Diminished by Trump: US being removed from both Europe and Middle East

The diplomatic squeezing of the United States from the Middle East has begun


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Pravda.ru:  Along with the assassination of an Iranian general, the United States once again did not give a visa to the UN to the Iranian foreign minister. More recently, the same was true for Russia and other countries. In fact, the States have placed themselves above the UN and the whole world. But at the same time, it clearly resembles dying convulsions.

The chief editor of Pravda.Ru, Inna Novikova, was told about this by the doctor of philosophical sciences, candidate of political sciences, political scientist Vyacheslav Polosin and the secretary of the United Communist Party of the Russian Federation Daria Mitina.

Read the beginning of the interview:

Just at the same time as the assassination of General Kassem Suleymani, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was supposed to come to the UN, but the Americans did not give him a visa.

Daria Mitina:  Although he was obliged to be present there on a post.

What Americans do wrong

Of course. Before that, they did not give a visa to other Iranian and not only Iranian, many of our politicians. Thus, the Americans also completely brazenly and shamelessly do not fulfill their obligations to the UN. Of course, the UN expressed its disagreement with this position. But that’s all. And everyone was silent. And in the end, there is no international law, there is only the law of power. Who is stronger is right.

And the phrase that we will leave Iraq when you give us billions for the base that we have built … That is, the Americans came to Iraq, bombed it, they killed a bunch of people, and now Iraq also owes them.

And what is the international reaction? Again no. Vyacheslav Sergeevich, how do you assess the position of Europe in this situation? Apparently, it is obvious that they are not very happy with what is happening.

Vyacheslav Polosin: You see, even if the US Democratic Party is so dissatisfied that it legally limited the authority of its president in this region after the action he committed, there is no talk of Europe, which Trump himself noticed the other day, although he defends it from Russia. Somewhere on Twitter, he left such a post the other day.

There, for a long time, people, in my opinion, have been crooked by such a policy.

Trump was very instrumental in making Europe more and more trying to get out of the influence of the United States.

How Europe responds to US actions

Will it somehow manifest itself in real changes? Or will there be only dissatisfied statements and condemnations of US policy? Or will it still lead to some results?

VP:  I think that in the end, all this will lead to pragmatism.

DM:  In the momentary turnover, I think the voice of Europe is not very audible. Except that a number of countries have already announced the withdrawal of their military contingents from Iraq, as they say, away from sin.

Even such wonderful “bastions” of America in Europe, “large” regional powers, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, already a whole Latvian and as many as three Slovaks, apparently left the territory of Iraq.

But countries like Germany have already pulled themselves up. In general, this is simply a signal to the Americans that the European powers can no longer feel safe enough under the “reliable” wing of the United States, as they felt before.

Because earlier, if such military contingents were introduced, then, firstly, this was done under the auspices of NATO, which, as an international organization, was responsible for the safety of its combatants. Now, as you can see, the situation has become a mess. Therefore, NATO countries are slowly crawling away from this whole plot, no longer willing to put their lives at risk.

And this is a very bad and serious indicator. And in fact, this suggests that everything is concentrated in the United States.

The demonstration of power capabilities, military muscles is more and more polarized precisely at the pole of the United States.

That is, the States are feeling more and more detached, not wrapping themselves up in such empty formalities as agreeing with NATO itself or with its parliament. This is all very unfortunate, but this is reality, unfortunately.

As for the Syrian theater of operations, here it is also of great importance. Because if we consider this region as a single, it is very good that the Iraqi parliament voted to end the anti- Igil operation (ISIS – a terrorist organization banned in Russia – Ed. ).

This suggests that there is at least some kind of legal basis for demanding the withdrawal of American troops.

I think that Syria will also take some sort of diplomatic moves in the near future to articulate its disagreement with the fact that American soldiers remain on its territory.

Because while it’s pure, what’s called, in fact. They are there in fact but are outside of any agreements, any international decisions, rights, and laws. The United States is there simply because they came and occupied, as they say.

And this Iraqi precedent is, in my opinion, a precedent in this regard is very positive, because it laid the foundation for diplomatic, at least, extrusion of the United States.

There is still not enough strength for power, but at least the diplomatic squeezing of the United States from the Middle East has begun, in my opinion.

As for NATO, it seems to me that France, in the person of President Macron, is also already looking for some kind of move, as it were, to get out of the influence of the United States and pursue its own policy. Moreover, France was initially in a special position in NATO, did not participate in a military organization, but only in a political one. Therefore, the weakest link in NATO is, in my opinion, France. Although it seems that Germany is beginning to be weighed.

Not only they are burdened. They’re already quite a lot of people who want to leave NATO.

VP: There will be a question, I agree here, purely pragmatic.

Europeans will not sacrifice their interests, wealth, for fear of some harsh sanctions, because they are dependent.

Therefore, they will not, of course, abruptly tear. But if possible and as the pressure on them from the ocean decreases, they will try to free themselves and create some kind of their own security system.

Interviewed Inna Novikova

Yuri Kondratyev prepared for publication

Source:  Pravda.ru


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  1. True , Whenever THIS CREW is Damn Sure then it’s ALL made up …….. Pompeo’s ” No Doubt ” means He’s making it up coz he’s been Ordered to By his Israeli Handlers …….

  2. It now appears that Mr. Trump will in fact keep some of his campaign promises though perhaps not as he envisioned keeping them. Withdraw from useless wars. Afghanistan? Iraq? Absolutely, but because we are being evicted not because we are voluntarily withdrawing. Normalize relations with Russia? Of course. While we have been expending our treasure on useless wars (pallets of $100 bills anyone?) the Russians have developed weapons that have rendered the USA a second rate military power. Can’t intimidate them any more so maybe we should try friendship and diplomacy. What a brilliant politician. He tricked the deep state into doing what he wanted to accomplish by letting them do what they wanted.

  3. I can Clearly see that the USA is NOT Giving the Iraqi’s ANY Options AND What I think is Imminent is an Iranian Style Revolution overtaking Iraq and then the Iraqis will Harden their Position with Iranian Help ….. The USA is leaving Iraqis with NO Choice except a massive Revolt of course Assisted by Iran on the Request of the Iraqis ….. so Middle East Adventures are pretty much about to End Bloodily …..

    The the Brits , the Intelligence Officials Wife’s Extradition Might get that Particular Family instigating UK wide Reactions Which demand Immediate Withdrawl of ALL ” Occupiers ” from UK …..

    welcome to Reality January 2020

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