Why are so many intelligence veterans throwing their weight behind a young Indiana mayor with such a thin foreign policy resume?

Grey Zone: ‘Butt-Kiss advised by the ‘Dark and Dirty’

By Samuel D. Finkelstein

These questions continue to loom large over the 2020 Democratic primary field: Who is Pete Buttigieg? And what is he doing here?

Seemingly overnight, the once-obscure mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city was vaulted to national prominence, with his campaign coffers stuffed with big checks from billionaire benefactors.

The publication of a list of 218 endorsements from “foreign policy and national security professionals” by Buttigieg’s campaign deepened the mystery of the mayor’s rise.

Some observers have raised questions about Pete Buttigieg’s intimate relationship with the national security state after it was revealed that his campaign had paid nearly $600,000 for “security” to a Blackwater-style military contractor.

Buttigieg’s new roster of endorsements from former high-ranking CIA officials, regime-change architects, and global financiers should raise more questions about the real forces propelling his campaign.

Buttigieg has offered precious few details about his policy plans, and foreign policy is no exception. His campaign website dedicates just five sentences to international affairs, none of which offer any substantive details.

Beyond a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan as a Naval Reservist in 2010, the 37-year-old mayor has no first-hand foreign policy experience to speak of…read more

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  1. ___I believe we have to keep fighting to restore our Freedom of Speech & Guns to Protect USA & our families, from Israeli- “Antifa” When” before they manage to Colonize USA. We ued to be afraid KKK, now it is “Antifa”
    __When a reporter asked a woman Buttigieg Voter, if she knew that Buttigieg is an LGBT __ She said No, and then she looks around the room if there is anyone who could help her “Getting Back Her Vote”.
    __ Since 2016, The Fake News Media is not doing its job, which is to “Investigate each Candidate & Inform the Public”
    Elizabeth Warren Says Won’t Attend AIPAC Conference in Washington. it should be (ISRAELI-AMERICAN PAC)

  2. Buttigieg is a tool in the continuing slow overthrow of the US Constitutional government (quickly gaining momentum) begun in 1916 with the passage of the Federal Reserve act, followed by several other attacks on the Constitution such as: The non-declared Korean war, The non-declared wars against Grenada, Yugoslavia, Libya ad infinitum ad nauseum, The repeal of Glass Steagle, Citizens United, The 2000 election fiasco, The 2016 election fiasco, and now the 2020 ‘election’ fiasco in play. In Iowa, the media provided the smoke screen and disinformation/misdirection, to conceal the moves to put ‘their’ preferred manufactured puppet Buttigieg at the top of the fray. Buttigieg serves the purpose, supported by both Republicans and Democrats to head but Sanders out of the running. Being addicted to television most Americans don’t realize that they have totally internalized Edward Bernais’s strategy of emotional appeal. In N.H last night, the difference between Sanders and Buttigieg were abundantly apparent, with Sanders giving explicit answers, and Buttigieg simply working the audience by appealing to their emotions. The college crowd, and those whose questions got aired (at least 95% women), gave the night to Buttigieg. This has been a long way to simply say that Buttigieg is an opposite appearing cutout of D. Trump; same method different emotions.

  3. Based on this revelation, the question I would ask is, is this consortium of “spooks”(International Stability Operations Association) a branch of the Kosher Nostra, which is behind Trump, thereby potentially having both candidates in 2020 in their pocket, or, is this a competing crime cartel (not that one group of miscreants is better than another)? I will say, as far as criminal front men are concerned, Buttigieg represents a quantum advancement when it comes to overt buffoonery and sociopathy.

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