Health Editor’s Note: For what it may be worth here is a study done on whether cell phones are harmful due to the radiofrequency radiation they produce. I for one will continue to use my cell phone and not spend any time worrying that I might be harmed. I do not see us giving up cellphones….Carol

No Cellphone-Cancer Link

by Ian Ingram, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today

In a new report, FDA concludes cellphones have “no quantifiable adverse health effects in humans,” but suggests further research be conducted in vulnerable individuals who may be more predisposed to tumors from “short but intense RF exposure” above current limits.

VIEW PDF REPORT: Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer

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  1. The FDA serves (which includes protects) mainly the special interests of large corporate industries, like the tobacco industry, the cell phone industry, or the allopathic medical industry instead of the American public —

    It follows that FDA decrees along the line of “No Cellphone-Cancer Link” aren’t a sign of scientific validity but mostly of big corporate favoritism over the interests of public health.

    As others here have correctly stated the cell phone cancer link is well established.

  2. There are thousands of tests that show that low-level microwave radiation is harmful to the human organism in many ways. The U.S. Military was well aware of this back in WWII, and published reams of studies on the details of this starting in the early 70’s. The Telecom Industry testified in Congress that they have done NO testing on the 5G spectrum and the waveforms they’re using for 5G protocols. I would suggest that testing has been done, and they don’t want the results made public. BTW, the American public does seem to be losing its capacity to think rationally.

    • There Has Never Ever Been ANY Safety Studies ……. AND AS an Informed Mechanical Engineer I can Assure You that Nothing has Ever been tested about Radiation AND Further more For the Nuclear Radiation from Weapons or Powerplants Doesn’t count as Shit , The Way the Authorities proceed about Radiation is that They take Radiation Measurements Everywhere , AND Certainly at Every Annual Measurement of Radiation there is Always an Increase AND the EPA or Whatever just INCREASE the last ” Permissable Limit ” to include the NEW Situation as NORMAL ……. Supposing last Year ” Permissable Limit ” was 5 but this Year’s Measurments are at 7 then the last Permissable Limit of 5 is Changed to 7 and Everything is Fine and Dandy ……

    • Profits is the Priority NOT SAFETY AND Ever Since Corporations Legalised Their ” Rights ” so Basically it’s ALL Corporate Rule When Penniless Humans Don’t Count …….. in this USA Capitalist System Whatever the Corporations want Can Be Legalised including Trillions of Dollars in Grants Because They’re ” too big to Fail ” ….. IF You the Penniless are Starving then WHO CARES ?

  3. This is an interesting article concerning the FDA and its priorities.

    “Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety, July 21, 2017
    Posted: 2017-04-23 18:47:49

    “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is often accused of serving industry at the expense of consumers. This week, [there are reports] of an institutionalized FDA spying program on its own scientists, lawmakers, reporters and academics that included an enemies list of “actors” and collaborators. “Devicegate” dates back at least to January 2009 when scientists … wrote President Obama that top FDA managers “committed the most outrageous misconduct by ordering, coercing and intimidating FDA physicians and scientists to recommend approval, and then retaliating when the physicians and scientists refused to go along.” Unsafe [medical] devices – including those that emit excessive radiation – were approved”. 


    • Well Basically 5G means that A Random Radiation is NOT Emitted But instead The 5G hardware spots your location and Only Emits Signal in That One Direction instead of ALL Around as in Preceding Protocols So Basically 5G is Lesser Radiation towards One Particular Location Where Your Cellphone is Spotted by the Tower ……. AND BTW FUK ISRAEL AND THEIR ENDLESS TREACHERY AND THEIR Organ Stealing From Killed Palestinians For Trades to Benefit Israelis Monetarily ……… Israeli can Never Be ANY Standard to Abide by …..

    • Speaking of Israel AND 5G I’d like to Add That Israel Likes to boast That Israel is a Leader in Technology and particularly the Cellphone Technology BUT When it comes to Genuinely Newer Innovations especially in Cellphones 5G Technology Israel Suks cok AND The Chinese Genuinely Lead in 5G so I’m Thinking That Liar Israel is Using it’s Israeli Whores in USA to Give Chinese Problems and later When Israelis Would have understood and Copied Chinese Ideas Then Israel ( The Biggest Treacherous Snoops ) would like to make Money From these So Far Chinese Innovation ……. Israel is Always a Copy Cat Except that in Sexual Perversions The ” Jewish ” are Always Innovating Pioneering Perverts ….. That’s the Only Thing Israelis are Good at , Sexual Perversions And then Using Sexiual Perversions to Enslave via Blackmail , for The Rest of the Things the Israelis Copy Everything like the much Acclaimed Israeli Uzi gun is Basically Russian AK-47 copy ….. Hence on and so forth about Everything ……

  4. The human body has roughly 100 trillion cells. Every one of them must be saturated with oxygen at all times, from the heart to the lungs to deep inside every bone. This is a big job. When oxygen is deprived from a cell, the cell metabolism switches from oxygen based metabolism to glucose based metabolism over a relatively long time for humans of the order of decades. This process is called fermentation just like the life inside a milk bottle with a cap on. This is what leads to the development of cancer in humans and animals. It is like the life on Earth before the appearance of oxygen, like the lowest living forms. The genius in Germany proved these facts with experiments from about 1920-1960. Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. was considered the greatest biochemist of the 20th century. He died in 1970. The corrupt FDA has denied his great discoveries. Some cancer may be genetically caused but this is the cause of most common cancer.
    Read “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Brian Peskin, E.E. and Amid Habib, M.D., 2010.

    • According to an article in the NYTimes a few years back, the Cancer Generals of the failed War on Cancer have spent between $100 billion and $1 trillion studying cancer but most doctors can’t even tell you what cancer is let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body! About one person dies every minute either from cancer, treatment or both; usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. All approved treatments are life threatening. Upon the death of a loved one, expect to hear this refrain from the doctor in charge: “Sorry we did our best”. They will imply your loved one died of cancer and not treatment. But an autopsy,, the only way to prove the cause of death, will be avoided at all costs. The FDA is a corrupt expletive deleted. The war on cancer is a dismal failure. The failed war on cancer has been going on since about 1970.

    • There is no money in a cure – only treatment for symptoms that ultimately kills the patient. The CDC and FDA must have strict policies that anyone who is connected to big Pharma is not allowed to serve on its boards. Orwell wasn’t even close with what’s going on today, yesterday and tomorrow. The Satanists are in control.

  5. Israel’s sees no problem with their existing 3G set up. Nor should they. Wisely, 5G wont be rolled out in Haifa in the foreseeable future. We need them to continue to rule the US after we join the baby and bathwater down the storm-drain. President Putin reputedly told his Duma, on good authority, that soon the United States will not be a worry to Russia as 5G will ensure everyone heads to psychiatric wards. Ted Kennedy nor John McCain didn’t make it that far being struck down by cancers with ties to cell phone usage. Then there is the story of LeBron and Samsung and a worrying tumor too. 5G has been pushed through without tests by the wheeler-dealers of the biggest lobby group in Washington to the tune of millions. Of course we jaundiced gizmo junkies worry little about children and nothing whatever about wildlife or domestic pets who already take the brunt of radiation without us doing a damn thing for them. Why would we worry, when we dont care about ourselves. Hence the cue to Big Brother to take advantage of our selfish egos. It ever there was a case for considering the vast majority of any population lemmings, this is it. I sense trouble with a capital T for Tumors! Maybe, soon Trump will be happy to announce a cure for cancer because pretty soon many people will not be able to figure who he is due to collapsed synapses. America will never be the same. South Dakota here I come!

  6. Well , I for One Think that FDA and certain other departments are a Load of Bullshit ,,,,,, Trust Me , IF You’re giving a Million in Bribes to the FDA then Whatever YOU Want They Will Certify it Approved ……… Many new Crappy medicines Force me to Think that ………… BTW there’s a lot of ” Scientific and Human Developments ” like the Detergent and of Course the Cellphone too AND ALL these Changes Will OF Course Cause some Unwanted Changes ,,,, SO Basically IF You get into Details Then Either You can Go on Living like it is OR You can Go Back to the SAFE Caveman Era …………..

    • I think I been as clear as it could be …….. FDA is untrustworthy and IF you want to save yourself from the Negative Effects of Newer things then Quit Everything and Retreat to a Cave far far away from the grid

    • it’s Widely Accepted That Detergents are Somewhat Similar to the Structure of Estrogen AND then it’s Accepted that After a Wash there’s Still Detergent in the Clothes Which seeps in through the Skin and Thereby ” Feminizing ” ALL Using Males …..