Vatican Scholar Debunks Creationism, Christ, Biblical Prophesy and Concept of God as Fake Translations



The video series was translated from Italian to English “on the fly” and is irritating. Mauro Biglino himself drowns in his own controversy, as dogma in Italy has a power as nowhere else.

The direction here, which is recommended for scholars only and the very patient, is simply put, what we know as Judaism and Christianity are purposefully misconstrued through fake translations.

Biglino is a Vatican translator. Many if not most of the concepts of Judaism and Christianity are fabrications reinforced by politics and brute force and do not exist in divinely inspired texts.

Such may have existed but what was often chosen was rambling insanity that supported hierarchical tyranny.






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  1. If the Jesus wasn’t real and the New Testament wasn’t a good Allegory for the implementation of Logos, then the Romans would have had to Guild the Lily to obtain a model for a whole of Society View for Human Persons.

  2. Echoes,
    The power of mythology… The printing press, once in print the god-spell is passed down through time… yet the Myths of Pauline epitaph and the political essence of the Pauline-Pharisaical sect created the Jesus story in my opinion… The Chathaholic Roman Government by the Monarchs of Machiavellian rule concocted the whole story of the new testament… and the old Messianic books of the Torah are nothing more than conjure of the imaginative processes of manipulation of ignorance… who could read in those times?… Or had an historical education of world travels? Only those that could manipulate the oral Talmud… AKA the Parasitical and sadducean sects of a soul that Reincarnates or Transmigrates via Egyptian black magic and the religions of the Pharaohs priestly imagination…

      Do we really have a soul? Or, the spirit of life’s breath we take here on our cosmic taxi through space as we perceive it? Man has conjured the spirit of death and its formula of another destination… heaven or hell? what if, there is neither?… and the hell or heaven we make comes from our reason and ego soulish ideas? Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, a very interesting proverb of clinical death. Yours and my imagination wants to know, is there life after death… The question is… does nature need yours or my soul to survive in the cosmic order of seed begets seed, and the life of the living as the essence of the travels of the so-called soul life… No soul, just the seed of DNA and the power of the living spirit in the breath of the living to encourage the seed of life from the desires of the flesh and its provincial natural order to survive and multiply… Natural instinct in the animal world melded with a vivid imagination to think we are the highest form of life in the universe???? GOD HELP US ALL!

  3. It is going to take some time, but information is being passed between people who can understand it. Other information is of course being watched, as to gauge how long. The bottom line is, it is getting safer to come forward with material that would have killed you before.
    Predicting the flood req

    • The knowledge of cycles is told in myth and then names and places are added for a multitude of reasons. For instance, Genesis 13 – 18 has a certain progression and information which was duplicated in a clumsy fashion by less experienced but knowing, writers in order in 2Kings 1 – 6. On and on it goes, and the whole thing is a sham, that not only coalesces power but obfuscates and conceals the actual information. This type of stuff is all coming out and it is going to snowball. It is my information and belief, that certain factions within the religions themselves will be motivated to assist this. The walk back is going to be painful.

    • Frankly Speaking , I’ll tell YOU My Beliefs ……….. I Believe Jesus was There AND Jesus Challenged the Money Changers AND The Money Changers being the Absolute Power Had Jesus Killed ,,,,,,,, People watched on Silently as Jesus was Killed , NOT Daring to utter a single Word Against Money Changers AND Unable to Speak for Jesus ….. Jesus gets Killed and Slowly later after sometime the People muster up the Courage to Politely Ask the Money Changers ” What have You Done ? Do You understand ? ” …… Money Changers sensing the People’s Suppressed Wrath think They need a Scheme out of this Accusation of Blatant Murder ,,,,,, then The Money Changers Present a Huge Heap of Documents Saying ” This is What HE Said ” and Then the Money Changers Presented What We call the Bible ……. Jesus Had Nothing to Do with the Bible Which was Concocted After His Death By the Money Changers and The Money Changers Selected This Certain Text Because This ” Bible ” Declared them as Diety ………

    • Echoes, that is possible, but money is not the driver of our species. We lost knowledge, it was mishandled upon partial recovery, and now we are going to sort it out. Everyone wants to know, and that is the giveaway, because when one is sure, there are no further questions.
      The human instinct, knows there is something to it, but not what is being implied. it is going to be a case of immunity of prosecution in exchange for cooperation and testimony. In the meantime, it is best if people stop giving money to places where the destination is unknown. The backlash to fake news , is proof. That may seem impossible, but I can assure you it is not. It is text. It is numbered. It is sequential thematically. It has components that are repeated. It is easily studied but annoying. It’s like cleaning a foreclosure. But it is happening.