Censored/Suppressed: One American (US Army SF) dead in Syrian oil theft battle with Russia

VT offers condolences to the family of Antonio Moore and we thank him for his service


Note: The most recent American casualty, who died Friday, was killed in a road accident, only a day after a shooting incident involving his unit and 2 Russian MI35 helicopters.

Our sources say Moore was part of an American unit that was racing along a narrow Syrian road trying to block a Russian convoy that was intercepting an ISIS oil delivery to Turkey.

Please note, we do not expect members of America’s military to make personal judgment calls on which missions they take and which they don’t.  There is no reason whatsoever to diminish the loss of Antonio Moore simply because he served a cause without any merit whatsoever.  We have all been there at VT.  

Mr. “Bone Spur” dressed in fake military garb

Avia.Pro: The United States suffered the first casualties when patrolling “its territory” in Syria. An attempt by American servicemen once again to intercept a Russian military convoy ended in the death of an American soldier.

According to sources, Antonio Moore, a member of the US Special Operations Command, died as a result of a rollover of an American armored car heading to the area of ​​one of the American checkpoints in Hasaka province.

According to a number of sources, the armored car, in which the American soldier was, left the territory of one of the military bases in the province of Deir ez-Zor and went to the region of the Syrian province of Hasaka. Nevertheless, as a result of an unknown set of circumstances (according to some sources, a small munition was blown up – approx. Ed.), The vehicle capsized. As a result, the American soldier died.

Representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense have not yet commented on the incident, however, sources say that we can really talk about undermining an armored car on a mine installed by terrorists, although at the moment there is no documentary evidence of this data.

It should be clarified that US troops continue to block roads to Russian military patrols while moving the latter in northeastern Syria.

Source:  Avia.Pro


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  1. Edward Dodge
    Please We are here to Discuss to Find Solutions Not to go on Ego trips …… please leave Emotions in your bed .

  2. I’m going to explain this one more time, Sherlock: This soldier was pulling guard duty for a bunch of in-country pirates stealing Syria’s oil! What doe the battle or campaign ribbon for that, worn on one’s chest, look like? Syria has been destroyed, plundered, and demonized. Hundreds of thousands of its citizens have been murdered, and millions turned into refugees in this deliberate chaos. That is where, and for whom, my sympathies lie; not for some member of the oppressors, solely because he wears a US military uniform, as if that automatically makes him a “good guy”. I love the promise of America, support the US Constitution, and I gladly take a knee with Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem in defiance of this oppressive, zionist-occupied police state, and I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about it!

  3. You seem like a Grumpy Rude Old Man Brooding over Your Huge Ego’s violation by just Words yet nobody has yet violated you Physically BUT You’re too too Senile to understand ANYTHING …….

  4. Sherlock

    it’s True things were even better a few decades ago but now a deep moral decay has set in everywhere

  5. Are you sure he was REALLY in Syria and not in Iraq visiting the Al Asad base? Also just read about another US soldier dying in a rollover accident. Another Al Asad casualty? Al of a sudden there are US servicemen deaths been reported from that region.

  6. I hate it that this soldier is dead. It is a loss that neither his family or this nation should have had to suffer. But it remains he would be alive today, if President Trump had kept his promise — to bring our troops home, putting an end to these, what I call, Imperial Wars. However this young soldier was killed, accident or whatever, President Trump bears the responsibility.

    • When are we going to start marching again, with the banner ‘WE WONT FIGHT ANOTHER RICH MANS WAR’. Thought Trump said we were self sufficient in oil? Why are we stealing theirs and giving it to ISIS?
      He lied to get elected – NO MORE WARS……..Yeah, right!

    • Chicago

      We have to somehow get rid of masses of LIARS that have gotten their way to the top and they will never ever leave until forced to leave …… can’t Trust ANYONE in Any Position of Power coz They’re ALL Sold out Traitors to sat the minimum ….. BUT nobody at all knows What’s going to give

  7. This is Army. The war is war. When you sign the contract, be ready to lose own life. It is bad to die in such a situation. Condolences to his family.

  8. I disagree with exonerating this man. He’s a first party participant in an illegal operation that could manifest itself in open war with Russia; a war that could escalate to nuclear confrontation and the deaths of billions, given the mental degenerate in command of all US forces.

    • Hey Sherlock, who the hell you you to make that judgment about me? I’m an honorably discharged Cold War veteran. To the extent it matters, you, or your family’s military service regarding the the honorableness of this man’s actions, is totally irrelevant. In fact, the opposite could be argued: it completely biases your opinion.
      This man was a volunteer, he was not conscripted, and we are not in a state of war in, or with, Syria. Our military forces deployed there, are there in violation of of international law. Ethically, were he to cause casualties, he on no better ground the Lt. William Calley was in My Lai. If his knowledge, or conscience were unable to recognize that, ignorance, or the notion he was “only following orders’ doesn’t pass muster. They tried that excuse at Nuremberg and it didn’t fly. Deal with it!

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