The Case for Trump Removal: Addiction, Dementia or Both?


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  1. Yep, definitely drug-induced pupil dilation. And hexagonal pupils and hexagonal irises. One thing I can never figure out, is why so many high definition photos that provide perfect reproductions of any other perfectly round objects in the same photo without rendering them inaccurately as hexagons, seem even in high resolution photos to make the irises in some people hexagon-shaped, whilst other people in the same photo have perfectly round irises, and then we get onto the slit pupils that one can see in some photos of people, that I have scores of screen shots of, even one of the alleged lunar astronauts in a studio line-up in a crystal clear high definition shot who has pupils that are merely black slits running from the top of his irises to the bottom of his irises, the only one with perfect slit pupils amongst a whole line of other astronauts who all have normal round pupils; is it that reptiles are everywhere, or is it just some camera problem? And then we get the problems with teeth in some shots, but that is another story.

  2. Indeed. It’s between drug addicted Trump known for shady real estate deals of Bloombergmanstein also involved in shady real estate dealing. Just ask the people of New Yawk city about moving Yankee Stadium to the Railyards.

  3. I can’t for the life of me understand how the Commander In Chief of the U.S. Military can sham out of the same piss test every dog-face from E1 to O9 has to’s a thought, if he’s the Commander In Chief, could he be…..court-martialed ???? Hello UCMJ !!!
    Or the other obvious alternative; legalize all, repeat all drugs. At least this way the total losers will turn turtle quicker.

  4. The last Impeachment was BS when Even the Witnesses were Not Allowed to have Their Say ……. This Stupid gave many many Reasons For a ” NO Confidence ” Motion BUT Since Both Parties are the Same AND Since ALL of Them are Addicted to Corrupt ways So Nobody wants to rock the Boat ……..

    • We have people begging to adverse…which of course would push our content into the crazy realm like MSM or InfoWhores…

      not fucking worth it