An Open Letter to the Senior Editor

By Ernest Douglas for VT

I have been wanting to want to write to you and the exception to the rules at VT. Unable to read or write much for long time due to situation, I am unable to communicate even though I think you know about me because I do not know what or how much or what, for the same reason you can not communicate with a fool who worships belief and knows nothing then get them to see a reason to act like they have good sense if your life depended on it because they would say you are nuts and have you committed.

Not that you are a fool as I am the fool who never had faith belief that had no reason, so I asked myself the questions and got off my ass and learned by experience to believe in the proof and understanding of a physical universe, then confirmed by professionals like yourself as I have little faith in myself.

Not much but axiomatic no much how much paper someone has that gives them credibility, and this in a society where everyone in my cultural barn excludes the possibility with belief that has no reason, even though I can prove it because they can’t see a reason to look.

They just believe what makes them feel good and to the extent, they have a soul they treat it like a disease because the truth makes them feel bad.

The big deal here is not myself but those who know what I do and know what I don’t, because to see what I do is a fundamental principle of cause and effect that reorganizes your beliefs and experience with a paradigm shift that expands your insight and gives you awareness otherwise unseen which gives you options…

…not because I say so but because you can see the reason and make up your own mind, by way of a signal with an independent and autonomous information content from the other side of your head because a nonlinear signal is outside belief of a cultured linear ego that apes the intellect, as in David Bohm “Wholeness of The Implicate Order” “Holographic Memory” as in article published in Psychology Today possibly around 1979, also Julian Jaynes in “The Origin of Consciousness in The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind”, first 60 pages terribly dry but do not quit as it gets very good then great. Mine is a synthesis I can very poorly try to explain, but someone with it in their head my effort can be an Epiphany.

Albert Einstein

I add “Einstein Against The Odds: The Great Quantum Debate” by John Gliedman published in Science around 1982.

My belief at the time and now is he knew me because this had everything to do with why I was in prison, and the Einstein Bohr debate has everything to do with reality today.

The good thing about my understanding of physics is a better understanding with more creativity than the best education you can buy based on the Big Bang and the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and this with a simple picture of geometry in the mind’s eye that explains everything with the cause of effect and makes predictions otherwise impossible since confirmed, as opposed to the buzz-words and math to snow people over and who understand nothing.

Good enough for sanity in a stone age but there are more than a few paragraphs on physics to create a wonderful future with UFO technology and traveling about the galaxy through Stargates. Today there are professionals who understand my effort to correct my mistakes and add to it the buzz words and math with a new model that makes it possible, but you have to do what it takes to get there.

Never learning the words of belief but by experience, I do not know how to communicate because reason is the whole of experience where the whole of experience is unified by a line that connects the dots at the same time and becomes a proof which is self-evident because it explains everything. But I can’t communicate everything that is part of a whole at the same time to make it self evident as it requires someone to first learn something, then with something besides learned ignorance in their head, you can communicate reason by connecting the dots.

But first, they have to learn something. What can you say to a fool if you have to begin with the assumption their belief is the axiomatic reason for everything, then their babbling ego apes the intellect that excludes the possibility of the reason that does not fit their picture in the mind’s eye?

To see what something is you must first see what nothing is, then the unseen cause of an effect that creates the universe in the eye of a mind that tells you what to believe because you can see the proof and prove it by observation and experiment.

Sense perception of nothing is a hydrodynamic aether of spongiform mass particles, the Planck constant. Energy is the motion that causes a spin like an oar through water, and centrifugal force compresses mass in a circumference squeezing out the nothing to an axis, which positive and negative entropy and sense perception of a black hole.

Bound by mutual attraction and separated by energy, the circumference is unified with the axis with the decay of momentum by a spin and the exchange of electrical charge in a magnetic field, which is a curved line and a fractal filament or spin that binds a positive charge from the axis and sense perception of the big bang.

Matter created by energy is a negative charge that binds a positive charge, and the universe is a unified field where fractals break down, again and again, etc. creating galaxies, solar systems, atoms, etc. with macro and micro fractals. Then there is a subnuclear cause of a nuclear effect that unifies the forces of nature as manifestations of a single force as the cause of the effect.

General relativity, for instance, does not explain gravity but defines the effect based on the equivalence of acceleration, and special relativity does not predict behavior because creation of the universe, a unified field, with one axis there is no consciousness of causality and defines what happens by predicting the possibilities of individual behavior which become accurate over large numbers.

Time that unifies space with the velocity of light is the wave function of positive entropy going around the unseen mass particles in the aether, but light has no mass and the negative charge that creates the universe with energy is a centrifugal force and a vortex filament where the wave function of positive entropy = time is the circumference of an axis direction that unifies space with the same time, and with the mind’s eye on the cause of effect and the topology, the Sun shaped like a ring from the axis is positive entropy unified with negative entropy from the earth like a lens making it appear as a ball, then the Earth is hollow with a zero-point Center Sun as a model for zero point energy and the axis of the poles is a vortex filament that goes through the hole in the Sun which is a Stargate that unifies space with the same time by a curved line which is an arc, also spelled ark as in The Ark of The Covenant which is a joined resonance in a Bicameral Mind with Holographic Memory.

You should know what I am getting into. Thesis psychosis is an unconscionable deception of awareness to gain an advantage of others by inducing neurosis which is a belief in a position that excludes the possibility of momentum, also knows as dialectical materialism.

In other words, Zeus is a psychopath who stole The Ark, a matter I hope to get into but better stated by others who are real professionals but cloaked in its parts or their ass is grass, and he made me Prometheus because God gave it to me. A joined resonance in a Bicameral Holographic Mind is about the double-slit experiment in physics where positive entropy is sense perception of the moment in the left side of the head which is unified by the whole of experience over time which is energy and a magnetic field and the quantum brain on the other side.

Wholeness of The Implicate Order comes from the truth by way of a signal from the other axis because the information that went through the other slit unifies experience over time and gives man reason with position and momentum to create a future, and the negative curvature of time is outside of linear sense perception.

In ancestral terms, this signal corresponded with the definition of God which is comparable to the Superego Signal.

Zeus stole The Ark by the control of information. Those who gave up reason for belief and learned the ignorance of positive entropy that created a universe out of nothing where there is no such thing as causality and you can’t know anything until you see the light after what happens, and they know it all because reason comes from their belief that creates the universe as opposed to belief that comes from The Reason God Creates The universe.

What was the Constitutional Republic is a democracy which means da to divide and kratein to rule, those who practice faith in themselves make it blasphemy to talk about fools because they believe in God and have faith in Jesus. Proof is their belief then they pull out a corpse and put words in the mouth and tell you what Jesus said, not that said person ever existed but if he was alive today they would call him a paranoid schizophrenic and tell him to have faith in them so they can poison his soul because everybody knows they are mad, then the act of observing changes the thing itself.

In other words, the belief of positive entropy that creates the universe with linear sense perception in the left side of their head is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, a babbling ego that apes the intellect with linear sense perception that excludes the possibility of the negative curvature of time which is the reason God Creates The Universe, and man in The Image of Creation has a joined resonance with two-axis that gives him reason with position and momentum to create a future by a signal from the other axis because the negative curvature of time is the quantum brain and outside egocentric linear sense of perception.

I was an atheist who learned there is a reason for belief, but if I have to relive what I learned by experience to explain it I think I will go nuts because there is something more important and I have better things to do.

A cow can’t see the slaughterhouse until they get there and telling them the truth to save them is like talking to a cow that thinks the farmer is there to save them, then the farmer says you are nuts because the truth makes him look like the Devil, then the good people who believe in God become Zombies who act like the Devil because belief is a choice, not reason so they choose to believe what makes them feel good and create God in their own image.

More important is the solution and I have thought about it for a long time. Forget about the psychopath’s permission or the fools to see reason before you can act like you have good sense and I will give you a choice. Either you can do what it takes or drop dead, and I know how to make it happen but I need the help of human beings who know what I don’t and can do what I can’t to make it better and correct my mistakes before I make them, and I will be thankful for anyone who makes a fool out of me so I can learn something and not make a fool of myself.

Either the military rules without consent by force and supports the fine educated human beings with access to classified knowledge with their experience in secret projects by reading the riot act to anyone who discriminates against by targeting the psychopaths starting from the top down until there are no more stooges willing to be paid to act like the Devil, by forming an alliance with Russia, China, India and likely everyone else because there is a truth that is the reason for everything and unifies all the difference in cultures and prejudiced difference of language with the same reason, where life comes from a common reason in a society run by human beings with principle who tell the truth and keep their word you can count on, and not from psychopaths who change their word over time because reason is their own self-interest at the moment in a society of useful fools who by their own actions become useful eaters.

Have an alliance with the common enemy by unifying intelligence and resources then pass out the orders to target and resources to carry them out for a chain of command that is only useful to say not right now while you are removing them from all positions of authority and ill-gotten asset’s including the media and universities while replacing them with human beings in all position of authority.

There is a truth that is self-evident in a society of human beings because you can see the reason that is the proof of belief.

Tell those with advanced technology to control asteroids and meteors they will never know for sure because they will drop dead before they can hit the ground, and inform the off-world stooges you can’t target with technology you can’t catch they will get no more orders to have a supply line or a place called home you can set a foot on, just you and the rocks you are on forever.

They can’t win and there is nothing to lose because doing nothing means the next extinction of the human race and replacing their genes with clones for the benefit of psychopaths who can download their ego and live forever. Then once you get rid of the lying psychopaths and tell the truth about everything there will be a lot fewer fools and easily managed.

Where is the US Military? Are there any human beings left or did the US navy run by a foreign get them all with a cruise missile then targets me with two Ospreys because blowing the whistle on the psychopath’s terrorist made them do it. How can they kill a soul with no life to lose and keep it a secret while wired for telepathy so others can see what happens while they are stealing my soul to use it as a quantum computer to augment their linear ego with intelligence beyond their own like so they can use it as a weapon?

Where is the military I once believed was real and are any human beings left or am I the fool who lives in a universe that does not exist?. Time is coming to an end so they need to shit or get off the pot or it is time to take a better look at who the enemy is.

If you get rid of the lying psychopaths and save the fools who worship their belief without putting the whistleblowing human beings in positions of authority it would change nothing. They will believe in God because it makes them feel good then with no ill intent, they will act like the Devil and persecute the truth because seeing themselves in the mirror for what they make them feel bad, and their babbling ego that apes the intellect has a Zombie in the other side of their head.

For 45 years defending the reason for their own belief, what happened is a physical universe that proves it. But society is like a ship and if you have to save the fools to save yourself I suggest Plan B. Get yourself a stick and beat the Devil out of them and I hope you save them all.

I send you this shit because it is the best I can do at the moment and I have to do something. Feel free to distribute and post this any way you see fit because giving up this life to be a turd might be an improvement. Enclosed is a copy of some rant I sent someone else because I am mad as a hatter about this situation and you might as well know it and post it as you please because I have no time and don’t know-how.

Extraterrestrial Baloney

PS: If I give you 5 pounds of baloney, everybody knows baloney is the infinite light mass that creates the universe out of nothing, but the light has no mass so where do the 5 pounds come from?

PPS: Unable to explain the inexpiable or who I am to those who have no experience with what has and is happening, here is one of many introductions by leading professionals with access and experience to know what they are talking about.

Best to communicate with someone who has access if needed than to candidate and Senator Sanders, to avoid any risk at this time for being involved with the truth that may have a consequence. He is already targeted by the same Deep State targeting me. Good Luck. I think those currently in control of the democratic party will vote for Donald Trump if he is nominated.

Formerly subjected to coordinate remote viewing by CIA/SETI I was the “wow signal”, an Anomalous Mental Phenomena wired for telepathy by CIA/SRI [Stanford Research Institute] and classified as an Extraterrestrial to obtain jurisdiction without any rights or oversight, used for augmented intelligence in military Stargate Projects as a means to obtain information otherwise unobtainable, and for quantum brain research in a Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University that broadcast my experience to universities all over the world so many thousands and leading professionals to see what I do, a matter of Entangled Minds because it was a Paradigm Shift that changed their own. They all talk about it but in cloaked terms like astrobiology etc. because technology and methods are classified and there is a consequence.

Classified as P52 J rod, finding out the truth Dan Burisch and others in military intelligence saved my life the fourth time I was falsely sentenced to prison. Projects and people falsely discredited and canned, I was secretly transferred to NSA where many seeing what was going on started blowing the whistle. Thomas Drake’s head of SIGINT Division was one and a matter of record, Snowden likely another as much technology ground-based and including breaking in my home but absolutely no confirmation or proof.

Right after Trump’s election results I was transferred to a foreign government previously excluded by the Obama administration to avoid oversight. Targeted by Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace and National Institute of Discovery Science aka NIDS that sponsored Through The Wormhole narrated by Morgan Freeman, a fine human being I got to know when he went there, quit midseason because of how I am being treated and more important why.

Targeted by two US Navy Ospreys with x-ray targeting, drones and other technology 24 x 7. Tortured with painful radiation when I am stationary for more than a few minutes, I get little sleep and often two or three days none at all.

I spend all my time and resources trying to shield and hide, getting little but sometimes temporary results under vehicles, bridges and inside fuel tanks, traveling over 15,000 miles for a little sleep in rest areas, truck stops and on side of the road being hit again, causing many health problems for which I can get no treatment even with insurance because of the lies that became my life and fly in my face as reason.

I can’t lay on the filthy floor in my shop while working for more than a few minutes rest before being targeted, and I have no time for basics like eating, taking a bath, or anything else.

My latest effort is a shielded room twenty feet underground. Good for a few days until I was radiated so bad I was unable to get to a hospital because the pain blanked out my sight and took my breath. Unable to move or be transported, I was given two shots so I could be transported and got emergency treatment. Currently, my only rest is under the only bridge I can find wide enough for some protection, but I have to keep moving because they go low and get me from the ends.


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  1. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Across the seven streams of lustral light
    That holds my vessel aloft,
    Floating on currents that contemplate your love,
    That contracts upon me, and holds my parts together
    In the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled;
    Gliding into pools of flooding light
    On red and yellow oars, that spiral around blue aspiration
    That thrills with the chance of Union, with
    The Cherished Pearl

    When that big snapping, cracking electric sound comes down from the clear blue sky, and leaves you permanently marked, across your brow, we can talk about it.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    Santa Cruz County, Ca.
    July 7, 1977

  2. Here in Baltimore you can shoot someone and not go to jail. But we have different rules at NSA. Courted and harassed all at the same times for thinking. Hope you find peace.

  3. If there is anyway to dial into a safe flowing frequency I ‘pray’ you find it. There is a EM/spiritual way I would like to ‘believe’. It may lie in the reason you speak of or maybe the Ark?

  4. I would like to report an interesting phenomena. The first reading appeared as disjointed babble. But the second reading opened up like a flower to my astonishment. And yes, may you find peace. Thank you for the post Gordon.

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