US withholding count on the dead, wounded at 100, 4 helicopters destroyed, two transport aircraft, two drones…learn the how and why of Pompeo’s chorus of lies


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  1. If the author says it is a fake, fair enough. OTOH it is a lot nearer the truth, I think, than Trump. By the way, who is the author? James P. Hogan or the person who made the fake?

  2. I am Glad to see that David sees a large part of the picture. But, in 1991, USA adopted the Talmudic Noahide code that requires USA to execute all nations that do not submit to 100% Talmudic control. And the high priests of the Talmud are willing to bleed North America completely dry in order to gain control of all nations and turn them all into serf on Talmudist plantations. And most Christians in USA are happy to assist them.

  3. I told people there is no way the US government and the Pentagon are going to release the names of the dead or injured or even reveal the numbers to the public as long as Trump is a choice candidate…It’s an election year! This will remain classified for years on or even decades…Anyone who knows how Trump speaks or gloats knows that something happened. First, immediately after the attack he said “All is well, so far so good” and nothing else.” TRUMP? Remember after the impeachment acquittal what he did? TRUMP?…And the next day he gave a speech to the nation with his speech pattern heavily altered and breathing heavily…My brother was a criminal psychologist and used to work with lie detecting machines in the police investigative unit and used to talk about how they know someone is lying in a testimony .You just can’t make this up…I have known trump since his reality TV days and how he talks and behaves and the events after the attack aren’t anywhere normal…SOMETHING BIG HAPPENED and it’s going to take another Manning or Snowden courageous enough to out it FROM THE CLASSIFIED PENTAGON/GOVERNMENT FILES…Watch the speech and body language again!

    • Of course Trump lied his ass off but he had a lot of support from both sides of the isles helping him cover up the truth. Just as they did on 9/11. Gee what a surprise?

      I’m sure anyone from either party was warned that telling the public the actual TRUTH would have been accused of being “un-American”. So not only has the actual truth become “antisemitic” but “un-American” as well.

      Both Congress and the Whitehouse live in a land of illusion. This became obvious when they gave a standing ovation to that fraud Guaido as Trump declared him the “savior of Venezuela”. Maybe CIA slipped them some LSD.

    • You may be able to tell when normal people are lying (but with false positives for sensitive persons), but can you tell when sociopaths (which includes almost all public figures) are lying?

  4. As you say, a two stage attack. The US, experts in what is now more commonly known as the Double Tap, never thought that someone might use it against them? Yee Gods, the arrogance or just plain stupidity of the base command.

    As to the missing drones. Of course they self destructed and are now burnt out remains lost in the deserts and hills of the area. But wait a mo, doesn’t the US have a policy of attacking such sites, so they can’t be confident of total destruction. These wrecks can’t possibly be in the labs in Tehran or Moscow, or can they?

  5. It looks as though this letter was genuine, though I was not sure and some were ‘convinced’ that it was a fake.The real casualties in Iraq.

    WASHINGTON DC, 20301-9010

    The Honorable Bennie G. Thompson
    Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, House of Representatives
    242 Rayburn Building
    Washington DC, 20515-2402

    Dear Congressman Thompson,
    In response to your January 10. Freedom of Information act (FOI) appeal, concerning Iran’s missile strike on US airbase Ain Al Assad in Iraq, on January 8 and its subsequent damages and casualties

    Following detailed examination of US Ain Al Assad air base by DOD Special investigative team, concluding estimates are as follows:

    Total number of casualties 285 (139 dead 146 injured)
    Extensive damage to 15 helicopters including 1 Black Hawk, 2 cargo aircrafts and 3 MQ-1 Predator Drones.
    Extensive damage to Base Command Center. 3 barracks, 3 hangars and 10 military tents.
    Relative damage to base’s Air Traffic Control Tower and base’s runway.

    Initial assessments indicate mentioned damages will cause total impairment of Ain Al Assad air base activities for at least three weeks.


    James P. Hogan

    • the author says its fake…we accept the guy writing it saying its fake
      members of congress don’t FOIA

  6. If this is true, it is really a sad day for US! I guess, those pursuing wars will somehow pay the price. But how bad is it for the families now to learn that their sons and daughters have died unnecessarily for someone else’s pursuit of power and wealth. Even worse things will happen until US wakes up to the Elephant in the room – Israel’s control over US. As soon as a number of these traitors are rounded up or (or sent to die in the wars which they create) this will not stop.

  7. Every young teenager must boycott the corrupt lying secret US Military which did not lift a finger to defend the country on 9/11/01. Then perhaps the whores in Congress will reinstate the Draft and get those elitist students at Yale and Harvard out of their protected easy lives and on the front battle lines over there as replacements for the poor kids being killed and injured for nothing. Let’s put some of these disgusting lying cheating four star generals on the front lines over there too. If every one would boycott the totally corrupt military, blindly taking orders like a robot without a functioning brain, our government couldn’t fight these illegal undeclared phony wars destroying people, plants, and Earth itself. Man really did evolve DOWN from the higher animals as the late Mark Twain proclaimed. America is bankrupt broke in more ways than one. The end could come at any minute when Americans wake up to discover their life savings have been stolen by criminals in government. This will be followed by chaos everywhere.

  8. Thanks guys I couldn’t believe that the wounded were being shipped to Landstuhl for minor concussions. I tended to believe the initial reports from Iraq that there were massive casualties that obviously were squelched .

    Now i know.

    Time to end this war of (not on) terror before it’s too late and leave Israel to its much deserved fate.

  9. That’s quite interesting, the US with all their fancy hardware weren’t able to warn the troops of the second incoming missiles after the first wave hit.

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