Delta Airlines fined $50k for Kicking Muslim Passengers off flights…for being Muslims


Note: Much of this goes on from Delta’s hub in Detroit, a city with a larger Islamic population than Damascus.

One might add, Islamic neighborhoods that are totally crime-free, sparkling clean and, along with Detroit’s Hispanic neighborhoods, “Mecca’s” (OK, sorry) for great restaurants. One might also add that Dearborn has a very large adult entertainment area on Michigan Avenue, entirely Islamic owned (like Toledo).

What could be more American?

I would also add that Delta, next to Lufthansa, is the best airline flying out of Detroit. The others are all worse. In order to spice this up and increase “readability,” we are putting cheesy Eastern European porn photos here as well. Enjoy.

The photo below was hacked off VT servers and even my own personal computer.  There is, however, a thumb drive with all those embarrassing Trump problem photos, in a drawer nearby.  Sorry.

The last video is best of all, they kicked a CIA employee off a plane (alleged) for being Islamic.

The U.S. Transportation Department has fined Delta Air Lines $50,000 for two 2016 incidents in which Muslim fliers were booted from planes even though the company’s security had allowed them to fly.

In one incident, a Muslim couple was thrown off a plane in Paris, and in the other, a man flying to New York from Amsterdam was booted from his flight.

The employees involved in the incidents must undergo cultural-sensitivity training, according to the government’s order. Delta has conceded it could have handled the situations in a different way but denied doing anything wrong.


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  1. What is it with Delta ? It must start at the top or close to it. Wasn’t it Delta that tried, last year – I believe unsuccessfully – to tug off an Asian passenger, a professional type, from the seat he’d paid for in advance ; he wouldn’t wear it. I’m not sure they managed to oust him. I’m not sure either that it was Delta, but if not, I do remember a negative comment about them in the context of that particular brouhaha.

  2. If it was a flight on a Boeing, they might have been lucky.
    If it’s Boeing, I ain’t going.
    Otherwise, this was a despicable act and Delta needs to be boycotted for a while. A fine is paid out of the pockets of the customers.

    • The Chinese are not averse to wielding machetes. I remember some of our lads were chased out of a restaurant in Malacca by ‘mein host’, wielding a machete. Whether he was the restaurateur or chef I dinnae ken. I suspect an obligation to wield machetes against recalcitrant customers might be above the waiters’ pay-grade. ‘demarcation’, in trade union parlance, I believe.

    • Yes. When it occurs, which is not all the time by any means, I believe it is a sort of reflex reptilian response initiated at a pre-cognitive level, a response that perhaps none of us are spared to one degree or another. As well as a difference in colour, the historic racial pecking-order can be a factor, especially for Europeans low in the socio-economic pecking-order, at the sight of an Indian or an African of a visibly higher social status.

      I think if the Chinese had been the imperial hegemons at an earlier date, and left us well behind technologically, as they look set fair to do today, some of our people would probably be having operations on their eye-lids to look Chinese.

  3. Well the Reality is Since Maybe 1995 these Populations been conditioned to Accept the nonstop invasions of Muslim Lands through Media and the Masses were very Eager for Worldwide Muslim Genocide When George W Bush over saw the execution of 9/11 for PNAC ……. its Highly Tolerable to treat Muslims Shabbily if not outright Killing then …… it was ALL planned very long ago and the populations conditioned through TV and Newspapers to Accept 9/11 and the coming Wars ……. Like someone said ” our mission Will be Done When Everything that the Population knows is False ” …… Muslims being Kicked around happens often …..