Cindy McCain: We all knew about Epstein but we were afraid of him-them (video)



…the murder or whatever, Barr of course, Trump’s orders, Maxwell, Mossad, and this monster is still in the White House with Pence, who is much worse, behind him


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  1. I’m not really into fashion so I don’t know, but are skin tight black leather pants the latest for Senators 65 year old widows ? I’m thinking cougar.

    I think it was not long ago, she called security on a woman in an airport, because the woman had a “racially different” child in tow, and this resulted in a major fiasco and embarrassment.
    She claims to be a vigilante against human trafficking, but Epstein was just too terrifying ? There is more to look into here.

  2. Cindy McCain is obviously covering . In the past VT has uncovered some very unsavory things about this woman, enough that should send her to prison.Both she and her daughter, Megan the Simple, together, with combined IQs of room temperature are about as believable as a flat earther. Megan really needs to attend over eaters anonymous and subscribe to Nutrisystem. It’s obvious that anything that looks remotely like food ends up in her gaping maw. It is said the good nutrition leads to improved thinking and mental health, however, that idea seems to have floated past Megan like the fruit flies on her plate of apple pie.
    Megan also exclaimed that she had nothing to do with Epstein’s “business” although a number of politicians seem to have developed an attraction to chubby young girls. Just how many massages did Megan provide for Alan Dershowitz?

  3. “We all knew what he was doing”. We were afraid of him,…Then accuses Epstein of being a chicken shit,…

    Why didn’t you say anything Cindy ? Are you saying, that your husband, a senator, a great war hero, was afraid of a pedophile building a nest in his district ? Why would that be ?
    Make examples of who ? Like Catholic priests and bishops ? When has Cindy become a voice for any victims ? I think we found our chicken shit. This lady is a product of a sheltered life full of delusion and escapism. She just admitted she and her husband are Culpable.

    • btw,.. classic example of how to handle dumb people who think they are important. Treat them with veneration and respect, elevate their own delusions of grandeur, and just plug in the mic.

    • David Odell

      Cyndy McCain just mustered some Courage to Finally Give you A Half TRUTH …… John McCain was the Senator trotting the Globe Endlessly to Arrange Endless Zionist invasions here and There …… Now a Cherished Jewish Slave like McCain must have been getting his cut from Epstein ….. yes in kiddy sex …. and maybe that bit Cindy and now she’s telling half a story …..

      Hey Pig called Megan McCain ….. Read and Weep ……