Breaking/Unconfirmed/Direct: US prisoners taken after Afghanistan crash (newest contradictory updates…sorry)

    Iranian intelligence and others, ISI, India's RAW are flocking to the area to bid for seized intelligence.  All are equally hated by local resistance leaders


    Latest reports/lies

    • US:  5 onboard, all dead
    • Taliban: 6 onboard, all dead (Taliban denying earlier stories of captured Americans)
    • Afghan Police: 4 dead, two missing

    by Gordon Duff with Kadir Mohmand

    A minor observation from the Pentagon’s continually changing story, its an airliner, no communications plane, then a spy plane, then two dead, then 5, and now denying that the Taliban who uploaded all the crash videos never existed…

    Photos show two burning bodies outside the wreckage, could the US be claiming two dead because the Taliban videos showed two dead only in their photos and none of what was left inside the aircraft, where other victims might or even probably were?

    Time to remember, in the midst of the childishness, that these were real people, except maybe for the CIA, with families including two USAF pilots.

    Taliban sources claim they are holding US prisoner(s) from the January 27, 2020 crash.  We are also told that even they are stressing a news blackout on this but their rationale is unclear.  From Reuters:

    “Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said Afghan forces backed by U.S. military support had tried to capture the area around the crashed aircraft and clashed with fighters of the Islamist militant group.

    The attempt was repelled, he told Reuters, but the Taliban would allow a rescue team access to recover bodies from the crash site.

    “Taliban fighters on the ground counted six bodies at the site of the U.S. airplane crash,” he said, adding that while there could have been more, the militant group could not be certain, as the fire had reduced everything to ashes.”

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    Speaking on condition of anonymity, U.S. officials said the plane was carrying fewer than five people when it crashed, with one official saying initial information showed there were at least two.

    The lying is going full force.

    Are they lying?  Are prisoners, if they exist, injured, which is probable.  Are the prisoners, alleged, and the equipment/documents seized, not so alleged, secret bargaining chips to be used with Trump?

    We also ask how the plane was brought down.  Fuselage photos show so much fire damage, in fact, damage that likely came from incendiary “self destruct” devices, that evidence of a missile attack would be destroyed.  We are all experts on missile attacks after events in Ukraine and Iran.

    No ordinary fire

    The CIA operative, Michael D’Andrea, reputedly dead (or captured), that information coming from Russian intelligence operatives in Damascus, back in 2001 tried to hire VT editor Kadir Mohmand.

    All information provided is sourced but unconfirmed.  VT will, if asked, and if prisoners have been taken, which we are told but are not certain of, do anything to recover Americans being held.   If necessary, Kadir and I will go to Afghanistan and, for reasons obvious to anyone, we can go where no other Americans can.

    “Ayatollah Mike” came to Kadir’s home (here in Michigan) to recruit him as part of the US attack on Afghanistan.  Kadir quotes what he told him, “If you try to break the egg from outside, it will blow up and America will be at war for a hundred years.”

    Ayatollah Mike didn’t listen.

    This is what we know.  This is a very tense situation.  All comms in Afghanistan, by all parties, are now suspect and the Taliban has shut down everything.  This is what they are saying, and this is not public information:

    • American prisoners were taken at the crash site.  Afghanistan media claims two, private sources say “one or more, possibly seriously wounded.”
    • All internal communications between local resistance fighters and Taliban leaders is ended as prisoners, if they exist, are moved to safety.
    • Iranian intelligence and others, ISI, India’s RAW are flocking to the area to bid for siezed intelligence.  All are equally hated by local resistance leaders.
    • Taliban indicates they would never do anything to avenge Soleimani as he worked closely with the US and Northern Alliance after 9/11.
    • Similarly, Soleimani was close to former/disgraced Prime Minister/General Musharaf who recently had a death sentence vacated

    more coming…

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    1. I agree with some comments that it doesn’t quite look like a crash site, and more of a forced landing site. There are two tracks going towards the plane looking a bit like a road, just where a pilot would try to land if in trouble. The plane looks like it was deliberately burnt. So, what’s going on?
      I reckon the pilot managed to land the plane, but with a lot of damage and maybe some injuries to passengers. Taliban surrounds the site and the Americans try to defend themselves, but after two casualties they surrender. Taliban walks away with prisoners and intelligence material, and after some bragging about the haul, the leaders impose a silence. They decide to burn the plane to make it look like it was just a tragic accident. There is something terribly un-urgent about the crowd surrounding the plane, like all the action has already been completed. Now they’re just warming their fingers in the burning hulk.

    2. Mr. Duff,

      __When we get confused and say, what happened & who done it__ It’s usually Israel who likes to Mess-up that Area
      __On the other hand, what are we doing there? Having Our Troops killed or wounded for nothing.
      __If UK & Russia could not handle the Taliban and left, what makes us think we will Win the War or Sign a Treaty.

      • what makes us think we will Win the War ?

        Humpty Trumpty plus Pompous and others think they own Everything Everywhere …… Trumpty is Generously giving away Palestine to Israel like He Owns that tooo …… I hope that somebody posts the video of the huge CNN jokes on Trumpty

      • We are continuing the charade that started with the tower demolitions nearly 20 years ago….and even with tower 7 so dam obvious, more than half the US citizens still think guys with boxcutters from the ME (mostly Saudi)….. did it. It’s amazing to see the apathy that living the 9.11 lie has had on the US soul.

      • Remember? It was reasoned, that US is avenging the merely 3000 dead people from the 9/11 attacks. The question is: who was responsible for more dead Americans? Was it the attacks on 9/11, or the continuouse war since then? What’s the American Soldiers bodycount at the moment? It should be remembered as the figures will grow much faster since Soleimani’s murder.
        I wonder how many Americans need to die before the revenge is complete? That would be my first question to any US President.

      • You basically answered your own question but I’ll put it like this, why would Israel CARE what happens to the US? They don’t care if we win, lose, die, or anything EXCEPT that we keep doing it for them. Shame Americans are too blind to see that the US government serves the needs of Israel FIRST and the needs of the American people….never. It’s pretty clear to me that the American people NEVER enter into the minds of the powers that be.

    3. “…that these were real people, except maybe for the CIA…” – GD

      Is the CIA using GMO humanoids that appear to be humans?

      “Are the prisoners, alleged, and the equipment/documents seized, not so alleged, secret bargaining chips to be used with Trump?” – GD

      Or sold to highest bidder (not necessarily highest in payment, but the one who could do the most damage to the US)?

      Who is this ‘hojat ghalanderi’ and does his contention of “Soleimani’s successor has close relationship with Taliban” have any truth to it?

    4. At the 1:49 minute mark does anyone else hear the word “gentlemen” called out?
      The cameraman sounds like he has an Israeli accent, it’s the way they say their vowels and the round tone of their voice, which you can also hear when Bibi and other leaders speak. This event is permeated by the massad touch, an HD camera saunters by in the middle of taliban tribal country while the plane is still burning, with just the right amount of breathy huffing and puffing heard as the cameraman hikes. It’s almost theatrical.

    5. This article is full of contradictions and confusions.
      Thw elephant in the room is Wahabi Taliban, the number one creation of CIA-ISI-Mossad was created by big oil companies mainly UNCOL. The other main purpose of Taliban butchers was war against Iran. They actually killed many Iranians in the city of Mazar e Sharif.
      Taliban also attacked Iranian border provinces in 90s bt direct order from CIA.

      One of the main leader of Pushtun jihadists was notorious Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the butchers of Kabul. According Christopher Bohlin, he was specifically chosen by Mossad and CIA because of his brutal nature. He created so called Hezbe Islami and because of his good service for his masters in Tel Aviv and Pentagon, he is now part of Kabul mafia government.
      Mr. Kadir was also member of Hezbe Islami and proudly call himself freedom fighter. Gulbuddin and his jihadi gangsters murdered some 50.000 people of Kabul in 90s.
      Member of these criminal Pushtun Tribal people later upgraded to Taliban, a new name. ISI got full support from Bush family and clintons to upgrade these monsters.
      Later on Taliban lost its purpose mainly after 911, but still there is a game between US and Taliban. US control Taliban via Qatar and Saudis and Pakis.
      The same way they play game with ISIS.

      95% of civilians were murdered by Taliban.

    6. I got a couple of problems

      First of All if a High Flying aircraft even if it just falls itself then the likelihood of survivors is none , or maybe I don’t know what i’m talking about . i’d say rumors of anyone alive or captured is mere fiction …

      Secondly According to pictures the tail of the plane is separate so something must have hit it to break it .

      then after such a crash and burn nothing can be intact or worthy of salvage , I say no intelligence was leaked

      About being ” Pro Kremlin ” , Well Welcome to the Zionist World AND IF you’re NOT an Obidient Slave then of course you Will be Harassed and Tortured any which way possible including maligning fiction ….

      AND Finally I don’t Believe Anything said by any powerful official and Yes Taliban must have beaten off someone coming to take over the crash scene coz that’s Their Territory where they are always present because they live there …..

      • Somebody is repeatedly trying very hard to access my webcam but the protection keeps cutting it off and Finally I had to put tape over the webcam

      • @ Echoes – First time I opened the cover on my then new laptop, I put a piece of opaque tape over the built in camera lens.

    7. It looks a little strange with the wreckage upright, and there being no surrounding debris field, or wings. It looks too clean.

      • The spread (or lack thereof) of wreckage/debris would depend if one or both of the pilots was alive before the crash and able to make a semi-controlled landing or not, and if the airframe was relatively intact or not before contacting the ground. A small missile (e.g. MANPAD) hit might have brought down the aircraft due to fuel loss and/or fire, since against an aircraft this size the damage may well not have been sufficient to immediately bring down the aircraft (as would happen if a wing or tail was severed, or the fuselage broken into two or more pieces).

    8. “Taliban indicates they would never do anything to avenge Soleimani as he worked closely with the US and Northern Alliance after 9/11.”
      He never did work with the US. He offered help to fight Taliban to Rumsfeld but Rumsfeld refused because Iran was also fighting the drug trafficking of Afghanistan and that’s not something that the US wants.
      Soleimani in 2014 offered help to fight Daesh and again the US refused and that’s when the charade of US fighting Daesh was exposed.

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