American Hero: Kobe Bryant Dead, Helicopter Crash and VT has Questions


Top of Trump personal enemy list, Kobe Bryant dies.  People die but those who go head to head with Trump too often end up suicides, in prison or murdered.

Color us suspicious.

Senior Editor , VT
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  1. Too many questions for me. Maybe to take attention away from other things ? Some people have more ‘roles’ in life.

  2. The Kobe Bryant crash appears to be a failure of the helicopter. The pilot was navigating by sight of highway until the flight ceiling (clouds) and highway intersected. Without any visibility he couldn’t closely follow the path of the highway, so he decided to then fly by instrument ONLY directly to Thousand Oaks by turning left and flying up OVER the mountains. This required gaining altitude and speed aggresively, he would have made it OK but the aircraft, a short while later, suffered a power loss and the pilot had no time to avoid contact with the ground at high angle and speed.

  3. Wait, if it was fog/visibility… Why is the wreckage at the BOTTOM of the hill?

    It had to have nose dived.
    Don’t these things have gyros, like even the cheapest of smartphones?

  4. This video is #2 on Trending. The amount of assumptions and contradictions, go beyond ,what a person who is not used to being on camera in a major event usually portrays. It reminds me of another interview after a different major event. Albeit, with magnified complex obliquity.
    Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash yt channel extratv

    It is often, that here in the comments, I refrain from “how” possibilities, because well, ideas.
    So, I’m just going to say, bringing down the chopper, is highly possible without explosives or electronics. It could even be done, within a calculable distance and time. Without ever touching it. This event is a bone that needs to be chewed to the marrow. The number of interests that are going to be involved in this investigation and their ability to spin is a rare instance. Combined with the events leading up to it, where many factors were pointing to something quite like this,..each piece of the bone must be completely masticated before swallowing.

    • So, right now, people are also getting word of the E-11A communications plane in Afghanistan and the 35 boats burned in Alabama, and a shooting outside a courtroom in Conn. , and many other violent incidents in many communities, or stuff like the explosion in Houston. All within the last few days. Keep the rudder steady, we are in fact sailing through a storm, But what looters come in storms to take advantage ?, is what this “hunch” is about,.and smart players, with a potential big payday, look for this type of opportunity. The cover is good, and the risk is minimal, and the press begs for answers that never come. So they make something up. With lots of help. It’s so easy. My advice is compartmentalize and dig. If that is beyond your capacity and skill, then…don’t. This isn’t over. I say again “highly possible”.

  5. This appears to be a total HOAX. Show me some hard evidence before I believe this nonsense that he even crashed let alone died.

  6. Jan 21, 2019 “There is no official event at the White House to celebrate Martin Luther King Day,” “During a Jan. 5 sermon, White asked Jesus Christ to cause the pregnancies to miscarry so they will “not be able to carry forth any plan of destruction, any plan of harm,”
    It took a very long time for (some) people to understand, our government killed MLK. Most people still do not recognize the danger that comes with being a minority person with money and a following. Especially, if that person advocates justice. There is every reason to be highly suspicious here. There has been a constant chorus of veiled language from White, Trump, Voight, and others, that is easily construed as an invitation to violence. They view, and intuit, that the trial is a fight between the white capitalist god, and any enemy of Trump. From MLK to Elijah Cummings house fire, and an endless list of journalists, peace advocates, etc etc etc… Fog, or human error, though legitimate possibilities,…do not cut it, when observing the timing, the flow of events, and the atmosphere, and the safety record. In football, they call it telegraphing.

    • Here’s a question, Is Bryants death going to shift opportunity to one of Trumps buddies, regarding tech investment in China ? ” A statue of him was erected in front of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts’ Sculpture Museum in Guangzhou, China.” What demagogue might be jealous of that ?

    • Try looking at it from another angle. Trump is a demagogue, and as such, has riled up a violent minority of people that were mostly dormant for some time. There are people who feel compelled to please him. The newspaper massacre, Charlottsville, pizza gate, etc etc.. If your position is, Trump wouldn’t do that,..he is currently the worlds leading assassin and advocates for it continuously since the campaign when he openly stated he “would kill their families”. There are the ones we know of, and the ones we suspect, and we know one thing, He absorbs power like a heroin addict, and has nasty characters begging him to push the envelope.

    • Juan is pretty good, and he provides some graphs on technical flight data, but at his core, he wants people to feel safe flying, that said, he is one of the best examples of citizen journalists out there. He was indispensable during the Oroville dam crisis.

  7. Register to vote. Vote hard. 100% voter turnout is the goal for 2020. By 2024, it should be new levels of interaction with the electoral process itself to ensure its integrity. By 2028, a determination by the people to actually enter the politics themselves by running for office.

    I believe in an informed “We, the People”. Whenever they are educated, I have seen good results because people at large are not generally criminals or interested in evil pursuits. An informed public is what the liars fear the most naturally. Where there is knowledge, the liar finds no fertile ground to sow evil.

  8. In Alaska and probably in most parts of America – we just find a sand bar, lake or open field to set down in – and make a fire until it passes. You going to tell me there are no open places left in California , to land a chopper and wait it out ? Gotta get there-itis has killed alot of people a couple of my good friends. Bad weather – sit it out stupid.

  9. Officials: 9 died in crash that killed Kobe Bryant
    Yahoo Sports
    “Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were on board when the helicopter crashed. They were joined by another teammate of Gianna’s and a parent en route to a travel basketball game, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported. The Orange County Register reported that Orange Coast college baseball coach John Altobelli also died in the crash.
    It is not clear who the other six people on board the helicopter were, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva declined to identify anyone involved in the crash….” Quoted from aol news.

    • Quote from post at Jim Fetzer:
      “He offers a highly plausible explanation for the crash.

      ———- Forwarded message ———
      From: Robert Morningstar
      Date: Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 7:49 PM
      Subject: Re: M* On Kobe Bryant’s Death: Preliminary & Secondary Observations

      The weather was exceptionally poor.
      Fog had brought it down to zero visibility in the valleys

      Kobe’s helicopter had been directed by Air Traffic control to stay away from their destination area, declaring an exclusion zone while they waited for heavy fog to lift.

      The Helo was kept loitering outside the exclusion zone for about 15 minutes preventing entry and passage toward their final destination.

      At that point “something happened.”

      My conclusion from viewing wide and close aerial footage of the crash site is that the helicopter was very heavily loaded (8 people & baggage & fuel), (perhaps overloaded), and that the vertical loads imposed on the fuselage by the lift and torque of the engine and rotor imposed on it by hovering, combined with strong sideloads on the tail boom in maneuvering to stay outside the ATC exclusion(X) zone, summed up to cause such severe loads and stress on the tail boom that it finally split and broke away landing (what appeared to me to be about a 100 feet, or more, from the fuselage.

      Think of what would happen to a Dragonfly that lost it’s tail.
      The tail would be over here, and the Dragonfly’s thorax would be over there …”

    • It was the B model it should be suited for 2 crew 12 passengers. It is a VIP vehicle of choice and medevac. “according to flight-tracking data from Flightradar24, and looped west into the Santa Monica Mountains, where it was descending at an extremely rapid rate of 4,200 feet per minute from 1,700 feet when data cut out.” Dude flies over those mountains all the time.
      Mid-air mechanical failure is very very rare for this bird. That is why VIP’s prefer them. Governors and monarchs. Something smells here, and I really don’t like the timing.

  10. “Sikorsky Crash North of Los Angeles” > VASAviation YouTube

    Air Traffic Control recordings of VFR chopper in IFR conditions

  11. This smells like Trump and the Neocons. Trump killed Soleimanie to soften the Iranians up emotionally for Netenyahu, and now hes killed Bryant to soft the ‘blacks’ up before the election for himself so they don’t vote. This is how this guy operates. This is how the neocons operate. The neocons targeted many many people during the 2000s with energy weapons throughout the US and the world. Today Trump targeted the blacks just like they were ‘softened’ up in 2014 with the ebola hysteria targeting them to ‘TO NOT VOTE IN THAT ELECTION’ againts the NEOCON GOP. That group of lunatic republicans opened the way for Trump. Trump is cowardly, but he will hit his enemies where it will create emotional chaos and damage to ‘blackmail’ them into obedience and silence.

  12. Kobe grew up in Italy, which is probably why he had developed more sense of acknowledging the value of the rest of the world, also like Steve Kerr, and unlike many self-centered Americans who grew up in isolation, singing anthem to an indispensable and supremacist nation.

  13. Damn. Saying I’m a hoops 🏀 fan would be a YUGE understatement. More like a disciple. Devotee. Fanatic. Zealot…

    Thanks for the story Gordy. I despise Twitler Trump, but I hope you’re suspicions are wrong on this one.

    RIP #Kobe and daughter #Gianna.

    • My kneejerk take is that the legendary lowlife scumbag & #WorstLiarEver Trump had nothing to do with it.

      #DramaQueenDon is just a High School “MeanGirl” bully.
      Maybe Nobody dissed him more than Eminem, and Trump said nothing back. And hes

    • As a hoops fan, I thought Kobe sullied the game – like Shaq did by throwing his weight around – as Kobe’s go-to move was a travel, but still among the greatest.

      In tribute to Kobe, RIP here to Fiat Ziggurat…
      Now Hoops Kevinski.

  14. The S-76 is a pretty safe copter, the last wreck ’17 ran into a TV tower, one before that in ’05 was a muddy determination regarding main rotor hydraulics, and one in ’02 that said it was a main rotor failure. Unit cost in ’14 was 13mill. LA weather showed good.
    …..some trivia, Calabasas is the story location “home” of “Ray Donovan”, starring John Voight who went viral the other day calling for Highest prayers for Trump. In the story Voight is a 2 bit con man who has a trail of chaos and crime everywhere he goes,.a consumate liar. Ray Donovan is a character who cleans up messes, and does “favors” including murder for rich hollywood types. Voight has been playing the character “Mickey Donovan” “Rays father” for 7 years ongoing….

    • I bring it up because these characters exist as many know, and actors often seek out consulting and “learning” from characters their roles are based on. Voight is a huge Trump supporter. It would surprise no one if this hunch was true. The connections likely exist.

    • In 2009, Voight played Jonas Hodges, the American antagonist, in the seventh season of the hit Fox drama 24, a role that many argue is based on real life figures Alfried Krupp, Johann Rall and Erik Prince. Voight plays the chief executive officer of a fictional private military company based in northern Virginia called Starkwood, which has loose resemblances to Academi and ThyssenKrupp.

    • Before Ray Donovan, “Mickey (Voight and Ray (Liev Shreiber)” played together in Manchurian Candidate 2004 ,..”Liev Schreiber as Raymond Shaw, a U.S. Representative from New York, manipulated into becoming a vice-presidential candidate; Jon Voight as U.S. Senator Tom Jordan,”

    • Put him on the list with JFK Junior. The United States of America Corporation is a Criminal Organisation.

    • The main problem was they encountered IFR conditions with very low ceiling obscuring the mountains and you just can’t set it down anywhere either. Especially in California.
      The most likely scenario will be the weather conditions being IFR along with the pilots decisions. As of this time there is no information released regarding the pilots, the number of hours they have with this heli and until more data has been gathered there is only speculation.

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