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Article from the New England Journal of Medicine

A Novel Coronavirus Emerging in China — Key Questions for Impact Assessment

List of authors.

  • Vincent J. Munster, Ph.D.,
  • Marion Koopmans, D.V.M.,
  • Neeltje van Doremalen, Ph.D.,
  • Debby van Riel, Ph.D.,
  • and Emmie de Wit, Ph.D.

A novel coronavirus, designated as 2019-nCoV, emerged in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019. As of January 24, 2020, at least 830 cases had been diagnosed in nine countries: China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Nepal, and the United States. Twenty-six fatalities occurred, mainly in patients who had serious underlying illnesses.1

Although many details of the emergence of this virus — such as its origin and its ability to spread among humans — remain unknown, an increasing number of cases appear to have resulted from human-to-human transmission.

Given the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) outbreak in 2002 and the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreak in 2012,2 2019-nCoV is the third coronavirus to emerge in the human population in the past two decades — an emergence that has put global public health institutions on high alert.

China responded quickly by informing the World Health Organization (WHO) of the outbreak and sharing sequence information with the international community after the discovery of the causative agent. The WHO responded rapidly by …

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  1. My guess is that this outbreak is just setting the stage for what is to come next. Getting the medical industrial complex ready for the next viral bomb to be dropped. Maybe Ebola? The powers that be aren’t going to be happy until there is a law that says they can stick a needle in every person on earth. For our own good of course. For me, I am already past the point where I will believe in anything that comes out of the CDC or WHO….

  2. What better place to start a virus, High Humidity countries,Populations in close proximity, occassionally a tourist or family member goes to the US, but the two diagnosed in the US, how did they get there, who were they sitting next to on the aircraft, me thinks that along with the earthquakes in Turkey and understanding the Turkish and Chinese Govts have given Washington the Bird!!
    HAARP is being put to good use, Earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, their speciality such is their demonic intent on any nation that crosses the industrial complex of Washinton, that Luciferian city