[ Editor’s note: The incredible irony here is that independent journalism has taken the place of these former Hollywood blacklisted people. But it is actually worse now. While the Hollywood version of censorship in the entertainment-cultural field was bad, it never rose to the level of a Constitutional right to a free press and free speech.

Our weak response might have played a role in Congress feeling it could, at Israel’s request, remove our freedom of free speech rights in regards to not only Israeli political issues but its factual history, which is now illegal in a number of states. You just can’t make this stuff up.

In case anyone missed it, your free press is under a full spectrum assault by taxpayer-funded government entities who have simply decided that a completely controlled press serves their interest better.

We did not see early on in the game the role that social media would play in all this, the “startups” that flowered with instant capital for business models producing no advertising income, and hence not encouraging competitors until they were strongly in a top market share position, and capital wise to buy up all those that came in later.

We also did not see what all the user profiling was about, even with Facebook’s likes, and building “friends” lists, so “influencers” could be profiled. Only later, when a Google exec made a big goof in a speech, being a bit too full of himself bragged, “We are soon going to know what you are going to do before you do,” just beaming with pride looking out over the vast plantation of sheepeople.

That hit us at VT like a silver bullet between the eyes. It was an “Oh my god” moment. We saw instantly the connection with AI coming on.

Once it would max out its value in analyzing past events to find missing gems to benefit humanity, and then things like contemporary medical and science research, its growth and value would flatline.

But everyone can see now in hindsight that the predictive modeling AI value was limited based on past events. So the challenge was, how does a supercomputer get real-time fresh data to crunch more accurately what we are going to do, as in voting? And then adding that to our past profile to know how to “steer” us to vote a certain way?

And the answer to that was adding in all the real-time monitoring we allow in, using the free online services by our agreeing to be monitored for advertising and other internal efficiency goals “to provide us a better service”.

Baloney! They provided a better service to themselves and all the waiting governments and Intel services, including our dear friends in Israel. That was a humbling day for us, but better late than never.

We all need to be wary and wiser in the future about assisting in our online profiling. I doubt it will be put to good use, as they claimJim W. Dean ]

Leftist Neo-McCarthyite Witchhunters Hypocritically Mourn the Death of Kirk Douglas

by Matthew Ehret,  VT Canada – First published February 09, 2020, Strategic Culture Foundation

Hollywood film legend Kirk Douglas’ passing on February 5th at the age of 103 has resulted in a sickening level of hypocrisy from the leftist mainstream media outlets.

These outlets have written countless homages and memorials honoring the life of the man who “used his star power and influence in the late 1950s to help break the Hollywood blacklist” as CNN reported on February 6. Similar eulogies have followed this line from MSNBC, the NY Times, Washington Post, as well as many Hollywood celebrities.

What makes this so sickening is not that these memorials are untrue, but rather that it is these same MSM/Hollywood forces that are the heirs to the fascist McCarthyite machine which Kirk Douglas and his close network of collaborators fought so courageously against during their lives.

Hollywood and the CIA Today

In recent decades, barring a few exceptions, Hollywood (just like much of the mainstream media) has become a branch of the CIA and the broader military-industrial complex. While fake news agencies as CNN spin false facts to the intellects of mushy-minded Americans, Hollywood prepares the fertile soil for those false seeds to grow by shaping the hearts and imagination in their victims through the important hypnotic power of storytelling.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, Red Sparrow and Bitter Harvest are just a few of the most popular propaganda films which portray Russians as the nefarious villains of the earth and heroically elevate the CIA to patriotic heights.

Hacked emails from Sony pictures published on WikiLeaks provided a smoking gun when it was revealed that the Obama administration had courted Hollywood execs to the task of promoting films to “counter Russian narratives” and all of this in the midst of a renewed Cold War terror which has led to attacks on Chinese scholars in America and an attempted coup against a sitting U.S. President.

YET, just as Hollywood can serve as a force of great evil, Kirk Douglas and his small network of collaborators demonstrated that it could equally serve as a force of great good.

This is because films exhibiting a spirit of honesty and courage can bypass the gatekeepers of intellect and strike at the inner being of the audience rendering a people, under certain circumstances better patriots of their nation and citizens of the world.

This brings us to the important question of “what truly made Kirk Douglas and his small but influential network of collaborators so important during such a dark period of World history during the peak of the Cold War?”

Ending the Blacklist: Douglas and Trumbo

The above quote from a CNN memorial cited Douglas’s efforts to end the Hollywood Blacklist. For those who are not aware, the blacklist was the name given to the “untouchables” of Hollywood.

Those writers, directors, and producers who courageously refused to cooperate with the fascist hearings of the House on Un-American Activities run under the dictatorial leadership of Senator Joseph McCarthy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

By the end of the hearings, hundreds of careers were destroyed and examples were made often leading writers led by the great Dalton Trumbo- who were not only given prison sentences for defending the US Constitution but who became un-hirable for years after their release. Not only this but anyone caught employing them was threatened with similar penalties.

In spite of that grim reality, many of them continued to work under pseudonyms with Trumbo even winning two uncredited academy awards during the 1950s (Roman Holiday and The Brave One).

During this dark period, a network of brave filmmakers formed who worked very closely together for 20 years which centered around Trumbo, Kirk Douglas, David Miller, John Frankenheimer, Stanley Kramer, Burt Lancaster and producer Edward Lewis.

Many of the films produced by these men not only carried stories that shook the foundations of the newly reorganized deep state, but also strove to awaken the moral sensibilities of Americans whose complacency had permitted the creation of a new Pax Americana abroad, and racist police state within.

Kirk Douglas responded to this early on by forming his own studio called Bryna Productions which created the anti-war classic Paths of Glory (1957) and Spartacus (1960).

Paths of Glory told the true story of the unjust execution of several French soldiers who refused to obey a suicide mission during WW1 and provided a strong statement against irrational wars but also arbitrary political power run amok.

Set in 72 BC, Spartacus told the true story of a Thracian slave who led a two-year freedom struggle against Rome and spoke directly to the civil rights movement in America and fights against imperialism more broadly.

What gave Spartacus its strategic potency to end the Blacklist was due to the fact that it was written by the leading untouchable “commie-lover” of America… Dalton Trumbo.

Kirk Douglas’ last-minute decision to use Trumbo’s real name was more of a risk than most people realize, and in later years, Douglas described this period:

“The choices were hard. The consequences were painful and very real. During the blacklist, I had friends who went into exile when no one would hire them; actors who committed suicide in despair … I was threatened that using a Blacklisted writer for Spartacus — my friend Dalton Trumbo — would mark me as a ‘Commie-lover’ and end my career. There are times when one has to stand up for principle. I am so proud of my fellow actors who use their public influence to speak out against injustice. At 98 years old, I have learned one lesson from history: It very often repeats itself. I hope that Trumbo, a fine film, will remind all of us that the Blacklist was a terrible time in our country, but that we must learn from it so that it will never happen again.”

When the newly-elected president John Kennedy and his brother Robert crossed anti-Communist picket lines to first attend the film and then endorsed it loudly, the foundations of the Blacklist were destroyed and the edifice of 15 years of terror came crashing down.

Kennedy’s Murder and Trumbo’s Revenge

Kennedy’s death in 1963 sent America into a spiral of despair, drugs, and insanity. Films like Frankenheimer’s Manchurian Candidate (1962), and 7 Days in May (1964) attempted to shed light on the deep state takeover of America but it was too late.

During the 1960s, Douglas, Ed Lewis, Trumbo, and Frankenheimer continued to work closely together on films like Lonely are the Brave, Town without Pity, the Fixer, Last Sunset, Seconds, The Train, Devil’s Disciple, Johny Got His Gun, the Horsemen and more. Sadly, the cultural rot had set in too deeply and nothing came as close to the artistry of the dense 1957-1964 period of creative resistance.

One little known film stands out quite a bit, however, and since so little is known of this small masterpiece, a word must be said now.

Ten years after Kennedy’s murder, Trumbo, Edward Lewis, David Miller, Mark Lane, and Garry Horrowitz created a film which could be called “Trumbo’s last stand”. This film was called Executive Action (1973) and starred Kirk Douglas’ long-time collaborator Burt Lancaster as a leading coordinator of the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Edward Lewis, who had also produced Spartacus with Douglas earlier, spearheaded this film which tells the story of a cabal of oligarchs who arrange the murder of John Kennedy using three teams of professional mercenaries (former CIA men fired after the Bay of Pigs fiasco).

This incredibly well-researched storyline infused fiction with powerful facts and was based upon the work of Mark Lane- a close friend of the Kennedys, NY State Attorney, and civil rights activist (the only legislator to be arrested as a Freedom rider fighting segregation).

During a powerful dialogue between James Farrington (Lancaster) and the leader of the cabal Robert Foster (played by Robert Ryan), the gauntlet is dropped, as the true reason is given for Kennedy’s murder in chilling detail: Global Depopulation.

Here Farrington is told by Foster:

“The real problem is this James. In two decades there will be seven billion human beings on this planet. Most of them brown, yellow or black. All of them hungry. All of them determined to love. They’ll swarm out of their breeding grounds into Europe and North America… Hence, Vietnam. An all-out effort there will give us control of South Asia for decades to come. And with proper planning, we can reduce the population to 550 million by the end of the century. I know… I’ve seen the data.”

James: “We sound rather like Gods reading the Doomsday book don’t we?”

Foster: “Well, someone has to do it. Not only will the nations affected be better off. But the techniques developed there can be used to reduce our own excess population: Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, poverty prone whites, and so forth”.

Although the film was pulled from most American theaters, it still stands as one of the most direct and chilling refutations of the lone-gunman narrative and is also the only film this author is aware of which showcases the deeper neo-Malthusian agenda underlying the murder of Kennedy which feared the optimistic vision he had threatened to create as outlined in my previous paper “Remembering JFK’s Vision for the Future that Should Have Been”.

The oligarchs attempting to play God in today’s world, just as their predecessors who oversaw JFK’s murder know that hunger, war, and disease are not the natural state of humanity, but simply means of checking population growth.

It is worth keeping in mind that those same media and Hollywood outlets mourning Douglas’ passing are the perpetrators of this Malthusian legacy, and are deathly afraid of a renewal of JFK’s legacy under a revived space program to establish permanent human colonies on the Moon and Mars as well as establish cooperative relations with Russia and China which provides humanity its last, best chance to end the oligarchy’s pandemic of wars, disease, and hunger forever.

About Author:  Matthew Ehret is the founder of the Canadian Patriot Review, author of the Untold History of Canada and BRI expert on Tactical Talk. His articles appear regularly on Zero Hedge, Strategic Culture, Sott, the Duran, Veteran’s Today and Fort Russ. He can be reached at [email protected]


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  1. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
    “In April 1948 the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) sent to the floor for a vote a bill coauthored by Nixon and Rep. Karl Mundt that sought to proscribe many activities of the Communist Party though not to outlaw it altogether; the bill was passed by the House but failed in the Senate. Claiming that the need for legislation “to control Communist activities” was unquestionable, the bill asserted in part:
    “Ten years of investigation by the Committee on Un-American Activities and by its predecessors have established: (1) that the Communist(Zionist)movement in the United States is foreign-controlled; (2) that its ultimate objective with respect to the United States is to overthrow our free American institutions in favor of a Communist(Zionist) totalitarian dictatorship to be controlled from abroad; (3) that its activities are carried on by secret and conspiratorial methods; and (4) that its activities, both because of the alarming march of Communist(Zionist) forces abroad and because of the scope and nature of Communist(Zionist) activities here in the United States, constitute an immediate and powerful threat to the security of the United States and to the American way of life.””

    Just replace the word Communist with Zionist in four places and you have a perfect description of the jam America is in some 70 years later only thousands or millions of times worse! Israel controlled!

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