Mr. President,

Your State of the Union speech on Tuesday, 4 February 2020 can make America great again with just four lines I am sure you do not have in there now. Want the mother of all landslides? Add these four lines:

I said the system is rigged, the time has come to UNRIG the system.

The control of Congress by just two parties that shut seventy percent of all eligible voters out — and particularly the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties as well as all Independent voters —  has demonstrated its partisan dysfunctionality most recently in an impeachment process that is at best comic and at worst a total betrayal of the public trust.

I am announcing today my absolute and complete support for HASHTAG UNRIG, the electoral reform proposals advanced by former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy Robert David Steele, and by Dr. Cynthia McKinney, the six-term Congresswoman from Georgia.

We will pass this legislation — which will contain all twelve proposed reforms — in time to assure a fair and transparent count of all votes in 2020, and a Congress in 2022 that includes at least 100 members of Congress who are Independents or from third parties not now represented in Congress.

My four-minute emergency message to you is very popular on YouTube:

God Bless You, Mr. President. You are going to lose to Bloomberg-Gabbard or Bloomberg-Klobuchar is you don’t grow beyond your dying base and bring in a huge swing vote. #UNRIG does that for you. Throw in a student debt jubilee and you are on to the second term.

Very respectfully,
Robert David Steele

Our three-minute three-graphic appeal to you is also popular


Author Bio
Robert David Steele is the conceptualizer of integrated election reform (#UNRIG) and the integration of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) such that we can achieve a prosperous world at peace at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model burdened by banks and lawyers.

A former US spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he is today the Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 and now also CeO of Open Source Everything (OSE Inc.). He continues his education with non-fiction reading, posting over 2,000 reviews across 98 categories; his hobbies include off-shore sailing and racketball.

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  1. I don’t disagree with you at all. However, I bet RDS would respond by asking what other options besides Trump does he really have to “spur” quick and consequential change. This is not a bad point. It goes to show, I think, how bad things have gotten (or have always been?).

  2. Trump is a FTM tranny. Just look at that ugly grandma face, for starters. Melania and Ivanka obvious MTF trannies. I believe the other children and Ivana are inverted as well. This recent Weinstein genitals so-called news story is some evidence of the gender inversion that seems to be ubiquitous among these elite satanists.

    Trump has been severely traumatized from his birth by, for one, being forced to invert his/her gender. I hypothesize that he/her was sexualized very early and that he/her has done the same to Ivanka, including forcing gender inversion. This forced gender inversion is, again – I hypothesize, the primary control mechanism within all or certain elite groups.

    The point being, you are not accurately assessing the White House and Trump, et al if you do not come to terms with this key component.

  3. [RDS] on PRESSTV.COM can you see the comments that would reply if he was on with how he kisses trump ass and the ground he walks on, lol, I would love to see that day-!

  4. All elections are a total joke in this lost country but most American fools don’t even get it. Most of the time a majority of the registered voters does not even show up at the polls, let alone “elect” anyone or pass a ballot issue. If a single registered voter shows up and votes for a ballot issue and no one shows up to vote against it, it passes! This is not majority rule but insidious minority plurality rule. All corrupt elections must be stopped until a majority of the registered voters gets up off their rear ends and decides to make decisions. Until that time no election result is valid. Oh and by the way how about all those incumbent judges who are automatically re elected? What a total joke all this farce is. Why not fine folks $10,000 for not voting? These jerks fine us for everything else don’t they? Why not fines for not voting? Answer: Because they love minority plurality rule which makes it easier to run totally corrupt government throughout the land.
    Voting is a total scam. There is no practical way for anyone to verify any vote count by authorities either. The secret folks to count the ballots determine the corrupt outcome of all elections. We are little more than a totalitarian nation. Americans love to be fooled, fleeced and had.

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