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A Syrian civilian from Kherbet Ammo in al-Qamishli brought down the US flag from a US Armored Personnel Carrier and had this chat with the US soldiers.

Afterward, when the US patrol threatened that they will pass by force, a group of local citizens opened machine-gun fire against the US patrol.

When the US soldiers opened fire against the Syrian citizens, the SAA’s checkpoint members deployed defensively and opened fire to cover the civilians in the area.

The Syrian military has specific orders in the region, generally the US and Syrian military avoid any escalation to the point of gunfire, although in several occasions events almost led to a confrontation. Russian MP is usually notified and act as a buffer and deescalate the situation.

Syrian Arab Army on Facebook

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  1. It goes without saying that the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the middle east is doing no good. It is simply creating more friction and hostility between the people and military. America needs to remove all its troops from the region and leave these people alone. The problem is Washington, which never leaves anyone alone. Not even the American people.
    The cost of maintaining these bases along with unwanted and illegal occupation of these sovereign states is proving to not only cause great harm to those people but continues to drag America further down into the abyss.
    Only a few people are benefiting from it. No one should send their children off to a useless war nor illegally occupy a foreign nation.

    • First of all, we have to dissuade young people from enlisting in the military. Then we have to stop buying any products produced by contractors involved.
      Then we have to refuse to pay taxes. Americans have to stop obeying. They also have to stop thanking the troops for their “service”.
      Stop re-electing these fools.
      Those in the evangelical movement need to be ridiculed for their support of Israel.
      Oh yes and start taxing churches.

  2. US soldiers in Syria are protecting US national security, the american way of life and represent freedom on behalf of the Free Western World. In short, they are there because of the large scale of brainwashed mythomaniacs spreading neoroman mythology. And they engage also as Wehrmacht agents and Bambi molesters at will.

  3. The ABC Evening News showed this footage tonight with a fanciful tale presented and narrated by a BBC reporter that this was “nearly a direct confrontation” between US forces and Russian troops.

    No notice was taken of the actual facts, that the US is in Syria illegally, or that the Russians are there at the invitation of the legal elected government.