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by Viktor Mikhin, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow,  …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.

[ Editor’s Note: Mr. Mikhin has revisited a regular theme, US interference in the affairs of any country it wants using its very own Trump card for approval by uttering the magical justification words “in pursuit of our interests”.

No legal advisers are standing by the likes of Sec. of State Pompeo when these self righteous statements are made to justify US rogue behavior anywhere in the world. It has dispensed with legal justifications and now just trots our US military power as a unelected world Supreme Court.

As the US trillion dollar deficits grow, the “guaranteed to fail” bank list for the next major recession gets longer, and US political operatives and Deep State thugs are combing the world looking to grab anything and everything they can get their hands on to cushion the future financial blow they know is coming.

The veterans orgs are completely silent over our military being abused as mere pawns for international criminal organizations that have their hooks keep into American politics and government. They have learned from experience it is the safest place to establish a hideout  where you have a huge and powerful governmental infrastructure to cover your behind.

It’s affordable, too. They just have to cut their political partners in for a handsome piece of the action, and they seem happy to take the money with the huge cost of running campaigns now.

On the Constitutional end, we are about to watch a Senate acquit in an impeachment trial where the Republicans rigged the outcome by blocking any witness testimony, and certainly seeming not to worried about their constituent feelings about the sordid historical.

Some have viewed this ugly display as an Constitutional coup, a la the new Trump model, “I will interpret anything and everything exactly the way I want to because I am president…period.” This is the man that openly stated earlier that he had absolutely complete immunity over anything that he did, and there was no outrage.

America is now on its knees to the Deep State, and Americans share a good part of the blame for being so easy to screw over. The younger generation is not going to honor us for rolling over like we have. Thus ends my cherry missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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Basij commander Abdolhossein Mojaddami – the assassination war claims another victim

– First published … February 03, 2020

According to reports from the IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, masked gunmen ambushed and killed Basij commander Abdolhossein Mojaddami, who led a volunteer militia wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the city of Darkhovin in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

The news agency highlighted the fact that the murdered commander was a militia ally of Qassem Soleimani, who was also recently killed in a United States drone strike in Baghdad. Abdolhossein Mojaddami was shot in front of his home by two gunmen riding a motorcycle, armed with an assault rifle and a hunting rifle.

What is striking is how surprisingly fast this news was reported by World Israel News, citing the Associated Press on the very same day the murder took place, embedding the news with a variety of astonishingly provocative comments. In one example, Don Spilman writes:

“This is great, maybe there are those who are becoming emboldened by Trump’s actions and realize the vile damned accursed evil muzslime leaders are not untouchable! Let’s start picking them off wherever we find them! It’s time and past time for muzslime to start running and hiding everywhere!”

This is the true face of those who claim to be champions of democracy and human rights, who have been using the same bloody executioner’s techniques for decades to murder, slaughter, annihilate and incinerate, using chemical and biological weapons, which is what they did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as in Vietnam and Iraq. But this is hardly surprising today, when assassination politics has become Washington’s trump card.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has yet to deny allegations that the killing of Iranian establishment official major general Soleimani by the Americans was intended to avert a “direct threat” to America. However, it now looks likely that he is trying to reformulate the operation, which he says is part of a new broader strategy, “that also applies to China and Russia.”

Pompeo made this rather alarming statement in a speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute. The Secretary of State has avoided mentioning a “direct threat”, an allegation which President Trump has already denied, and has said that Soleimani was assassinated as part of a bigger strategy the administration now has to achieve its main goal of “real deterrence”.

He also said all the other countries need to understand that the United States not only has the capacity to make any nation pay and annihilate their leaders, it is also “willing to do so,” noting that the killing showed how powerful America is, by acting from a great position of strength.

The claim that Soleimani was a “terrorist”, preparing an “imminent attack” which could have cost hundreds of innocent American citizens their lives, turned out to be a blatant lie, far from the truth. It has been reported that US President Donald J. Trump disclosed the details of the Iranian official’s killing at a private GOP fundraising dinner evening for Republican Party donors.

According to reports from the Washington Post and CNN citing an audio recording made during the dinner as their source, the killing was apparently motivated by Soleimani’s rhethoric, which the American President did not like. Trump’s story of how he himself watched the operation take place remotely has been met with an uproar: Trump was told how many minutes and seconds the Iranian major general had left to live.

After Trump heard the “necessary result” had been achieved, he even apparently did something Hillary Clinton had also done, and shouted out, “wahey!”

It has even been noted in Germany, a close ally of the United States, that the drone attack does not fit the criteria for saving American lives whatsoever, and therefore constitutes a violation of the United Nation’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

What has this led to? During Soleimani’s funeral, an announcement was broadcast on Iran’s state-owned Channel One TV station that there would be a massive bounty of 80 million USD awarded on behalf of Iran’s population of 80 million people to anyone who avenges the major general’s death.

It does not take a genius to understand perfectly well that the Middle East has entered a dangerous new phase of turmoil and chaos following these recent events (the shady malicious killing of Soleimani, Iran’s retaliatory attack on US military bases in Iraq, the Ukrainian airliner shot down in an error provoked by the US). Targeted killing in politics could lead to a significant increase in global terrorist activity.

The United States believes “the war on terror” gives it a license to kill any foreign political or military leader, and by following this belief it has opened a kind of Pandora’s Box. The world is developing at a fast pace, and it will become easier for terrorists and America’s enemies to get their hands on the technology being used today to deliver a highly accurate targeted attack, of whom there are many, and when that day comes, the terrorist attacks happening in the Middle East today could be relocated to American or European territory.

It is unlikely that the strength, energy, cunning and experience the United States has will be enough to successfully counter it. Just remember the events of 9/11, which not only left Americans shook, forcing them to question how safe they are and the security in the United State itself, it shocked many people from different continents all around the world.

The actions taken by the United States in Iran have had a serious detrimental effect on global stability, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The situation in the Middle East has become a crisis since the United States voluntarily walked away from the Iran nuclear deal.

“The Americans decided to apply their own rules – and have abandoned the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Iranian nuclear program (JCPOA). Not only have they stopped fulfilling their obligations, but they also have forbidden everyone else from trading with Iran. At the same time, they are demanding that Iran abides by the document, which President Donald Trump has dubbed ‘the worst deal ever negotiated’,” complained FM Lavrov.

In these circumstances, Moscow considers a meeting on the Iran nuclear deal will need to be organized in the near future between the leaders of the countries which have entered into the JCPOA, and the Russian Foreign Minister has stressed that the signatory states should “have a candid conversation.” These are exactly the kinds of measures that could save the entire world from slipping into a third world war.

Viktor Mikhin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciencesexclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

SOURCENew Eastern Outlook, Moscow


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  1. Pax Americana going to do what Neo-Roman Imperium does. Apparently the literacy rate & actual time spent analyzing twistory of Western Civilization are not that high. How many years has Rome been Balkanizing cultures under the ruse of syncretism/diversity for now ? Smdh

  2. Donald Adolph Hitler seeks war to guarantee his reelection by American fools. America is now the world monster thousands of times worse than Germany ever was, with an Israeli controlled lunatic in charge. Israel, with the aid of traitors in our own government, did 9/11/01, a false flag attack to promote the fake war on terror when the US is the terrorist of the planet today controlled by Israel. By the way where is all the money coming from to conduct all these world wide wars? This country is a shameful disgrace run by the Coward of the World Donald Adolph Hitler.

  3. By the same logic are not the corrupt cowards running the US just as vulnerable? What if Donald Adolph were challenged to a duel? He couldn’t be trusted to honor his pledge and would likely have the opponent taken out by a paid assassin or drone. Our President represents the lowest of the low in this country today. I would like to hear what every Secret Service member guarding him truly thinks about the individual they must protect. Israel Lover Liar Trump has crossed a very old line. He has demonstrated to all the world what a true low life expletive deleted he really is from the cesspool NY.

    • Donald Adolph has no, zero, honor whatsoever. He represents the lowest of the low in
      America today, rock bottom of the barrel. Obviously his Dad never took him to the woodshed and beat the H out of him when he misbehaved or lied as all kids do. Now we are all paying a high price for this spoiled brat.

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