Bloomberg, Guns and Racism, an Intel Drop


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video above has a talk by Mike Bloomberg at the Aspen Institute.  Our ‘tuber’ as do most is obviously suffering from too many smarts to be dumb but not enough to understand.

In that, he and Bloomberg have much in common.

Anyway, Bloomberg’s talk at the Aspen Institute is worth listening to and does indicate that as mayor of New York he didn’t get it.  You just can’t put amateurs out there and expect them to do the job, there is a TV show about this, Blue Bloods, quite good, watch it.

I spent some time as a cop, hated the job, and in general support police, even like the FBI that come to grill me from time to time.  I have worked on police training, generally steps above street level, for some time but spent more time on larger issues of courts, corrections and community reform, mostly in Africa.

And, of course, I am a gun guy, combat vet, big-time collector, gunsmith, restoration specialist, and infamous pinko liberal.

We begin.

Guns are in the community primarily because police can’t protect anyone.  School shootings, if they aren’t Mossad staged as many asserts, are tied to bullying and violence and are not a cause but response.

Guns in the street are a response to, mostly, guns in the street.  I carry a gun.  Most I know carry guns.  In Michigan and Ohio, over 1.5 million citizens are legally armed.

Now, here’s the rub, if you go down and apply for a weapons permit, you will find many if not most of the applicants are black.  All pass background checks.  Half the armed, legally, authorized, legally trained citizens here are black.

Is it a response to living in neighborhoods with crime?  Yes.  Is it black crime and that answer, yes, in black only or mostly neighborhoods, crime is black only or mostly.

Then again, I have a farm in Kentucky, Lee County.  It’s a beautiful place, not worth much, taxes are nothing, views are amazing but the problem is some of those live nearby and, to an extent, local law enforcement.

First of all, rural America is mostly white and it is nearly as crime-ridden and violent as the supposed black ghettos of the fake TV shows we are fed.  Things aren’t like they were and the US has a very large black professional class.

TV is bullshit.

The crime now is driven by meth, heroin and other drugs, which are now white problems more than black.  Opioid addiction and “pill violence” is white, not black.  Look at the chart below:

Meth addiction along with meth violence goes the same way, white people using drugs, selling drugs, killing people over drugs.  Living in Kentucky, about a third of the county is addicted to meth or opioids, maybe a bit more, like 42%, with up to 25% of the population, which is 11,000 and 100% white (my mother was the only Jew) on Social Security disability related to narcotics use.

The real drain on Social Security and welfare across the US is lower class Trump-voting addicts who do not work or if they do, steal everything not nailed down.

In order to live in a white, rural area you need alarm systems, lots of lights and assault weapons, dogs help but they can be killed by poisoning or gunfire.

Rural Michigan, Ohio, Montana, the whole country is the same, retirees, former military, in particular, live under siege.

This, of course, adds to the other tyranny, an America run by mobsters where working Americans are bled to death with fake gas prices, fake taxes, fake utility bills, stuck working for assholes for nothing per hour, multiple jobs, no health care, drowning in hopelessness.

This has built the narcotics empire that the Israeli trained police and Homeland Security along with Google and Facebook have engineered.

America is a farm and humanity is the cattle.

The bullshit of the TV “armed negro/stop and frisk” that dumb shit Bloomberg is talking about is just that, him trying to suck his way into the “Trump base,” fake heroes, drug-addled toothless haters.

Enough for now, I think you get the picture.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. With much disrespect and total derision to many whom comment on VT as I agree with Duff on these matters and I share in his politics as I never leave home without my 38 special however, to the average fat old and toothless tRump lover as I speak my mind my fists are enough to back up my right of free speech with of course my 38 as backup with good anti personal rounds.

    Obviously many of you simply have trouble reading and should go over to Fox.

  2. The situation the person is presenting has nothing to do with drugs as such. It’s about the Second Amendment and the scumbag polticians like Bloombergmanstein and Northam( of Virginia) and his communist colleagues in the Virginian State Assembly has become the main focal point. That thousands, literally as many as one hundred thousand people showed up a few weeks ago to protest at the state capitol, yet it made no difference to the communist Democrats. They want to disarm people. Make them dependent on “authority” to protect them, which the cops do not.
    The Democrats don’t want freedom, independence and liberty for the people, they want slaves who will be dependent on the government for their entire lives, so they can be manipulated and controlled.
    The Democratic Party is as far removed from the ideals of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as Joe Stalin would have been. They don’t believe in them. The Democrats only want power and that means the power to run everybody’s lives.

  3. Why not legalize and regulate drugs like tobacco and booze were for almost a century? While this would not solve all the problems it would reduce dirty needles everywhere, reduce much needless suffering from overdoses and empty part of the prisons. We know why: Government is the biggest dealer. Are not all the vices going on all the time everywhere anyway? How about prostitution? Venereal diseases at all time highs. How about gambling? Virtually all sports events from college up are controlled by the gambling racket. All it takes is corrupting one or two players to control any so called “game”. This is America; everything is for sale isn’t it? Everyone should demand legalization and regulation of all vices and expose the government racket of selling drugs world wide. Evidently Israel has public houses of ill repute; one article described one of Netanyahu’s son’s visiting one at a young age. Why not here? Again it is all going on anyway but with serious medical consequences unregulated.

    • I would add that it’s not just the coastal elites but the liberal elites who run those cities, legalized theft, crapping in the streets and tossing used needles everywhere. Not to mention some of them aligned with ANTIFA.
      They are cutting their own throats as cities like San Franshitsco are losing convention business at an ever increasing rate and that is costing local merchants big bucks.

  4. Nice work Mr. Duff I will put it on Patreon so I can share it on Facebook. Just blocked our friend on Facebook because he thinks I’m gonna play games explaining myself to “Trump base,” fake heroes, drug addled toothless haters for calling Bloomberg, “a Jew,” a White Supremacist. Bloomberg is the quintessential White Supremacist. Why did he think he had a shot at Jennifer Lopez? Because he is White and rich. Being Jewish does not even come into the equation with Bloomy unless he is wooing the media. Everyone in New York knew “Bloomy” did not belong running on the democratic ticket and many said so, even his supporters but Bloomy makes his own rules. For Christ’s sake he is the Jewish answer to George Wallace, another democrat till they had to form a special party for him called the Independent Party. Bloomy needs his own party too, because he sure as hell ain’t a democrat…

  5. Doesn’t sound like much has changed to me. A century ago the problems were much the same only cheap booze instead of meth, deprivation and disenfranchisement among the poorest people meant much violence and crime, respect for authority was limited in these areas of society, policing was brutal and corrupt, the justice system equally biased and corrupt. Don’t forget, as recently as the 70s, people in the poorest rural areas in Appalachia were still living in tarpaper shacks without electricity and children got little education. LBJ and Carter gave lip service to the problem, Republican presidents just ignored it. Sure, much has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.. Dumb people kept dumb by the unfair system, addled on whatever the cheapest most available intoxicant happens to be, too many guns in the wrong hands, crime is always going to b endemic in such circumstances. The US needs a revolution and a start over.

    • “…A century ago the problems were much the same only cheap booze instead of meth, deprivation and disenfranchisement among the poorest people meant much violence and crime, respect for authority was limited in these areas of society, policing was brutal and corrupt, the justice system equally biased and corrupt…”
      Ian, I guess you’re talkin’ about UK…. don’t forget the opium dens in London for smoking a century ago…

    • Oh yeah and all those “treatments” for women’s hysteria laced with opium. Then again, Coca Cola was laced with cocaine. There must have been a lot of women walking around the streets of London and York looped on smack.

  6. dumb Fing boomer thinks the little part of the world he sees is the world. black crime in down because police ignore it and the ‘fair’ housing act. the mexicans chasing them off spreads them out as well. you like cops and to carry guns but young people get turned down by these same cops you are buddies with. you dont mind talking to the fbi but young and actually useful people get hauled off by them. 13% of the pop, 50% of the violent crime u dumb animal. what did this even have to do with bloomberg and the election? all you did was virtue signal for blacks and their success through affirmative action while putting down whites. i cant wait u mfer, i cant fing wait

  7. There’s a hole in daddies arm where all the money goes. John Prine (an american icon) and his song Sam Stone. Lately I see way too many recent vets trying to keep it together and struggling , wives and kids gone, too few friends, dog crap everywhere. Inter-generational trauma cannot be treated with drugs. Conflict and war , traumatizes people for generations, and it is a crime onto itself, and the entire human family suffers because of it. Religion teaches, there will always be war, and there will always be the poor. That is a lie. We are in massive abundance, and there is no reason for conflict. The animals know better.

  8. Frankly, i didn’t think and didn’t believe that USA has so many drug addicts. Terrible. Terrible quantity.! Bloggers (i watch the russian) show in youtube the videos: drive around cities and shoot the video about the real, non-Hollywood America: thousands of homeless, army of drug addicts and ghettos where the police never inspect (we don’t have in Russia such areas- it is simply impossible). Really, the government is above and the people are the sheep: bills, bills, work like horse, pay, eat, entertain. My friend works in the USA 14 hours a day, i was shocked. But almost everything goes to taxes and the bills. In Russia, mostly work since 8 am till 17pm. Sat-sun – vacant. We have free life after work. And yes, – it is good that we have no free laws about weapons. We just have no gun-culture.
    P.s. Paradox, but if the USA is so bad, why people rush there to live. Even from my country….

    • America is a Hot Destination for Half Informed Idiots Who Idolize the Fake American Propaganda that They heard , Stupid crap like America Loves Democracy or maybe is A Democracy ,,,,, WE All know America Supports Dictators that let them rob that country …… Democracy AND Terrorist are Very useful labels , IF They like Any crap then call it Democracy , IF You Killed an innocent by chance then label it Terrorist and There’s Absolutely NO Questions …… its ALL Bullshit , Propaganda AND Evil Rules and Sells well …….

    • “…but if the USA is so bad, why people rush there to live…”

      As Mil said there’s “100 years of propaganda and Holywood” but there is a desire to get even for some who have seen their countries wrecked in the name of “freedom and democracy” then of course there is the Israeli dual citizen 5th column like Adelson and Singer who would be considered traitors anywhere else other than the land of the free fire zone.

      Bloomberg like Buttireig and Trump is just another Zionist puppet proven by his tenure as Mayor of Jewyork when he ignored Jewish Terrorism which is more prevalent than Arab or Islamic terrorism according to the FBI’s own stats and went after Muslims that is when he wasn’t having Jewyork’s “Finest” rousting blacks with his unconstitutional “stop and frisk”.

      He’s just another white supremacist slime ball from a long list of them who have “graced” the office since Town Destroyer Washington.

      Personally I’m totally disgusted with both parties which is why I’ll vote for neither in the coming election.

    • Andy, American households are deeply in debt to the tune of trillions. They’ve bought into the American dream which is actually slavery to the banks. The useless crap that Americans put themselves in debt for , you wouldn’t believe it unless you actually saw it. Expensive SUVs, boats, motorcycles, off road vehicles, and buying more house than they need…we call them Mcmansions…has left most families in America hopelessly in debt. There is no way out for them. They are trapped in a never ending debt merry go round.
      In America, credit cards are handed out like candy and Americans, most of them do not have the common sense to refrain from using them to the m point where they are maxed out to the limit.
      All you have to do is watch a few hours of American television and you will find out just how Americans are being sold.

  9. Hey Gordon, well said. I live in a one stoplight town in Montana. Probably came across 8 used syringes last year. Parking lots, sidewalks. Not out of the way places. Always a good idea to have a little ‘help’ with you in these parts.

    • WE have a Global Drug addiction Epidemic , Drugs are Always Available Everywhere ,,,,,, There’s lots of Money in Drugs AND Some Desperate People need ALL those Drugs Funds for it’s Global Black Operations ….. it’s the CIA Supplying Everywhere ,,,,, they need ALL Money Possible to Overthrow Honest Governments that offer NO Profits to the American Elite ……