Coronavirus: Unstoppable at this point? (video)


Oh, boy…the scientific research on covid-19 (the new name of the Wuhan coronavirus) continues to reveal what a huge challenge containing this virus is.

A new report from Los Alamos Labs calculates its R0 at between 4.7 to 6.6. That is massively contagious!

It’s little wonder then why we’re seeing more and more reports of doctors and health workers falling sick, despite using proper PPE and contamination protocol.

China, which bumped up the number of total infected within the country by 33% last night, is clearly facing a public health nightmare of epic proportion. As we keep saying, we think the true reality on the ground there is even much worse than the official numbers we’re being given.

That said, China’s totalitarian approach of mandatory home quarantine for hundred of millions of people is likely the best way to fight a virus this contagious.

Will other countries, like the US, be able to enforce such controls on their populations if required to combat covid-19? Could they, even if they tried?

A full-blown pandemic looks increasingly unstoppable at this point.


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  1. If R0 (intrinsic) is between 4.7 to 6.6, as Los Alamos says, that is concerning enough. But worse than that, the video also suggests that the true incubation period could be up to 24 days rather than the 2 weeks that is currently being used, and this hurts us 2 ways: People who don’t know they are infected are running around infecting others for possibly 3 weeks before they even know they are sick. AND it means that some people are being let out of quarantine prematurely, by up to 10 days. In plain country language, we are closing barn doors after the horses have already escaped.

  2. There was a period where, artists just became fascinated with and obsessive about zombies.
    It stuck in our culture and continues to be a fixture throughout the arts. Another thought is the movement toward a cashless society. Crumbling economies put banks in position to extend their ability to get payed and auto withdrawal is a blind lust. I’m certainly going to fixate on Feb 25 & 26 to see where this is, at that time. I don’t think it can be overstated, that the difference between China and US containment possibilities is not something we want to test. If this had happened in the US, say, Chicago or LA, it would not be pretty.