Canadian Pipeline Company Buys Oregon Cops…’Dime a Dozen’

1404  At a casino in the small coastal town of North Bend, Oregon, dozens of law enforcement officers and corporate security personnel gathered for a two-day training on how to wage propaganda battles against protesters.

The November 2018 event was organized by the National Sheriffs’ Association, one of the country’s largest law enforcement organizations, and hosted by the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, which has spent years monitoring opposition to the Jordan Cove Energy Project — a proposed liquid natural gas pipeline and export terminal that the Trump administration has named one of its highest-priority infrastructure projects.

The cost of the event, however — totaling $26,250 — was paid by Pembina Pipeline Corp., the Canadian fossil fuel company that owns the Jordan Cove project.

In fact, for nearly four years, Pembina was the sole funding source of a unit in the sheriff’s office dedicated to handling security concerns related to Jordan Cove — despite the fact that there is not yet any physical infrastructure in place to keep secure.

The pipeline and terminal cannot begin construction without approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is scheduled to vote on whether to license the project in February. Yet between 2016 and 2020, the department’s liquid natural gas division, known as a “combined services unit,” spent at least $2 million of Pembina’s money.

The energy company put the funding on hold in April 2019 but left open the possibility that the arrangement could be revived in the future. Pembina and the sheriff’s department are currently discussing how they may continue to work together, and Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni said he expects the partnership to be renewed.  read more…

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  1. Oregon is one of the few Crown Jewels of America left. It may be the most magnificent State of the Union. Leave it alone. This outrageous project should be stopped in its tracks. LNG is very dangerous compared to ordinary Natural Gas. It is heavier than air, so when it leaks, it tends to lay down near the ground and becomes a potential time bomb from just one spark. Even experienced fire fighters and others were killed recently in such an explosion in the North East last Fall. It is especially foolish to go to all this trouble to send this dangerous product overseas to sell. I applaud every protester of this nonsensical project. To citizens of Oregon, stop electing lying lawyers to any office. Thanks to VT editors for Heads UP on this important issue in the U.S. and Oregon today. Whose side do you think this Sheriff will take when the bottom really falls out of this country when the banks confiscate all your money to pay the massive debt of the corrupt U.S. government?

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      When Linus Pauling died on Aug. 19, 1994, the world lost one of its greatest scientists and humanitarians and a much respected and beloved defender of civil liberties and health issues.
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  2. i)[“How can a Canadian Government buy a Pipeline without a legal democratic vote by Canadian Citizen, and from which money, so who’s money is it? ? Because The Canadian Government is, as all 189 Nations with their so called Governments, private commercial Companies, since 1775. So, Washington D-C is the US-Admin, a private commercial group, with a 33.Degree Scottish Rite Brother, called POTUS is the President of the NGO. So, the Police, we know is not this kind of public Police, which should normally protect the People of North Amerika and Europe and 189 Nations. The POLICE, POLIZIA, POLIZEI aso(big capitals, as juristic institutions) are private commercial companies, who are belonging to the Constellis Group, with Black Water and AKADEMI. private commercial Contractors of the NGOs and their Heads, to follow the given commercial Law&Order by those private BigFamilies who are financing those to keep their BigBusiness running, without turbolences. So the Military including w-otan-nato. All BigBusiness of some BigFamilies who are paying Soldiers to follow their given private commercial Law&Order. “]

    • He also said that the term fascism was wrong, it should be called corporatism.
      But yes, America has been a fascist state for a long time now.