call them that, have lost their minds. Obviously the West Point class of ’87graduated a group of thugs, brainwashed by the evangelical/ Jim Jones suicide, Armageddon-rapture hustlers that have infiltrated the military academies.
    Pompeo had better be careful .What goes around, comes around. Any direct attack on Putin or the Chinese leadership will not end well, especially for America. This nation has nothing to gain by committing such acts and everything to lose.
    The retaliation for the assassination of Putin would be terrible indeed. tRump and company have now put the American people in the cross hairs without even knowing it. They are simply filled with too much hubris, mendacity and delusion. Neither could care less.

  2. If Iran doesn’t build nukes after all of the recent incursions into the Twilight Zone. they must have built some good bunkers in their mountain range. I bet N. Korea wouldn’t trade their nukes for all of China’s gold, after all of the scary talk coming out of the West and all treaties are on hold for the next century.

    • I am more then sure that Iran bought some of the missing nukes the soviet Union lost after their fall. And am am also pretty sure that Iran knows how these nukes function and how to build them. If times seem in need of using them, they will most probably do use them.
      Why did US never attack Iran seriousely, one has to wonder, if this wouldn’t be the case?
      Most propbably Iran got the message through long time ago.

    • The Iranians are not stupid people by any means. They have world class engineers, physicists and scientists. However, if you listen to any American, they will tell you the Iranians are just another bunch of camel jockeys/ ragheads etc, etc. If anything the opposite is true; it’s the American people who have been dumbed down to ignorance.

    • Selberdenker

      YOU Stupid Shithead You Don’t AT ALL Know What You’re Talking about ….. You Fuking Idiot The Founder of Islamic Revolution in Iran was Imam Khomeini and Imam Khomeini Dictated That Ordered A Ban on Iran developing ANY Nuclear Weapons coz the Radiation Kills for Centuries AND Not for just THAT War BUT The Way USA Inc is Forcing Iran The Iranians Better Have a Nuclear Detterant IF They want to Survive Against the Democracy Invader called the USA ……. Mind you ALL the instigation behind USA Inc is From ” Israel ” AND Israelis Maintain Independent Secretive Relations With EVERYBODY to maintain Their Survival in ALL This Bullshit That the Israelis Forced USA Inc to do ……… Israelis maintain Secretive Good Relations With EVERYBODY and They’re Always Finding New Markets to Sell their Military Stuff BUT At the Same Time The Israelis Tell ALL the Goyim Groups That ” We’re Special Friends and cooperate with US and the Rest are Worthless Liars ” …….. AND The Israelis do this ” Trust US Only and the Rest are Bullshit ” works to keep the Goyim Divided and Israel getting away With Whatever it wants because of Secretive Special Relations with EVERYBODY and They Don’t give a Rat’s ASS For Slave called ” USA Inc “

    • “I am more then sure that Iran bought some of the missing nukes the soviet Union lost after their fall.” – Selberdenker

      Per Duff Iran bought a half dozen 500kT warheads from one of the former Soviet states to use in suicide boats against the US fleet in 1992 if they were invaded. When they started to deteriorate and become unstable (as all nuclear weapons do from radioactive decay) they were disposed of by transfer to Israel (of all places).

  3. Yet one more example of the imperial emperor and his neocon court parading through the streets without clothes.
    “King” Trump is a Zionist puppet of the Crown and the Vatican. He answers to the International Banking Cartel and their Zionist Anunnaki bloodline masters (Black Nobility) and their “chosen” priest class.
    The whole District of Columbia to include all three branches of the UNITEDSTATES corporation (Federal Government) act to protect the “Crown” interests of the Zionist Jews of the Vatican. They are not protecting, nor do they represent, the best interests of the people of the United States and it is foolish to think that they do.
    The “Three City-States” are the operating arms of the “Kingdom of Zion.”
    The solution is for the people of the independent states of the United States to kick the District of Columbia to the curb. Washington D.C. can not act as the pseudo governing body for the people of the United States if they want individual sovereign rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. And it looks like President Putin may agree with Mr Duff. It looks like Putin is starting to make some governmental moves to spread the power of the President , towards the 2 parliaments and others, plus he has said that he wants to limit any dual citizens in top Government positions. He always said that he will make adjustments to the West’s belligerence, so I think he will do even more adjustments before summer. I didn’t see much said, about the military end of it, but I believe that the military has pushed him into some re thinking about the M E , Ukraine/Georgia/ Poland and Nato scenario. We will see.

  5. “The Koch Foundation, largest funder for climate denialism” Im a so called ‘denier’ no Im a skeptic. It doesnt matter, WHO you are, human caused climate change is a HOAX. Cant be strong enough. Probably the Koch Bros are making a killing on the F A K E criminal so called Carbon Credit schemes that are planned to bankrupt the whole planet. Same as ‘big oil’ is.
    Human caused Climate change is a FRAUD period, and impossible, unless you have plans to change the output of the sun!. Geophysically provable by numerous sources with real geophysical data, numerous reviewed published physics papers.

    • Fake journals, fake papers, Koch spent millions on them, none of them are real, all junk science from the kind of hacks that denied cancer in cigarettes for decades.’ve been had.

    • @qfrealist, you are correct, the global warming scam is just what you mention: a globalist HOAX. The aim is to embark the world into a new form of Indulgences, the carbon tax you mention. Ironically Carbon is the element of life as we know it and CO2 is plant/plankton food. It was conveniently changed to climate change as anyone knows and study civilisations history that they went up and down primarily to natural cycles of climate change. I wrote a great deal on Ms Carol Duff posts articles. Although, I am not a big fan of Koch, big oil or big corporation- I am not to trust their panels of biased scientist they may present, I also do not accept the fraudulent IPCC “scientific” “consensus” as it is based not on observable science but on fraudulent computer simulations. I also would to remind VT readers that the IPCC scientists get their pant caught down in 2009 ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference. The hackers have shown how the scientists were upping the temperature while evidence shown these were going downwards. It make a short lived sensation in the newspapers but quickly forgotten. Many scientists who have spoken against politicising this issue and acting fraudulently have been ostracised! Now, they are using a 16 year old abused little girl, who by “magic” can attend a UNGA and a Davos forum to make the emotions high, forget true observable science and go ahead with Carbon tax. Zeus help us!

  6. Pi g faced and arrogant Pompeo can try that against Russia and China . If the US does, surely DC will look like a mushroom cloud, even bigger and most obvious than 9-11 in NYC. But Pompeo will understand that any drones can be direct at him and his family of pigs too for surgical operation, a term employed recently by Steve Pieczenik when talking about the act of terrorism and act of war against the Islamic Republic of Iran earlier on this year. Personally, no tears will be shed. Good riddance. I will have cup of teas with pigs but not this one.

  7. Much is disturbing, but shouldn’t come as a surprise, coming from an establishment that has an open public standby regime change arrangement for every other country on the globe besides the Five Eyes Club. The Russia hating and chopping department has been working 24/7 for the past 200 years, out of a bloodthirsty royal banker London club. The fight is pretty much for providing the military equipment, since the nuclear capabilities cancel each other out. Drone swarming seems to be the new favorite toy and threat coming from Pentagon Mickey Mouse & Tim Burton club.

  8. I have read previous articles from Gordon Duff related to Hoover and Freedom betrayed book. I also watched the video presentation in one these article. My initial impression is that since it was presented by the GHW Bush -aka”New World Order” of 9-11-1990- library, I guess that the writing of the late US president Hoover were re-edited, for obviously the purpose of obscuring the truth deeper. I have yet to digest the monstrous book at some point. My point here is that Hoover never caused the economic crisis of 1929. From 1920 President Harding got America straight and did what he can to undo Brauch lapdog’s Widow Wilson actions but was murdered in 1922. Hoover continued more or less his policies of non entanglement with Europe, quite rightly. The big banks, wall street and the usual suspect caused the crash of 1929 (a deja vu will repeat in 2007-8) and was falsely blamed on president Hoover so that the globalist cliques can get communist FDR and his monstrous thing that he call a wife to the white house and get a war against Japan and Germany. A deja vu happened recently, after the 2007-8 crash, the globalists/deep state installed Obama and his thing that he call a wife.

    • Shut up Anything before the Assasination of Kennedy might be Forgivable BUT Since the Assasination of JF Kennedy Everyone been a Warmonger ” Insert ” …….. Shut Up and Wake Up Since the Assasination of JF Kennedy You’re just LOST SOULS ……

    • Hoover sat on his ass for 4 years, that’s the simple truth. Please outline his programs to help millions of starving Americans. Oh, you can’t?
      None existed. Ah, but he fed europe, or so we are told.

    • Gordon, I would like to remind you that Hoover lost against communist/globalist FDR in the landslide of 1932. No, I do not know about US president Hoover’s program if he ever had one, so you do not need to test me there. When I do not know, I do not speak. I research my best to primary sources. I just happen to know the outline of his presidency and how the crisis of 1929 was engineered to ensure he would loose against FDR. By the way FDR did not win because he repelled the “prohibition” crackpot song we keep hearing, since organised crime linked with international financiers were making a hell of money.The usual suspect wanted that filthy commie in place to ensure that on his 2nd term war with Japan and Germany will come to being, which it did! Regarding FDR’s new deal, He could have shove this sham into his stinking part of his anatomy. If you are a defendant of FDR policies, his sham New Deal and his false flag of Pearl Harbour of early December 1941 well good luck to you!

    • @echoes, Refrain to reply to me and shut up! If you are not happy with my statement, get lost!
      As far I am concerned, I suggest you carry out in depth study to find out how many US president, Europeans prime ministers and president, as well as monarchs have been brutally executed by the herds of filthy communists backed by the same international financiers in the shadow since the late 1860s going through most of the 20th century. JFK murder was one in the long list and connecting the dots and seeing the same pattern will surely wake you up!

  9. Gee. If I got up and started attacking everybody not giving me their wallets, car keys, and French fries, I would be considered a psychotic criminal, not an Israeli or a CJ ‘End Times’ participant in the pageantry for the pope and the Church of England.

  10. Trump and Pompeo by putting Russia and China on notice, have in fact put the entire US establishment under ‘imminent threat’ for a reciprocal response – one that pummels Washington to the re-echo after the killing of General Suleimani: “Do unto others as they would do unto you.” The irony: “In order to truly protect freedom.” WTF Pompeo! Last I heard 9/11 all but destroyed any freedoms we had left. Millions radiated each day at airports in a manner reminiscent of jail arrival where now we can expect to be de-loused and innoculated due to the deadlier outbreak of SARS. The only freedom in America is corporate freedom to plunder and rob the resources of a once proud nation trampling EPA laws with abandon. Why, heck, even our pride is emaciated – pummelled in the dust. Bolshevik Zionists – those deceptive wolves in sheep’s clothing, are ensuring their freedom though, backed by the laws of 27 states and growing. Israel trumped our freedoms and takes pride of place and everything else it can lay its hands on!

  11. Criminally insane homicidal maniacs do not get well. History in China (see Sun Tzu) proved that the Emperors of past were truly beyond words in the reality of completely insane. Sun Tzu escaped and the worst Emperor of his Era was psychologically destroyed. The writing was that Emperor set himself on fire. The psychology for People of World Earth is to THINK (/meditate) on how to get the brains of the out of control completely insane homicidal maniacal lunatics to implode. Our minds are very powerful energy and the connection is indisputable. 9 Houses Cultivation. 9 Compartments in the Brain. Time to become whole in our minds and wholly do what Sun Tzu did, too.

  12. How much more proof do we need that the US is a rouge terrorist State gone mad. If I were Russian Chinese Iranian Syrian Turkish or any other free nation falling foul of US dictatorship (sanctions) . The UN may as well be disbanded as it is not fit for purpose. if the UN isn’t prepared to reel in the US, then Russia and who ever else see’s fit to go rouge too, and live by the dog eat dog rule.

  13. It was good that Gordon exposed the words of a low life U.S. President today Donald Adolph Hitler. While fool Trump may be foolish enough to order a nuclear attack on Russia or Iran or the rest of the planet (not his love Israel) he is unable to carry out such a foolish order personally. Only highly skilled others can do that. We can only pray that the others know that others on this planet also have nukes and the ability to put them right in the center of NY or any other major city of the U.S. or the world. There will be no winners in such a battle next time, only losers. There is much built up resentment against the arrogant U.S. going all the way back to WWII or earlier. Some of these lesser countries would love to send a nuke our way and watch the massive death and destruction of the most hated country of thugs on the planet. Everyone should have pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima on their walls to remind them every day of the horrors of nukes, which today are thousands of times worse than then. Only a fool like Donald Adolph would even consider using nukes today anywhere in the world because they will come back to bite the hand which used them on others.

    • I agree with all the other excellent comments here. The inmates have taken over America today. These are the slow learners who will be all quite incinerated in a nuclear explosion in one of our major cities.

    • I suggest you carry out a serious research on Chancellor Adolf Hitler, what he did for Germany, hence his time magazine appearance in 1938 but most importantly his plea for peace and trying to avoid the war at all costs. The warmongers in England, France and wicked communist FDR, surrounded himself by communists, would not let him or Germany alone, as well as Japan. Get some or all facts straight instead of repeat what the fake history you learned at school.