Recently, some 9-11 researchers have questioned VT’s work on the subject, therefore I felt a retort was apropos.

The 9-11 material VT has published is only 1% of the hands-on inquiries we have run including bin Laden involvement, where Gordon Duff met with current and former ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency) directors (one was a VT editor of course) and was given access to all of Pakistan’s records, with Gordon’s long-time friend Adm. Sirohey (former CJCOS) at his side.

One of the interesting side stories is AEG Kroll (longtime CIA front), reputedly the company that handled the financing for 9/11. Their CFO was the 38-year-old brother of the head of Britain’s foreign intelligence service at the time and was murdered after 9/11 in Portugal. That investigation had to be private, run by Adamas with Gordon Duff as team leader…

VT Editor Jeff Smith was actually there at ground zero within days of the destruction as part of the IAEA investigation, he knows more about 9-11 than you could ever hope to. The parts we have published at VT are just a fraction; what we can get away with publishing without endangering ourselves and our sources, of which Jeff is just one, a whole host of patriotic insiders within the IAEA, Sandia Labs and other major bodies that were directly involved contributed to the information we were able to publish.

This is how the real world works – names are changed to protect people, sources have to be protected, patriots give up immensely valuable gems of information because we can be trusted to publish it and use it to the fullest effect against the perpetrators of the attack on the US. You will never have every ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed, there will always be holes, this is where the skills of intelligence analysis come into play and we are the best analysts working outside the closed spook world; sometimes better than the spooks.

How 9-11 was carried out is old hat, we have everything we need to know, we have a clear picture. However, we have long ago moved on from the mechanics and physics to the important parts – who did it and what were their intended goals?

An analogy to the JFK case is apt – only pedantic, waste of space type people anguished for decades over how it was done, the serious people moved past who pulled the trigger onto who controlled the operation that put JFK in the firing line; Jim Garrison was at the head of the pack in this regard.

The same people that killed JFK also blew up the WTC, think about that and the implications it has for the last 60 years.

All you need to know about the death of JFK is that he was placed in front of the muzzles of several assassins then shot to pieces; the calibers of their weapons, their actual sniper nest locations, and their identities are irrelevant.

All you need to know about the WTC on 9-11 is that no planes hit anything and the complex was destroyed by nuclear weapons; the exact type of the mini-nukes, their actual locations in vans parked below freon tanks and scattered throughout the core in fire extinguishers in irrelevant.

VT is in the business of dealing with the big issues, what we are decidedly not in the business of is the kinds of pedantic, irrelevant dotting I’s and crossing t’s that so many who interposed themselves into the murky world of ‘9-11 research’ concern themselves with. Such people are rank amateurs and an obsessive interest in bogging people down in such pedantic minutiae is a clear indicator of the influence of the controlled opposition operators who swim through the so-called ‘research community’ like sharks in a tank.

I’ll sum it up:

Israeli operators parked vans containing mini-nukes in the WTC basement parking garages, other Israeli teams posing as legitimate security and maintenance staff placed further mini-nukes disguised as fire extinguishers in key locations within the towers in the days before 9-11. Yet more Israeli teams with vans laden with exploding goodies were apprehended by NYPD on the morning of 9-11 itself, hence major infrastructure like the George Washington Bridge and the Holland Tunnel survive to this day.

The operation was only able to be carried out because Israeli assets within the US allowed it to happen – the FBI had active surveillance of the Israeli-Saudi group in NJ that carried out the operation; without high-level interference, the whole operation could have easily been prevented by the FBI & NYPD simply being allowed to do their jobs properly.

The Saudi role was primarily financing and creation of the cover story involving the Bin Ladens and other Saudi assets such as the Atta operation.

The Pentagon part of 9-11 was a separate event, timed to coincide with the Israeli operation in NYC but distinct from it and run by the same high-level US assets that enabled the Israeli teams to operate in NYC. It was an incredibly cynical elimination of the Pentagon accounting staff that would have been able to investigate the fate of the missing 2.3 trillion dollars admitted by Rumsfeld just the day before.

General Myer, just appointed CJCOS, was key. He called the meeting of the audit staff then didn’t show up. One VT editor missed being killed by seconds. Of course, VT personnel know Myer and his family, saw the money laundered through his daughter and son-in-law then watched the son-in-law run the prosecution of former UN Ambassador Mark Siljander (VT editor) for debunking intel from SITE on Iraqi weapons.

Siljader served 2 years for this, with his defense team run by Ed Meese (former AG), Jim Baker (former Sec of State) and Gordon Duff. Two former Deputy Directors of the FBI helped both Adamas personnel.

It was a blatantly simple operation:

1. Announce 2.3 trillion missing from Pentagon accounts in order to trigger an immediate forensic financial investigation.

2. The entire Pentagon financial staff assembles in the accounting office the morning after the announcement to attend an emergency meeting called as a direct result of that announcement.

3. Kill absolutely every last matercopulator in the room so that no investigation of where the missing 2.3 trillion went is ever able to take place. It’s a big office, there are scores of people who need to die and the building is armored against bomb attack. A nuclear-tipped cruise missile will do the job.

4. Scatter some old aircraft wreckage on the lawn outside, cut down a few light poles nearby and have your CIA assets in the media say a plane flew into the Pentagon.

5. Seize all video footage from the 80+ security cameras that recorded a cruise missile strike and only release a handful of frames 20 years later.

6. Getaway with it because everyone is too busy watching the WTC turn into a giant pyroclastic roman candle to notice your blatant assassination job down in DC. Blame it on the same ‘mad Arabs with boxcutters’ and retire to a life of luxury safe in the knowledge you killed two birds with one stone on 9-11 – serving the interests of your Israeli masters while also covering your own asses over the wholesale milking of the US defense budget to the tune of trillions.

If you aren’t interested in this kind of ‘big picture’ analysis and instead want to argue about the physics of some irrelevant aspect of the Israeli operation in NYC then you are simply an amateur wasting your own time and VT isn’t going to fall into the trap of wasting our own time dealing with you.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Gordon can explain exactly why, but Obama was born a US citizen, if he had been born in Africa, the Africans would have shouted it from the rooftops as one of their own just became the most powerful man in the world. But no, not a peep, because he wasn’t born in Africa.

  2. An excellent appraisal. We live in a wicked old world with many layers of evil.
    As an aside, so glad that you are still writing. You have a big heart and we need your input and insight!

  3. How does the engineering, architectural and building community in the USA deal with the nonsensical fire caused the collapse of those buildings? What the hell do they teach aspiring engineers and architects? As a builder myself, I’m yet to meet an architect or engineer who believes fire was the cause of structural collapse.

    • Brainwashing. I had a very experienced building inspector call me all kinds of nasty names and state ‘there is no doubt in my mind that fire caused the collapse of those towers’. He just couln’t bring himself to accept ‘they’ would lie about such a thing.

  4. We do not know Barbara Honneger. Without sources, all is op-ed.

    Op-ed is blogging. Blogging is silliness.

  5. I was struck by how often in ” The Curve of Binding Energy” (read at VT’s suggestion) taking down the then-new world trade center was used as an example of the destruction that might be achieved with various stolen nuclear materials…this project was clearly long in planning.
    i engage people whenever possible on 911, starting the conversation with: so – who do you think blew up the towers ? or simply DUST ! (and those persistent hot spots) Initially i got the knee-jerk – you’re with the terrorists ! or similar; these days it’s more yeah, ok, but whaddya gonna do ? I do agree with the gov’t on one point: it was definitely a terrorist operation.
    Which brings me to this sad observation: they got away with it. There has apparently been no retribution by such patriots as still remain in the military and intelligence services, those with the knowledge and the means to make an example of at least a few definitely known culprits – let all know that there will be consequences for doing things like this. I say apparently because i can’t know what may have been done out of public eye…

  6. Ian,

    I thought I’d read every VT article on 9/11, then this caught my eye:

    “All you need to know about the WTC on 9-11 is that no planes hit anything”

    Did I miss something on this site or elsewhere? If planes didn’t hit the WTC buildings, what did? And again, my apologies if you or someone else on this site has already laid all that out previously.


    • That is a ridiculous statement. Of COURSE planes hit the Towers. But were they the ‘hijacked’ planes? Boeing aircraft have been fitted with anti hijack gear for years. This enables a ground based remote takeover of the plane’s controls. That’s how four airliners from three Airports were hijacked within 15 minutes of each other. Arabs had nothing to do with it.
      Here we have insiders doing and penultimate ‘inside job’. The planes were the diverted to a military airport while substitute 737 unmarked (IMHOP) laden with explosives were remotely piloted to homing devices in the Towers. I say 737 because there were pics of one engine in the street after the second plane hit the building. The 737 engine is smaller, about 6 to 7 feet long while the 757/767 engines are the size of a small truck.

  7. The real fight now is with the Southern District of NY Judicial Courts. That Grand Jury for the Re-Investigation is at – exactly what level ? Looks like the Zionists are winning – if we see No indictments by now.

    • Gary, a grand jury was seated in houston in 2001 and has collected all evidence and silenced all witnesses. From what we understand, the gag orders ran out about 18 months go. We are also told that every potential witness, police, medical, IAEA, FBI etc. has been silenced through fear or renewed jobs with security clearances after they were financially destroyed.

      We know of many cases of this. Look up Mike Dick. Look hard. Go from top 9/11 investigator for the FBI to Uber driver.

  8. Getting Americans to understand nukes on 911, is a bit like getting Aussies interested in the mini nuke on Bali which changed the minds of Australia supporting the invasion of Iraq, pathetic zombies wearing singlets, shorts and flip flops.
    The IRA placed massive car bombs in the streets of London, after the explosions only a smudge on the ground, but after Ambrosie’s first little bomb went of, came a 2nd massive explosion, leaving a huge swimming pool hole in the ground, stripping concrete off rebar in buildings etc, TV sets exploding, bright white light too, and FBI there within 12 hours,

    • My Niece’s first real job as a medical doctor was in Darwin, she treated many of Bali’s injured there. Was very suspicious of the strange burns she saw. I recall reading the Nuke left a signature leading to Israel and thinking what the hell would the Israelis be doing in Bali? A little wiser these days.

  9. VT posted the following discussion with Professor Chris Buzby which subsequently got deleted…

    “Dr. Busby: Right. Well, from what I just said, from what Emilio Della Guidice told me, this weapon is deuterium dissolved in uranium. OK. Now if that’s the case, you’re not going to get a hundred percent fusion. I mean I’d be surprised if you got more than five percent fusion. And it could well be that you could regulate the level of fusion by regulating the gamma radioactivity of the uranium. So if you put more U235 into the mix, you might be able to increase the electron density and therefore, because of the ionization of the U235 is much more radioactive than U238, and then you might be able to regulate the percentage of the material that went to cold fusion. But I would be extremely surprised if the percentage of fusion was very high at all.

    Jim Fetzer: It does indeed and I just want to clear, Chris, about the ingredients. You have the deuterium that is a solution of uranium, or depleted uranium, powder that is diluted with deuterium, and then all you have to do is project it or impose some pressure upon it to cause it to…

    Dr. Busby: That’s right. That’s how it works.”


  10. The US Supreme Court reversed the Tenth Circuit in Wilke v. Robbins when even the Tenth Circuit came to the conclusion that federal government agents were breaking the law and could be held accountable under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The high court determined that if the federal government was benefiting from the unlawful taking of property, the agents could not be sued. As an American citizen, every time my frights are violated, it is for private profit. Even though it is usually done by government employees who by even official policy are usually mere free workers for the private interests profiting. 9/11 seems the same.

    The JFK assassination and 9/11 helped to protect the vast consolidation of wealth which now requires the end of the First and Second Amendments. I had the misfortune of being the first in a US Appeals Court challenging the use of the USA Patriot Act, created before 9/11 to protect the future misuse of all financial controls. No one wants the dots connected.

  11. Thanks, Ian. Spot on. If the Israelis were being surveyed before 9/11, how much more have they been under the microscope after 9/11? What do we know about their Samson option (nukes in US cities) & are we diffusing it? Given the backdrop of the USS Liberty & 9/11, how has our ME foreign policy changed as Trump is Bibi’s best friend? Another element to perhaps consider about 9/11 is that the WTC was condemned to be demolished due to its asbestos content. Lucky Larry changed his WTC insurance policy shortly before the attacks to receive double indemnity in case of a terrorist attack. Here is a 90 sec clip of Larry gloating over how he eventually got the money:

  12. Try to tell me that Putin and the relevant Russian intelligence agencies didn’t know about the nukes, no planes and Israeli involvement, I won’t believe you. They knew and have for all these years been protecting the Israelis. Worse Putin pretended to buy into the whole Bush ‘war on terror’ crap that blamed the Arabs for 9-11, helping to mask the terrible truth: Israel did 9-11. While for all these years Putin has bee covering up for Israel, Israel and its Zio proxies in the US have been plotting the destruction of Ruissa. How’s that for irony, for gratitude?

    • Yeah, hard to disagree with you.Putin also took advantage of the declaration of ‘The War On Terror’ to settle the score with the Chechens for the humiliating defeat they inflicted on Russia a few years earlier. The Second Chechen War killed two birds with one stone for Putin – it allowed him to appear to be a faithful ally in the War On Terror as well as letting him settle the score from the First Chechen War. This was right at the beginning of his presidency and did much to boost his image and standing both domestically and abroad.

  13. Thanks for posting this Ian. For a while I was losing faith in VT but I have to admit that your research on 9/11 stands head and shoulders above anything else out there with the exception of Heinz Pommer who came basically to same conclusion independently.

    Of course Heinz wouldn’t know as much about the gory details in what led to the event.

  14. As a trained structural engineer, I never believed the official narrative, the blatant lies of FEMA and NIST, but chose not to make any statement without objective analysis. In May 2009, I attended Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth DVD premier, in Austin with Alex Jones and Richard Gage. Controlled demolition, definitely > thermite, impossible.
    After reviewing a dozen VT articles I did video interview with Dr James Fetzer. I wrote a memo to PDJT for Robert David Steele, and then two for VT.

    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes”

    “Exposing NIST Jenga Game”

    Independent, objective analysis of evidence supports Veterans Today.

    • I’m no engineer, it took me a few years to figure it out, the penny dropped for me when I realised just how much energy was required to dustify two thirds of a million tonnes of concrete and steel and spread it out over Manhattan as a cloud. The confirming fact for me was the trial in NYC that brought to light the transcripts of the radio comms from the fire captain who went into the south tower. He wet right up to the floors the plane supposedly hit and reported that there were three small pockets of fire and if they could get two hose lines to him, he could put them out. Within a few minutes, the south tower turned to dust, which could not have been anything to do with the three small pockets of fire the captain reported.

    • Actually it dawned on me when I saw images of the evident Cherenkov effect after much of the rubble was cleared and the rains came. What they were calling “memorial lights”. My immediate thought was “nukes” which would explain how the Towers were so effectively taken down.

      Sometime later I looked into the WTC bombing of ’92. Unlike the Oklahoma City bombing I had pretty much accepted the propaganda that it was truck bomb. Maybe not a “blasting agent” like AnFo but possibly C-4 or some other high explosive but then I read the damage reports about how “the bomb” created an oval crater about the size of a football field and taking out six levels of the garage which would have been impossible for any conventional explosive to do. Again I thought “nuke”. Again another interesting aspect of all three that links them all together is that actual journalists found Mossad behind all three.

    • Makes you wonder if the 92 bombing was intended to bring the tower down but they miscalculated just how much energy was needed to bring down those very overbuilt structures.

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