In November 2012, President Barak Obama apologized for not being able to overcome a GOP congressional block on funds to close Guantanamo and up to 4 dozen other prisons and up to 6 biological and chemical warfare facilities the US is currently running, not just the one in Tbilisi, but others as well, several in Africa.

These drawings apply to the limited torture on Guantanamo, done by CIA and US Marines.

American prisons in the UK, Romania, Ethiopia and in particular Afghanistan and Poland killed thousands.

MIT Professor Aafia Siddiqui and her two small children, who died under US custody.
Of those detained and tortured, including those executed, it is estimated that most were due to the wrong identity or simply gathered up in a “usual suspects” dragnet like the one that got

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Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Torture is never the right answer. The method to use is line them all up side by side, ask the first one a question and when he doesn’t answer shoot him (or her) in the head and then ask the next one in line the same question… but no torture…

  2. Somewhere, there are veterans who either abetted or took part in this crime who are hopefully suffering the mental anguish from it. It is deserved. Anyone who went along with these illegal activities or observed them without questioning or reporting such is as guilty as the perpetrators.
    There is no excuse.
    So how many fine upstanding patriotic Americans actually care? Do they actually care that those who gave the orders have essentially condemned America? That these torture sessions proved nothing and turned America into a pariah state. The chickens have come home to roost as the rest of the world holds nothing but fear and loathing towards the U.S.
    If there are enough Americans who really care, they would hold those in Washington responsible.
    And the mainstream media? How about them?

  3. Hey Grüsse alle im Forum,
    @ John Zook,
    sehr guter Kommentar in welchen Sie schreiben was zur Zeit in Amerika abläuft. Danke dafür.
    Es ist unglaublich, wie konnte dieses überhaupt soweit kommen???. Dies Verbrechen müssen zur Rechenschaft
    geführt werden.
    Ich als Deutscher habe auch alles erlebt, Wir warren froh! als uns die Amerikaner befreiten 1945, aber in der Neu Zeit habt ihr uns bereits an Verbrechen überholt. Wir erinnern uns an unsere Untaten, welche wir begangen haben. Wenn es so weiter geht wird unser Planet ins Nirvana stürzen und alles nur wegen der Moral und des Geldes.Bleiben Sie sich, sowie Ihrer Familie treu alles gute Werner


      Hey greetings all in the forum,
      John Zook,
      very good comment in which you write what is currently happening in America. Thank you for that.
      It’s unbelievable how this could even get this far???. This crime must be accountable
      be led.
      As a German, I have also experienced everything, We are happy! when the Americans liberated us in 1945, but in the modern era you have already overtaken us in crime. We remember the crimes we committed. If it goes on like this, our planet will plunge into Nirvana and all will be just because of morality and money. Stay true to yourself, as well as to your family all good Werner

    • Nobody is good enough to torture innocent children or adults. These prisoners can tell you nothing about the Bush cabal/British 9-11 activity. The Arabs/Muslims were in training to fly dope for the Bush/bin Laden drug cartel. They obviously did not show up for work.

    • I believe the subtle assertion is that these are from a victim, and they were leaked by a psychologist who was treating them,…but , could also be some kids drawing after playing a video game. A good intention in military training, is to train, to spot fakes. There is no right answer, as the idea is to promote thought. learn to discern.

  4. All because the American voting public is saturated with CFRtv, junk food, and the CFR politician puppet shows. In 1996, congress passed a law enabling them to legally lie while giving congressional testimony. The SCOTUS affirmed it with the news media. No contract, therefore no fraud. Lie away! Military personnel dare not arrest their CICs and congress for the 9-11 attacks. Where is my badge? Throw in some Khazarian mafia thirst for blood and filthy lucre, and these sick CFR darlings get elected then this happens.The 1909 British Empire Press Union begat the 1911 Council on Foreign Relations, with the documented objective to buy up every influential newspaper and editorial board possible with bottomless Rothschild fiat currency and fractional lending. Pope Urban II was a liar. There is no guaranteed absolution.

    • Echoes,Here I attempt to put in the simplest true terns that the Council on Foreign Relations was investigated 1914-1917 by Honorable Representative Oscar Calloway’s staff before he made a presentation to Congress as to what his staff had learned about this new seditious but extremely well funded group, The Council on Foreign Relations. Its purpose, as stated in its own documents, was to control the minds of the American people by owning the news media, and thus would be controlling the information leading to debates in public. These folks torturing these innocent prisoners were duped into doing it by the Bush/Aquino/CIA crowd. They did NOT have anything to do with carrying out the attacks, although MANY people world wide dismay at the depletion of naturally occurring energy resources.

  5. The sickening depravity of ‘our’ nation is a nightmare. The collective passivity, which passively supports this behavior, cannot escape the charge of complicity. What is done in ‘our’ name, for the salvation of our souls, needs to be attacked by all of us; eradicated.

  6. I agree with all other good comments. Psychopaths Donald Adolph and Whore Pence likely have been flown down there to watch and get their kicks. The only reason these criminals get away with these crimes is because they are hidden and kept secret from citizens and taxpayers using the full military armed force of our totalitarian government.
    America is a sick sick sick… expletive deleted today and deserves to be nuked to dust.

    • What would be an appropriate description of a four star general of the U.S. who has knowledge of such crimes of torture of others but fails to speak up about it? I call him or her a worthless expletive deleted traitor coward to everything our Constitution once stood for who must do us all a favor and resign today. As imperfect as our Founders were, they sought to rise above the torture of humans of the past. These worthless whore officers are pathological liars since they are patently and willfully and with full knowledge gang raping the meaningless oaths they took. All these whore criminals should do us a favor and resign or be fired today. Do we need four star generals who are nothing but robots blindly doing as they are told like a robot without a functioning brain or conscience? No we do not! Our corrupt military is too important to be permitted to make such decisions in secret without citizen involvement and oversight.

    • How about the well documented “slapping” incidents of WWII where General Patton slapped low level soldiers in a military hospital? Was that torture? How about later after WWII was over and the President himself authorized the murder of General Patton by paying a U.S. Military hitman
      $10,000 in 1945 to plan and ambush and murder General Patton on a Sunday afternoon but lie that he died in an innocent car accident. Was that torture?


    • I am convinced the People would do a and feel nothing if they could witness these horrors. They care about nothing as it is! They refuse to believe the Truth. Not much can be said of humanity these days.

  7. “King” Trump nominated Gina Haspel as the Director of the CIA and enlisted the assistance of Eric Prince (Blackwater/Acadami) to resurrect the Phoenix Program. This CIA black project program includes the use of torture which Trump also condones probably because of his Zionist mafia upbringing.
    He is despicable and should not be holding any office in the U.S. government….especially the Executive.

    “With Haspel, Trump’s Infrastructure for Torture Is in Place”
    “The CIA’s new nominee director Gina Haspel once ran a torture site and destroyed evidence”

    • Gina Haspel is America’s new Dominatrix. I bet ya she goes to work dress in rubber and carrying a cat-o-nines tales which is probably enjoyed by the executive staff when they’re want a masochistic break from their usual sadism.

      This is nothing new. They called it the “water cure” back when Big Teddy invaded the Philippines after the Spanish/American war. Same techniques bequeathed by the Spanish who were the ones used by them during the Inquisition.

      Forbidden under Constitution but who in Government ever bothers to read what they’re sworn to uphold?

  8. Some of these look like the ones they used in the Secret Space Program of which the Marines were such a big part (Randy Kramer). Victims become perpetrators. Randy fought the Dracos, then became one.

    I guess we are all victims, in the end.

    • @ Randa
      Excellent observation.
      The first time/space CIA Black Project was Project Rainbow which produced the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. Some of the participants in that project were used in the Phoenix I/II projects which involved time/space exploration using mind control through torture which resulted in breaks of consciousness on unwilling subjects. These are most commonly referred to as the MK Ultra and Montalk Project which supposedly ended. It did not
      The programs were advanced to Project Stargate which involves using advanced MK Ultra techniques on subjects in warfare scenarios with aliens. Commonly referred to as the Secret Space Program with the victims calling themselves Super Soldiers. These include Project Aquarius, Project Looking Glass, and CERN. CERN has, reportedly, successfully opened a major stargate which had previously been blocked. These are also called wormholes or breaks in the fabric of space/time.

  9. IS there any moral or ethical reason why American parents should ever allow their children to enlist in the military? I can’t think of a single one.
    I can’t think of a single reason why Americans should show any support for what passes for government in Washington, D.C. Nor do I have any respect for the evangelicals who support Israel.
    America has no moral compass. It has no right to make any claim on morality or righteousness. It cannot claim to be defending freedom or democracy since neither exists within America.
    Those soldiers who took part in this, hopefully they are suffering from it as well. Hopefully some of them have some semblance of moral conscience left to make amends for these heinous crimes against humanity. Hopefully some of them will come to realize what they did was a criminal act.

    • We can harp all we want about our horrible president. That said, who were we going to feel good with as our president? Trump the showman appealed to the electorate, but he was not what I’d call the people’s choice, yet neither was Hillary. In this country, candidates for President come to face the facts about our slavish obedience to the power of the dollar and the powerful clamps applied on said candidates. You find a billionaire sugar daddy who will fatten your campaign coffer and erase the financial worries of the campaign. Is Mike Bloomberg trying to buy the nomination? Damn straight! Like everyone else in that position, Little Mike has to realize he won’t be his own man any longer should be rise to be President.