Asshole Trump: Troops wounded in Iran attack “bone spur fakers,” malingerers, just “headaches

You just can't make stuff like this up


Cade Bonespurs Trump makes reference to his own war experiences, “injuries I have seen,” maybe in Vietnam.

No Americans in our lifetime have been subjected to missile bombardment with warheads of this magnitude.

But wait, didn’t he hire a doctor to give him a fake bone spur diagnosis so he could dodge the draft…a felony!

CNN: In Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, President Donald Trump faced pointed questions about the disparity between his initial remarks that no US service members had been injured in the Iranian missile strike on Al-Assad Air Base in Northern Iraq and more recent reports that troops were being treated for those injuries in Kuwait and at Landstuhl hospital in Germany.

‘I heard they had headaches and a couple of other things,” said the President, “but I would say, and I can report, it’s not very serious.”

When a journalist asked, “So you don’t consider potential traumatic brain injury serious?” Trump responded, “I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that I’ve seen.'”

Here is CBS parroting Trump’s “no casualty” lie

Source: CBS

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  1. And what did you get out of it besides collecting a paycheck?
    It wasn’t too long ago in America’s history, 19th century, when soldiers were considered lazy, do nothings out to get a payday.
    The U.S. military is nothing more than a mercenary army being rented out to countries like Fraudi Arabia and used to fight illegal and immoral wars for zionism.
    America’s military hasn’t defended America since 1814.
    But one thing it does well is murder millions of innocent men, women and children.

  2. There are no words to express the rage that overcomes me when I read this.
    Impeachment is too kind of a punishment for this Zionist Israeli pimp president.
    His whole cabinet are Zionist/Israeli mafia thugs.
    As are the greater portion of both the Legislative and Judicial branches of the UNITEDSTATES corporation.
    All of them should be arrested immediately under common law provisions for failure to uphold the Constitution and multiple International War Crimes against humanity.
    After the trials are completed and the sentences pronounced; those that are not given death sentences can serve their lifetime incarceration on a prison island.
    Want to serve Israel first??? Fine….get out of this country and go live there.
    Take your god-damned usury and fiat currency with you.
    Furthermore, the people of the United States do not owe your Crown International Central Banking Cartel masters anything.
    Our forefathers fought one Revolutionary War for freedom from you Zionist assholes and we can fight another one for our land of birth and to reclaim our Declaration of Independence.

    • Great post but i don’t know why people differentiate between zionist and jews. Jews got kicked out of various countries 109 times, not zionist. Martin Luther wrote a book in the 1500s, The Jews and Their Lies. It’s not like this problem started when zionism came onto the scene.

    • @Creamoftweet The concept of Zionism goes back in recorded history to Sumer and Babylonia some 5000-6000 years ago. For more on that see “The Kingdom of Zion” by by J.S Chiappalone. It is intricately interwoven into the religion of Judaism and cannot be separated from it. It is representative of an alleged covenant made by an pagan Anunnaki god to his “chosen” people to grant a land upon which his kingdom would be established under his rules. The Tribe of Judah carried the modern day version of a mono-theistic tribal god (probably Sumerian Marduk) out of Babylonian captivity in the 6th century B.C. The history is long, complicated, and includes Christianity by the attachment of the New Testament to the Old Testament in the Judeo-Christian bible. The term “Zionist” includes crypto-Jews/ Christians and secret society members that believe in some version of the same monotheistic god and the right of the “chosen ones” to rule over the “Kingdom of Zion” from the “promised” land.

  3. American troops need to throw down their rifles and desert. Anyone considering enlisting needs to reconsider and fast. American parents should do everything possible to keep their children out of the military no matter what it costs or they will regret it.
    The big fool in the White House needs to be reminded of his own actions during the Viet Nam war, one that I avoided at all costs and since have become staunch anti-war.
    It is said that those who scream the loudest for war, have never experienced it. No truer words have ever been spoken.

    • the need for Money gets Everyone and the Moment You sign the Forms to join that’s the moment you lost your judgement and you just sold yourself out pretty cheap and now You’re a Slave and Federal Property …..

    • Its not a case of throwing your rifle on the ground and deserting! Why not give the soldiers the choice to leave the army if they believe that the fight is unjust and not in defense of Americans. In this case only serving the cause for a greater Israel.

    • Throw Your Rifle down and Desert and they’ll find You Imprison you and What not AND IF you joined to genuinely Serve like Pat Tillman but later see treachery in the Orders then the ruling Mafia will shoot you in the face and make up an explanation ……. this is a Terrible situation again

    • Back in the 1960s and 70s there was a group called FTA F***the Army. needs to be reactivated.
      Better yet it needs to become F***israel.
      BY all means, Parents must take whatever steps to keep their children away from any recruiter and away from the military.
      Stop feeding the beast. Stop fighting and dying for the evils of zionism.
      I also remember Father Berigan and his actions.

  4. This shithead is not bringing any troops home Alive and more is this guy lacks Humanity and empathy , the American Soldiers need to start screaming at this idiot to save their own ass ……. this guy doesn’t care and He LIES too too much ……. Troops would be committing straight suicide if they respect or obey this idiot ….. this moron is creating BIG WAR PROBLEMS ….. compared to this Idiot ready to fight Russia the other Idiot George W Bush looks good coz he didn’t at least bite on too too much Bigger …….

    • BTW the damage by Iranian Missiles on American Bases that I have seen on TV showed Broken reinforced concrete Bunkers and Chosen mouthpieces talking about still going strong …… maybe for this lip service those chosen mouthpieces made an extra $100 to talk tough while showing broken concrete Bunkers ……