Russia: It’s GENETIC after all, Largest ever study finds 102 genes responsible for autism

The real deal, the end of any vaccine controversy involving autism...forever...



  1. Regarding Gordon Duff’s note:

    One one hand “…found the filthy hand of the Deep State behind the AntiVaxx movement at every turn…”;

    On the other hand “…have always suspected vaccines, often cheaply made, expired, fake…”.

    Are not both hands connected to the same head, with the first used to discredit the legitimate arguments of the critics of the second?

    But the result of trying to discuss the subject of vaccines is to run into firm believers of each camp who will accuse the rational person of speaking in code for one side or the other, the only response to (since pistols at dawn is not legal, no do we have the libel laws of Victorian Great Britain) is “You called me a liar, GFY).

    But that seems true of most online discussions where keyboard warriors have no trouble flinging crap that would earn them an ambulance ride in the real world.

  2. Im sitting on the fence on this but like a commentator said is it possible that vaccines trigger the genes that are responsible for ASD in some children who have genes that are more susceptible to the vaccines chemicals? Seems like its a possibility considering that people are susceptible to heart problems if there is a family history of it, or certain cancers, or mentle ailments. One shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bath water on this one yet.

  3. ..Maybe it is a fair statement to say that we, the non-autistic, don’t really know what goes on in the minds of the autistic. As, for the most part, the autistic are not able to articulate what their perception of reality is. But we have seen that a portion of the autistic people are able to access parts of their brains that give them mental abilities that we consider to be genius. What I am about to conjecture was not read out of a book or article, but straight from my imagination. Geniuses are autistic. They are the autistic that are able to function in his mess we call society while still being able to tap into that portion of their brain that separates them from quote unquote normal people. I am just saying that in my imagination you can’t have one without the other. No autism, no genius. Where does that leave us?……

  4. It is so funny that VT involves it self in things they do not understand.

    If a disease is expression of some genes it does not mean that the cause is only genes. There are trigger factors which facilitate that some people get the disease but not others.
    To make a judgement so joyfully because of one study, shows the luck of scientific understanding. If people know how studies are done. There are many studies on the same subject with opposite results.
    So we have to wait and not jump on a final conclusion in a infantile manner.

    • Cyruss, We are fully aware that environmental factors can also come into play for autism. Autism is also very genetically based and that has been proven long before this article. Like Alzheimer’s disease, autism has become epidemic and all focus should be on how to avoid/change whatever is causing these diseases.

    • What they are not making clear, is that certain genes are more prone to autism, but that it is environmental factors which then cause it. It is like how some of us put on weight easily, but will still need to eat the high carb foods and sugars to get fat, just like the people with autism genes have to have the vaccines, antibiotics, glphosphate, junk food etc to become autistic.

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