Why America Lost Turkey and Kicked US Out of Black Sea


Moscow: What will Turkey itself get as a result of turning the current political course towards Russia and, indirectly, China? Specifically, what will the president of this country Erdogan win? According to the deal with S-400, because of which the whole current fuss went, Erdogan says that this is “the most important agreement in our modern history.”

At the same time, we quote the Turkish president, he notes that “air defense systems are designed to ensure peace and security in our country.

Our other steps are being taken to improve our defensive capabilities. ” That is, Erdogan makes it clear that the choice of Russian weapons is not decisive in the course of the political vector of the country’s development. At the same time, he said that it was the S-400s that had the best capabilities in air defense and missile defense, therefore it was they who chose.

Turkey is acquiring a more reliable partner in the person of Russia – here, tourists, and exported products, and gas, and a nuclear power plant, which is being built with the participation of Russian specialists and technologies. Moscow can support Turkey in its plans for hydrocarbon production off the disputed coast of Cyprus, the deposits of which are claimed by a number of Western companies. The Free Press wrote that a deal could be made to recognize Crimea as Russian by Turkey in exchange for a loyal attitude towards the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In addition to the S-400s already existing in Turkey, American fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, Armata tanks, and other equipment and weapons can also replace American weapons. Moscow has now become much closer to Ankara than Washington and Europe, plus it is even more economically viable.

What is Erdogan’s risk in case of imposing sanctions by the US and the EU? There are risks. If some embargoes on the part of the United States may not really frighten the Turkish president, then a break in relations with Europe can hurt.

First of all, in the country’s economy, which is noticeably declining, inflation has reached 16 percent, and the unemployment rate is 14%. Sanctions can aggravate this process and scare away Western investors, which immediately depreciates the Turkish currency (lira now costs $ 0.17, about 11 Russian rubles).

“Erdogan is in a rather precarious situation,” said military observer Vladislav Shurygin. – He, figuratively speaking, is changing horses at the crossing, turning from West to East. A justified step, but requiring real achievements in a new collaboration. Erdogan is far from being supported in Turkey itself. One can recall the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, when the military tried to seize power in the country.

There was a heavy defeat for his party in the mayoral election of Istanbul in June this year. Erdogan himself quite confidently won the presidential election last year, gaining more than 50 percent of the vote, and at the same time also became prime minister, so he still has a temporary backlash.

It can be assumed that the US State Department will try to shake its position at the expense of opposition parties, the same Republican People’s Party, or disloyal military. Erdogan understands this very well, therefore, in every possible way he appeases the army, trying to achieve its location.

But the discrepancy with the Americans, who took part in the formation of a new image of the Turkish army, could cause a new conflict between the president and the military. Therefore, he needs to take effective steps to show the correctness of the chosen course towards military cooperation with Russia.

For example, to achieve agreements with Moscow on Kurdistan in their favor, to secure its support on the situation with the disputed territories in Cyprus. These problems are still hanging in the air, so Erdogan is forced to maneuver between Putin and Trump, but he is now simply forced to be closer to Russia than to the United States.

Erdogan is not so toothless in the confrontation with the United States and is ready to respond to impending sanctions with retaliatory measures. It became known that the head of the Turkish state intends to announce that Ankara will no longer provide the Incirlik military airbase to American military aircraft. And in the case of active opposition from the United States, the Bosphorus Strait can close – the only way to the Black Sea. If European states take sanctions against Turkey, then Turkish bases will be closed to all NATO member countries.

Nuclear munitions, which, in addition to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, are stored at American and European bases, including in Turkish Incirlik, will be under threat of liquidation. In general, Turkey has something to answer for the planned US and EU sanctions. Ankara, in the case of the introduction of a number of restrictions on their part, will try to compensate for the losses due to the ongoing relations with Russia and China.

It is likely that not so much and loses in the end. At least in the field of arms supplies. They replaced Patriot with S-400, they will replace F-35 with Su-57, and the helicopter engines, which the UK has already refused to supply to Turkey, will be compensated by the Russian ones developed by Klimov JSC.

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  1. The missing point here is the Montreux Treaty about the Black Sea!
    Turkey is the guarantor and controller of this treaty and the treaty doesn’t allow other nations than abutters of the Black Sea to have any navy facilities there and also limits the size of war ships.
    Turkey cannot and will not break this treaty, as it secures the peace in this region and contributes to the geopolitical value of Turkey as an sovereign state.
    No politician in Turkey, no leader will ever break this treaty.
    All the other contracts of Turkey, like its membership in NATO are less valuable.
    With this treaty, Russia and Turkey have a factual partnership, which is hard to break as the result would be war!
    Compared to this important partnership, the USA are irrelevant for Turkey.
    No politician would openly utter this, but this is fact!

  2. My,my,my. This is definitely raising some eyebrows inside Washington. However it appears that Erdogan is not too worried about what ever retaliatory actions Washington and its proxies in Europe whether it’s Bojo the clown, Macron or some other easily corrupted head of state. Erdogan has also threatened to release even more immigrants into Europe, which is already under deluge along with the increased crime. So the governments of those countries already under enormous pressure from millions of immigrants might think twice about retaliating.
    The U.S. should kiss Incirlik Air base goodbye and make sure the nukes are gone.
    The west is in retreat and the U.S. will soon become nothing more than a paper tiger, buried under mountains of debt and failing currency that is already being pushed aside by other banking agreements. Very soon the U.S. dollar will become useless and of no importance in the world of trade. That, along with the massive uncontrolled debt by government , corporate and individual has doomed America to become another example of empire collapse.
    Washington will no longer be able to push other sovereign states around as it once did.

  3. I don’t think Turkey is going to have issues with Europe. I think America will. Russia, Turkey and Israel aren’t incongruent on these pipeline deals going in and being approved almost simultaneously via Brussels. Italy, Greece and Cyprus are roleplayers.

    What’s happening to America is simple: since 1913, it was crafted to become a pump and dump operation. We’re at the end of that scheme now. Every so-called “national strategy” to fix that is actually one more course advancement for this Jonathan Pollard West to East movement of the imperialist hat. Netanyahu wasn’t lying when he said America will be blown away after it’s milked dry. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing under the premise of “national security” as well.

    Iran will move its energy East and Russia will move its energy West. Rather than have spent all of America’s capital and resources on actually helping to accomplish this, America — as I’ve stated here and elsewhere — should have built a competitor to the BRI challenge. It should have revamped the Monroe Doctrine, strengthened the Western Hemisphere and created a U shaped trade corridor (as it would look on a 2D conventional map) going from Canada down through Chile/Argentina, across the Atlantic to South Africa, up through West Asia, and back to Europe. Then, it could have connected this economic corridor eventually to the BRI as well. It would have effectively split the geographies and provided minimal interference.

    • Instead of do that, China now has basically even moved in on the Western Hemisphere after easily taking Africa. America’s reactions are all latent, toxic, militaristic, and go a long way to proving the multipolar partners’ points. Who prescribed unipolarity anyway? The same Israeli fifth column that has brokered out US national security and national interests as bargaining chips to its actual Eurasian partners this entire time. As history shows, the central bankers move the wealth from country to country to create colonialinist/imperialist war machines out of them until they are exhausted. Britain didn’t perform as expected in the Suez scenario and was exhausted after WWI/WII. CIA and Pentagon moved in as the new Eastern Hemisphere war dogs. Eventually, there were thick accented “Eastern Europeans” serving as NSAs, draining America to further build Israel.

      To be quite honest, none of this was that sophisticated. Just the targets who they duped were even lower IQ.

    • I have said something like this for years. The world is moving toward a three or four contiguous regional configuration. The US should have understood this a long time ago. Instead, it looks as though we have completely alienated our southern neighbors, and even the Europeans to some extent, instead going for single world hegemon.

    • The shift to the east is already in progress. The west is in decline by its own hand.
      History repeats itself.

    • Superb explanation! I think this also explains, in a nutshell, why real Americans, in the event of a nuclear exchange, want Washington DC, and New York City hit first.

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