Donald Claims To Be G-DS Bastard Son, Now He Creates Hell On Earth

Evangelical Occultists are trying to murder us all

Privately, Trump tells those around him that he is the son of g-d, sent to earth to bring on Armageddon and bring the righteous to the side of Jesus, his brother by another mother.

If only we were making this up, we aren’t.  Ask Pompeo or Barr, both cultists.

Hell is coming to earth, some think it is here already. Certainly, satanism and all that goes with it, hate, ignorance, ritual abuse, and cannibalism abound, and have for a very long time, among the bloodline classes and their “evangelical” demon smooching red-state freaks.

We see it every day, we all know it, we have always known it, the worst kept secret of all time. Watch Paula White. Is Trump the new “King of the Jews” as he claims? We don’t think the Jews want Trump but the demonically infested bloodline monstrosities that rule much of the world certainly do accept the orange buffoon as King of Israel. This is the person Trump has nominated to bring the world to Armageddon…

Paula White says g-d had lots of kids, including Donald Trump and nightclub owner, Lucifer Morningstar.  Please support this Netflix show that depicts a strangely heretical view of Christianity but is pure fun:

Wikipedia Paula White

(Yes, Wikipedia is run-controlled by enemies of the US, we admit that) White is a proponent of prosperity theology. Along with other televangelists who have made millions of dollars through the prosperity gospel, her ministry Without Walls was the subject of an inconclusive 2007–2011 Senate Finance Committee investigation with which she refused to cooperate. The committee had investigated financial improprieties that could have affected the religious organization’s tax-exempt status.

Southern Baptist theologian and ethicist Russell D. Moore said that “Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.”

Michael Horton, a professor of theology at Westminster Seminary California, wrote in early January 2017 that White represented a heretical movement and that her then-upcoming address at President Trump’s inauguration was helping to introduce heresy into mainstream public life. Horton addressed White’s denial of the Trinity and the prosperity gospel’s position that Christ died on the cross, not for the forgiveness of humankind but to rescue people from financial hardship.

Other allegations of heresy have emerged among conservative Christians, such as that White has denied the Trinity, partly as a result of a video shared by Christian author Erick Erickson that shows White assenting to the view that Jesus Christ was not the only son of God, in contravention of the Nicene Creed. Erickson has stated:

The President of the United States putting a heretic on stage who claims to believe in Jesus, but does not really believe in Jesus, risks leading others astray… I’d rather a Hindu pray on Inauguration Day and not risk the souls of men, than one whose heresy lures in souls promises of comfort only to damn them in eternity.

Connor Gaffey has drawn attention to a 2007 televised event at which White stated, “Anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan.” Gaffey contrasts that with Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Matthew: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

White has denied all allegations of heresy. In a January 5, 2017, CNN interview, White responded to some of the criticism saying “I have been called a heretic, an apostate, an adulterer, a charlatan, and an addict.

It has been falsely reported that I once filed for bankruptcy and — my personal favorite — that I deny the Trinity!” During her interview, she also said in her defense, “My life and my decisions have been nowhere near perfect, though nothing like what has been falsely conveyed in recent days.”

White has also been criticized for being introduced as having or claiming to have a doctoral degree when she has no college or seminary degree.

In July 2018, White was discussing illegal immigration and said that although Jesus migrated to live in Egypt, “it was not illegal. If he had broken the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah.” In response, Reverend William Barber II called White a “Christian nationalist” and said that “Jesus was a refugee & did break the law. He was crucified as a felon under Roman law.”

Matthew Soerens of the Evangelical Immigration Table group has stated that the concept of illegal immigration did not exist at the time and also questioned White’s argument that breaking a law is sinful by noting that the Bible had written about Jews defying an Egyptian ruler’s order to kill children and Jesus’s apostles being jailed for breaking Roman laws.

White has been denounced by rapper and Christian pastor Shai Linne in a song, “Fal$e Teacher$”.

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  1. Dumb Goyim don’t even know White is a translation of Weiss. She’s not a “Messianic Christian” and there’s no such thing possible as “Jews for Jesus”. It’s called a shtick. Sekulow is running with it, too.

    Does anyone even know what Judaism is anymore?

  2. Khazar Zionism, The Great Satan here, is just a Pee-Wee League denomination of Columbism.

    Native Americans are (up to!) 2% population in their YUGE homeland.
    Palestinians are 50% in their tiny one.

    Even if proven Israel did 9/11, Trump’s hero the brutal dictator still committed the genocidal #DeadliestUSTerrorEvent.

    125% as deadly… When US population was only 5% what it was in 2001!

    • And We honor that brutal dictator on $20.

      (Who nobody tried to stop, save Davy Crockett & SCOTUS. The US military was… #JustFollowingOrders.)

  3. The pollsters poll everything, but they won’t poll how many Evangelical votes Spanky & Alex Jones got literally DEMONizing Hillary 👹.

    It’s a great question. I’ve lobbied all the A-rated pollsters on Twitter, trying to spur ’em.

  4. Paula White and Stormie Danials have the same plastic surgeon as for that alone tRump needs to be impeached since he has poor taste in women.

    However, the Democrats want to give us the gun grabber in chief Michael Bloomberg as ask our dear Jack Heart about that piece of work.

    We will not get a choice as it will be Bloomberg or Trump as kid you not the orange one is the lessor of two evils with that scenario!

    Best to keep the guns as Trump is our best bet upon that issue and if they get the guns everything will go down the drain as they won’t care and I mean round ups boys…..

    • Amen. Reminds me of Catherine Austin Fitts saying “We’re fighting a spiritual war”, then in the very next breath, “That’s why we need guns”.
      Sounds like “From Dusk Till Dawn III” or something.

      Do Google Image on “historical police deaths” & watch the SPIKE during Prohibition!

      Gang bangers & cartels should be safest on Earth.

    • But again, ironically, the Safest Place on Earth is exactly where GunNut ideology points as the absolute worst case scenario!

    • Why I don’t understand how Boomers & older so disproportionately fell for what the #TrumpU Salesman was selling. After all they’ve seen!
      Worst Charlatan ever!

    • Harry Haller

      “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter”.

      Son You Been Bulshitted AND You Never Noticed AND That’s How WE got here , would you like to Wake up or do you want to Sleep More ?

  5. …tell me, my fellow fools, how much salvation can you buy? and how bad do you need it?…preachers preaching the for real righteous way…monopolizing on the day and the dark days to come..a life insurance policy for just goes to show give people something to believe in and they will buy it, try it, might even riot or die for it…but just speaking for myself..history, present and future behind..i ain’t one to be believing blind……what a shit show this country has become…

  6. Prosperity theology has taken over. But we all still have a choice, we can pour dollars into new golden organ pipe at the local church, or into some random kid’s education. Matthew the evangelist was a customs officer, let’s not forget about it. There is no account whatsoever to whom the God will choose to represent Him, which is often presented behind the show, with mostly anonimous folks and lowlifes. The position or education are irrelevant to God. Trumpists can claim for all of their reign to belong to holliness, whether Jewish or Christian, but it is what they do. Likudniks can claim they own Judaism, but their deeds speak they do not.

  7. By definition Zionism is Evil and has been the plague of humans for over 5000 years since the “chosen” Tribe of Judah/Levite Hebrews adopted the local god king (Marduk) as the single deity G_d equal to the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda while in Babylonian captivity. Zionism is not a new concept it is ancient.
    All of that is verifiable and based on fact but this board is not the place for a deep dive into world religions.

    Today Judaism and Christianity are linked by the Old and New Testaments of the Bible but the basic precept of that linking is the notion of the same father G_d. This is a jealous, vengeful being that requires abject obedience and sacrifice (of all types) and is the complete opposite of the belief in a Great Spirit or divine, eternal Creator of this or any other universe. Let it suffice to say that humans on Earth are indeed, in a spiritual war between good and evil.

    Meanwhile…..we have to put on the dark glasses and acknowledge that “They Live.” We are looking at Anunnaki hybrid demon products running bare-ass naked in all three branches of our Federal Government. What, if anything, are we going to do about it?

    IMHO we the People should kick the whole District of Columbia to the curb. That papal state needs to go so that the People of the United States can live in freedom as some of the founders of this country intended.

    • There is One Truth; if you had lived in the Holy Land 2000 years ago, you would’ve had a chance at the rarest of all human experiences. You could’ve actually looked into the eyes of, and hugged; even kissed the The Lord of all Creation. You could have seen him die, and then return from the dead. He was a real man, and a real God. Contemplating the reality of Jesus Christ and believing in Him for eternal Life is the ultimate.

    • @ Elvin Laton: Spare me your Judeo-Christian Biblical proselytizing. One does not need a third party religious textbook or any representative member of the Anunnaki priest classes or their respective institutions to find or unite spirit and soul with the Prime Creator.

  8. I’d say let ANY System Work Without ANY Foreign Sabotage and then We’ll know how it Works …… Right now no System Except Capitalism is Without Foreign Sabotage …… China is the Biggest Monster Right Now ….. The Chinese government just Ordered a New 1000 bed Hospital to be Constructed in 7 days to Handle the New Virus …… Tell me Who Else can Do it ? ….. America can Never even Afford a Hospital coz ALL Money goes to War Expenditures ……

  9. Well said, David!

    I agree Uni, you shouldn’t have chosen to serve the MIC.

    Maybe look there for the… Genesis of your negativity & fatalism. Ironically like the EndTimers. Always with the irony!

    (But at least they’re… Rapturous!)

  10. This stuff is lame. One of Noah’s grandfather skilled the first real devil in recorded history with a shovel in his backyard garden. There is nothing supernatural to consider. Just groups of compulsive brain-washed self-satisfying liars and wankers. Satan was not the role model. He punishes arrogant sinners in hell. Blame the Satan worshipping pope and the Old World false Christian churches and their Munchausen Syndrome racket of negatively influencing the vulnerable. For a goodly pile of information and pdf files of how this works, Yahoo search: “1989, Utah state Attorney General,160sworn eyewitness mormons and mormon church Elders, and human sacrifices at mormon church gatherings”. While you guys were in Vietnam and elsewhere, we were doing recon on these creeps. We wished you were with us, out of uniform but qualified. LBJ, Hubert, Michael Aquino(kidnapper of boys for Bush41 consumption. Karl Rove took Bush victim Johnny Gosch to Rio deJaneiro and he is still missing.), Bush, et al really did a number using presidential authority handed to them by the voting sheeple . The CFRtv promo of U.S.mewling prancing congress takes care of the rest. Luckily this mess washes off. Homework.

    • Echoes, your ignorance disappoints me. We got the Seattle Bush/Jackson neocons’ Queen Anne Hill pedopimp busted when we were just high school students. The police gave us 24/7 access to downtown Seattle to find our friend’s kidnapped little brother or find out where he went. Some of us were armed. We found and got the neocon pedopimp kidnapper named Gary into MacNeilI Island Penitentiary where he disappeared on release. Nailing that creep was satisfying. VERY satisfying. Go do it. Go out into the streets of your nearest city and find and nail one of these Satanist guys. Better than hunting ground squirrels.

  11. Now we’re in for it. Take some zoned out Xtian zionist nutball, who obviously was a past LSD user , put her in a position of such power and step back to watch the world light up. tRump has got to be joking. He can’t be serious.
    That woman is a dangerous psycho, especially so since religion is mixed in with it, the end result is calamitous. Does she listen to the little voices in her own head?
    Congress needs to get off their arses and do something about Trump besides impeaching him for all the wrong reasons. They need to demand Trump undergo psychiatric evaluation by a team of at least five psychiatrists and if found to be mentally unfit, they need to then, have him removed from Office.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting very concerned about the future of this planet and humanity and it ain’t from climate change….it will be from the nukes going off.
    The White House is now an insane asylum.
    The gods help us all.

    • Devil worshipping is NOT a worship of any supernatural voices in one’s own head, or some jerk wearing a mask. It is a parlor game of the wealthy, proving their power is the greatest, when it is not. Otherwise they would bring this out into the street instead of doing sick things to children and each other in hiding like cockroaches. I have been gang stalked a few times. Once you know you are being gang staked, the true nature of their B.S. comes to the surface. Be like this guy, then get back to the party:

  12. What’s the difference between Stormie Danials and Paula White?

    Stormie Danials is way more honest as at least one knows what one will get from the transactions.

    Paula White? hooky religion to play to the southern rubes….

  13. Uni, that’s actually a great argument. Maybe the ONLY one!

    Since GunNuts worst case scenario exists in HK: Home of the lowest gun death/homicide AND general homicide rates on Earth…
    Their “society” must be best!

    What exactly could be such a YUGE difference, that USA should emulate? Hmm…

  14. If you are an observer, then it should be obvious things are actually getting better since the rivers stopped burning and knees and hips could be replaced, but if you look at the micro, it can get depressing.

    “We don’t have any options other than failure”, is not a foundation to build on.
    “I didn’t fight for anything.” – yes you did , being lied to, does not negate that.

  15. IDK what your last sentence is supposed to mean, but…
    what is GunNuts worst case scenario?…

    A STRICTLY disarmed population, WITH a YUGE black market, so “only criminals have guns”. Right?

    This place exists! As described in an article at keepandbeararms entitled “Black Market Guns: Lessons From Hong Kong”.
    Like the GunNuts interviewed by John Oliver, this Nut doesn’t even realize he’s making the case against himself!

    HK had lowest gun death/homicide AND general homicide rate on Earth!

  16. Repugnicans just happened to lose the “Contract With America” by… one…
    Repugnican vote.

    But the Bible doesn’t care either: it PRESCRIBES abortion for suspected wife infidelity. So all failed pregnancies are proof the suspicions are true/correct.

  17. #Cuckservatives* sure didn’t worry when Drumpf actually said (after Parkland Shootings) what they always hysterically dreamed Obama would:

    “I’m coming for your guns… Without due process”.

    * They like to watch/cheer him screw their “wives” (professed values & ideals)…
    Then clean up the mess afterwards.

  18. Looks like the Orion Dragon Queen aka Dragon Demiurge (who started this bloodline overthrow of the Universe about 8 million years ago) has found a human body in which to hybridize.

    What a mess.

    Trump the Antichrist bending over for the Dragon Demiurge. For what? For one millisecond of control over all of Creation., because a milisecond is all it will be.

  19. Drumpf might not be “the father” of lies, but he’s the most prolific ever.

    #TimApple was THE Dumbest Lie of All-Time.

    With “4,000 #BadHombres”, he lied by a factor of… 666.
    (More Terror Watchlist stops at Canada border: #BuildTheWall there!)

    I don’t know about Egypt, but…
    #OpenBorders* #MadeAmericaGreat.

  20. there’s NOT Many People that Scare Me BUT this Woman makes me shudder ……. Nothing outstanding about her , just another born penniless Who then Decided to Do Whatever Necessary to Never be Poor again …. NOW this Accepting to be Totally Immoral to Avoid the Poverty is Always Scary …….. ABOUT Trump , He’s Too Too Stupid AND Hence Anybody that Praises Trump the Imbecile is Hence Cherished by Trump …….. coz Trump knows most ridicule him or are disgusted by Him so the few and the far between Praises Trump can find , he really Cherishes ……..

    • Fiat Ziggart

      I Think these New Ideas from Trump Administration will be Catastrophic for ALL of us here BUT I’m Afraid that Iran is too busy with it’s own Problems and we are left to fend for ourselves to deal with Humpty Trumpty ……

    • Echo, you don’t think the MIC (helmed by Drumpf… Totally disarmed by “Beautiful Letters”) & EndTimes Zio/Evangelicals are a problem for Iran!?

  21. ET phone home? ET? Help! Lol

    Last night someone took Bernie´s Iowa event to church. I hope it’s enough. Absolutely God is about substance and not form but you must invoke His name in order for it to work. You must be a believer, that’s where all the power comes from. You must believe it before you see it. ****

    Hollywood disinfo. There is no devilish charm. You must become a total sexual pervert and a cheatin stealin lyin scumbag in order to sell your soul to the devil. Notvattractive at all. Total loser.

  22. Yes, the divine department of treasury is busy indeed. God is broke and needs your help.
    Paula, where does all the money go ?
    Paula: Obukassanotaforado betonada fulasulawenototellyou

    Lucifer is Catholic propaganda, like GOT is Monarchy propaganda. They even use Peters Pence to pay for stupid movies like this. It romanticizes things.

    • The money goes to their real God: Mammon.

      lucifer was just an adjective, (NOT noun, especially not a proper noun!) describing the planet Venus (& Mercury) daring to rise before the Sun/Son in the morning.

      Did you capitalize it as a proper noun, or just a sentence starter?

    • who cares, it is all made up, no religion has anything over what this nutcase bimbo is pulling, they are all designed to do the same thing, they just look a tad smarter doing it.

    • Exactly!
      It would be like if a verb for “making things up” as you said, were personified into The Devil.

    • … Obviously, Venus and/or Mercury rising in the morning before the Sun being infinitely more harmless.

      … Or is it? 😏