Syrian government forces have cleared the entire western countryside of Aleppo city of members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed armed groups.

During the past week, the Syrian Army and its allies cleared up to 300km2 delivering a devastating blow to members of Idlib armed groups despite the fierce Turkish support to them and even the direct participation of Turkish forces in clashes.

On February 15, the Syrian Army opened a new front in western Aleppo attacking Turkish-led forces from the both southern and northern directions. By the evening of February 16, the entire western countryside of Aleppo was captured by pro-government forces. Idlib armed groups demonstrated no real resistance to pro-government forces.

During the past months, Turkey supplied them with lots of military equipment and weapons, including MANPADs. Members of Turkish-backed armed groups even shot down 2 Syrian helicopters, but this appeared to be not enough to stop the advance of the Syrian Army.

According to pro-government sources, at least 60 members of Idlib militant groups were killed and up to 10 pieces of military equipment were destroyed in recent clashes in southeastern Idlib and western Aleppo.

According to the Russian side, the Turkish Armed Forces recently deployed 70 battle tanks, 200 armored vehicles and 80 howitzers in Greater Idlib. A large part of Turkish-deployed military equipment appears in the hands of Idlib radicals. Russian media reported that at least 20 Turkish-supplied vehicles had been destroyed.

The major setbacks in eastern Idlib and western Aleppo forces militant supporters to invent some victories in the media sphere.

Syrian opposition activists claimed on February 14 that a drone attack had targeted the Russian Hmeimim Air Base in Syria killing several generals of the Russian Armed Forces. The opposition sources provided no photo or video evidence to confirm these claims. However, names of the supposed Russian casualties promoted by various sources correspond with Russian historic personalities and even cinema actors.

The most fierce supporters of Idlib groups even claimed that the UAV attack on Hmeimim destroyed an S-400 air defense system. The Syrian Army advance in Greater Idlib comes amid multiple condemnations by NATO member states.

If the military bloc really wants to change the situation in the region, it should consider using Article 5 to protect its Al Qaeda allies in Greater Idlib. If not, it always can claim that the defeat of terrorists in Idlib is a humanitarian catastrophe and impose more sanctions on Syria and its allies.

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  1. This is more good news for the Syrian people and more bad news for Erdogan, the Fraudis and of course the United States of Israel who have also been supporting the terrorist groups in Syria. This latest effort has cost the Turkish army some more hardware most of it expensive and for how much longer can Turkey continue to back these terrorist when their loaned out equipment continually gets trashed by the SAA and Russian air force. Surely this has got to be cutting in on Erdogan’s profit’s .
    Turkey cannot afford to get involved in a prolonged conflict especially when they are on the wrong side. It’s become a sore spot with NATO and the rest of the middle east not to mention the stress on the Lira when the Turkish people cannot afford to tolerate any more devaluation and inflation.
    Erdogan is gambling and he has been on the losing side for some time even though he believes he holds the cards, which he does not. It’s become a crap shoot and Erdogan has just rolled snake eyes. He may soon find out, it won’t be any more loses in Syria he’ll have to worry about. It’s whether he can make it out alive from Turkey.
    Spain may have a nice warm place for him.

  2. The last paragraph could have come right out of Orwell’s 1984 but we see this sort of thing being continually used by the MSM and blackmailed and bought politicians.
    We live in a world of inversions to the truth.