Breaking: Trump’s Guilt Unquestionable as Parnas Releases Full Recording of Trump Confession (1:23 video unedited)


An attorney for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas has provided a recording to CBS News of President Trump saying in April 2018 to “take her out” about the Ukrainian ambassador.

A nearly 90-minute recording released of President Donald Trump at a 2018 dinner with indicted businessmen he has claimed he doesn’t know includes Trump speaking animatedly about removing the US ambassador to Ukraine.

“All we need now is a video of Trump sitting on the toilet yelling at Guiliani to fire the United States of America for exposing his complete lack of character.  But for now, these Parnas videos are sinking Trump faster than the Titanic taking any and all his defenders with him as they drown under the weight of their own jaundice” says VT’s  Johnny Punish

Sources:  CNN and CBS

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    • not Toast at ALL till Severely Forced out , these power greedy ego maniacs are the worst and with most idiots ” Yes Sir ” to him this ego maniac is Totally Bloated up

  1. @Toby:
    “Do you really want Pence as President? The cure is worse than the ailment. He wants to trash the Establishment Clause and make “evangelical Zionism” the new world religion….where power is all that matters.”

    This is exactly the same thing that Zionist “King” Trump wants only Trump will ensure that the Judaic side of the Zionist equation gets every thing they want by issuing his series of unconstitutional EO’s that help to fulfill the Zionist “Greater Israel” plan so the Jews can initiate their Armageddon and rebuild their third temple of Solomon. Pence and Trump are playing on the same side. No….Pence won’t be better but he would be severely neutralized by Trump’s impeachment as would the reputation of the Republican party unless some of the Republican Senators quickly grasp the reality of blind devotion to the Zionist cause of Trump and his International Banking Cabal buddies. Pence is not strong enough to carry the Republican Party in 2020.

    I know that the US and Israel were behind the NATO 2014 Maiden Coup and also that Ukraine was part of Russia until 1954. Additionally, Ukraine is part of the homeland settlement in Russia for the Ashkenazi Jews or the Kazarian Mafia. The Zionists have a special interest in Ukraine. There is a great deal more going on there that meets the eye.

    You do not know what I think unless I articulate it.

  2. Are there any Rabbis or Jewish scholars who know of this numerology business with DJT’s name and Y424 or 424 equating to the ‘Messiah’ that Parnus is talking about near the end of this recording?

    He speaks as though this is of some significance to The Jewish people. After Trump explains how he paid only 150,000$ for a building on prime real estate in Jerusalem for the American embassy. A Huuuge savings of what he said would have been over a billion dollars had the gone another route and built new. Such a deal maker that guy!

  3. Yes!
    This is better than Watergate!
    The evidence just entered into the People’s Court.
    McConnell is going to have to change his groveling to the White house dictates and actually admit witnesses. I do not think that Chief Justice Roberts could possibly deny that this evidence be admitted after it has already entered the Public domain.
    The threatened and cowering Republicans are going to have to decide to go down together or vote according to conscience on the articles of impeachment.
    This show will be very telling for the People and devastating to Trump 2020 ambitions.
    Trump should just resign now like Nixon did.

    • Do you really want Pence as President? The cure is worse than the ailment. He wants to trash the Establishment Clause and make “evangelical Zionism” the new world religion….where power is all that matters.

      I know you all think it is terrible that Trump would not want an ambassador hanging her hat on impeachment keeping the job (and she did say that to Ukraine officials)….. I would get rid of her also.

      I would have given Trump benefit of the doubt about what he means by “taking her out”….until the Soleimani murder. Silverstein (tower demolitions) didn’t even get questioned for “pull it”

      This entire Ukraine thing had lots of Obama, Kerry and DNC involvement with Biden. They set up long term gravy trains…that are failing to produce since Hillary lost. Biden only scratches the surface of the Ukraine coup corruption.

  4. “Take her out!” That’s pretty much how he described the Soleimani ambush; “we took him out!”
    This recording completely debunks Trump’s claim that he doesn’t know who Lev Parnas is, and exposes him as a liar.

    • I’m trying to download this video of the Trump Titanic.

      It is syncing now… 😝😝😝

      I get — I get this sinking feeling while watching it. 😝

      Good thing Agent Orange helped all the icebergs melt ahead of time for his Maidan voyage. 🤣

  5. Number of eligible voters in US 2016- 250 million. Voter turnout 138 million. T-62 million votes,…..That means 25 % of eligible voters voted for Trump.
    So, out of 350 million people, less than 62 million voted for Trump.
    So, just under 18 % of people voted for Trump. People keep saying half and that is not correct.
    Of those who voted for Trump, over 90 % would have voted Republican regardless of the nominee.
    The gold in the electorate, is the millions who do vote but are registered. That is the protest vote, not the third party.

  6. saw the video , I believe the sounds BUT I can’t Believe the Terrible Attitude of this President ……. Callous and Reckless in important meetings

  7. America has two political parties who put forward Presidents whom half the country loves, and the other half hates. So we swing back and forth like a pendulum, every eight years, hypnotized into thinking the new sob will be better than the old one. And the big agenda, keeps rolling. But hey; it’s really not that bad, and besides, that’s “the world” we were all born into, from Trump on down. And on up!

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