Trump’s ‘Teenie Weenie-itis’ Explains It All

Explosive report says Trump's birth records were changed from FEMALE to MALE.


An explosive report says that Trump’s birth records were changed from FEMALE to MALE, more of Trump’s dad bribing doctors like was done when Trump evaded Vietnam with a “bone spur.”  This is the real reason Trump was kept out of the military.

He has hypospadias (diminutive penis), which results in narcissistic toxic megalomania, enlarged female buttocks and an old woman’s face.

Patients with hypospadias were more likely to be diagnosed with intellectual disability (OR 3.2; 95% CI 2.8-3.8), ASD (1.4; 1.2-1.7), ADHD (1.5; 1.3-1.9), and behavioral/emotional disorders (1.4; 1.2-1.6) compared with the controls. 

Studies of hypospadias reveal inconsistent and mixed findings. Berg, Svensson, and Astrom (1981) noted that adults with hypospadias who had undergone surgeries have ambiguous or uncertain gender identities and experience difficulties identifying their gender role behaviors compared with the post appendectomy surgery control group.

In one study, the parents of the boys with hypospadias reported that their boys engaged in more feminine behaviors than the parents of the control group did (Sandberg, Meyer-Bahlberg, Aranoff, Sconzo, & Hensle, 1989).

However, a follow-up conducted 6 years later showed that these boys endorsed in more masculine behaviors than the control group (Sandberg et al., 1995). In another study of boys with hypospadias, no difference was found in their gender role behaviors, the first sexual experiences and sexual attitudes (Schönbucher, Landolt, Gobet, & Weber, 2008) compared with the control.

Granny napping

This is what Stormy Daniels has on Trump when she says he has a “deformed penis.”

Then we have Trump on guns, his plan to disarm America to soften it up for Kosher Nostra ethnic cleansing of “dumb white people.”


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  1. I don’t believe the hypospadiasis signifies jack diddly (sic). i get the very strong impression that the differences between men and women are far, far greater in the ways they think – what I would call, ‘their psychological, gender-inheritance’, or their ‘inherited, behavioural inheritance’ – than even their physiological differences could be.

    So, I think Trump is an oaf, and that is a quintessentially-male characteristic. It’s not put on : it’s who he really is. I remember that in the army, the more childish our jokes, the more we seemed to appreciate them. And it wasn’t feigned. ‘Not three bad’, was one. Another was, instead of ‘just turned seven’, ‘just turned septic’, another : ‘What day of the week is it ?’ Tuesday. All day.’

    Women are just too sensible for that kind of humour – likewise locker-room type of humour. And above all, banter. I had a dentist female friend whose mother had been a teacher, and whose widowed father, I think a retired foreman who’d worked on the Forth Bridge. Anyway, she once complained to me about him getting her to cook the meals. Something like that. So, I made a lightly mocking joke about her and her plight, but instead of understanding it as a bit of banter, she just thought I was being ‘catty’! Ironically (not to say, ‘satirically’), banter is the way males express affection, especially in a group.

    • I should add that women do have a fantastic sense of humour, as regards anarchic behaviour ; I suspect because they’ve been on the receiving end of the world’s basic cruelty, and are instinctively aware that our world is upside down.

      It was made so that rich and powerful worldlings rule the roost, but it is the downtrodden masses who have the heart to make a different better world. And the way things are going, it looks as though a radical correction under God’s aegis might happen soon.

  2. Google search “Dolores Leis Antelo”,…WOMAN WHO LOOKS LIKE TRUMP GOES VIRAL IN SPAIN” There are many women in this world who look very much like Trump and in fact, not many men. Their attention to their hair , rather than simply rolling with the balding like most men in washington is just one more deviation from the norm. Thinning not balding happens to women.

  3. READS: Avro Manhattan, 1977, ‘The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance’—- The Congressional Quarterly, 1917, Honorable Representative Oscar Calloway, 1914-1917, The first detailed description, including CFR documents, of The Council on Foreign Relations as the British Empire Press Union American franchise. The stated objective was to buy up all influential U.S. news media and thus control American public debate and therefore their minds. Today they control all national syndicated news broadcasts, and are not, by SCOTUS decision, restricted to telling the truth as news. President Trump may have suffered overwhelming abuse as you infer. I think he wants a higher quality of life. He found the worst situation in America to be distant from evil people and find some loyalty. The past 10 presidents, except for maybe President Carter, have all been baby rapers and therefore secretive and dishonest. I have yet to notice a marketable skill among any of them. Maybe President Carter can/could pound nails.

  4. Bit like the BBC, sponsoring Jimmy Saville, the Whole of British Aristocracy supporting him because J Saville supplied the Y died having simple surgery after making the announcement that Michelle Obamaoung girls, then there was Ted Heath, who had rent boys, protected by Interpol to Keep Britain In the EU
    Not a shot fired to Capture the UK, so well turn a blind eye to Ted Heaths perversions, wonder what really happened to tat Morning Cloud yacht that was cut in half, probably to get rid of the crew,
    Joan Rivers the Comediean that Michelle Obama was in fact MICHAEL.Children? they can be bought !!
    It seems that ALL MORALITY has gone from Western Governments and the public just kept dumbed down and burdened with mindless debt, so as VT wrote, a Civil war might just break out unless quickly they get their house in order, wheres John Wayne when you need him or K Costner, both could do a better job than this Businessman

    • Nixon was hired thru a classified placed by prescott bush sr asking for somebody willing to do anything for power. He was a pedo. Gerald Ford was a pedophile caught pimping out his children. Blackmailable. Nelson Rockefeller, satanist child rapist and murderer. Reagan was at Bohemian grove. George hw bush satanic child rapist and baby eater. Clintons too. Wakey wakey. Drumpf too.