TEHRAN (FNA) A Syrian tribal leader in Hasaka disclosed that two US forces were killed and injured during popular protest rallies against their deployment in the village of Kharbat al-Amou earlier this month.

“During clashes between the residents of several villages and the US forces in the region last week, a US military man was killed and another one was wounded,” Sheikh Feisal al-Yousef, the tribal leader of al-Qanameh near the town of Hasaka, was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language service of Sputnik on Tuesday.

He added that the Americans transferred a dead soldier and a wounded one to their military vehicle before the US fighters bombed Kharbat al-Amou three times.

The US-led coalition had earlier claimed in a statement that no US forces has been killed or wounded in these clashes.

Residents of the two villages of Kharbat al-Amou and Boyar al-Assi in Northeastern Syria staged a protest against the presence of the US troops in the region and hurled stones at the American soldiers, making them retreat from the region on February 12.

The Arabic-language service of SANA news agency reported at the time that the residents of the village of Kharbat al-Amou near Qamishli gathered in support of the Syrian army which prevented the traffic of four US military vehicles and hurled stones at the American forces.

The US forces fired at the protesters, killing one of the residents of Kharbat al-Amou and injuring another one from the village of Hamou.

According to the report, the people of the two villages were angered by the American forces’ violent reaction, attacked and damaged the vehicles. The US military men then demanded support from their comrades in nearby areas and could flee the scene with their assistance, but some residents of Kharbat al-Amou said three US fighter jets launched airstrikes on the village after the incident.

Meantime, the residents of Boyar al-Assi also attacked the US military vehicles with stones and pulled down the US flag.

People in Northeastern Syria have long been holding protest rallies against the US presence in Syria, demanding their pullout and delivering full control of the region to the Syrian army.

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  1. Near where the incident was last week, Russian 3 vehicle patrol held up by 2 slow moving US MRAP patrol tries to overtake. Lead Russian vehicle gets past one MRAP but the other is having non of it. The Russian feints to the left, MRAP blocks, Russian goes right MRAP forces Russian off the road into the field but can’t stop it passing. Note the civilian that nearly got mowed down in the final move.

    Imagine what would have happened if that civilian had been hit or if the Russian vehicle had overturned. Wars start like this.

    Video at link. https://twitter.com/ibrashino/status/1230218147938082818

  2. Washington’s foreign policies run by zionist psychopaths, are draining American’s blood and treasury for the benefit of israel and the warlords in MICkeymouse…not to mention what it is doing to what’s left of America’s reputation around the world.
    America’s response to any opposition is to bomb them from 40,000′ and declare victory over the enemies of demockracy. One lie after another.
    The government in Washington has no moral or legal reason to exist. It operates entirely outside the law and disregards international law as if it were merely a suggestion.The death of this soldier will be used to drum up more war frenzy by the likes of Limpballs and Hannity, neither of whom ever served a minute in the military. and neither should anyone else for that matter.
    The longer U.S. troops remain in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan the worse the situation will become until it all blows up in our faces.
    What is that letter going to say to the parents or wife of that dead soldier? The he died defending America or that he died defending the profit of an oil company?
    For all young people: do not enlist in the military.

  3. Some Americans killed… So what? Their lifes and blood cost high only at home. They were soldiers. I respect USA that they care about every solder. But it is a war. The droplet of Syrian kid’s blood killed costs 1000 US soldiers. It is not a sarcasm from me. But US army soldier’s life for me, personally, is far from exceptional. They are invaders there and are maradeurs. I bring condolences to their families. This has meaning. They lost their relatives. It is a sorrow. But as for soldiers – i don’t care. It was their choice and their bad luck. And i would say the same about Russian PMC like Wagners private mil company troops.

    • That isn’t the point. The point is the USZOG is hiding the fact of casualties from the people. They are afraid of the anger of the people against them, for losses in another of our countless/needless wars. The same thing was done in the Vietnam war with body count ratios.

    • 100 % agree. They are afraid to reveal the true info. The American society is sensual about the dead soldiers. And it must be so. But the reason for what their guys die – absurd. It is not a Patriotic Defence war. Every life is precious.

    • Andrew, America’s foreign policies are controlled by zionist psychopaths and warlords in the MIC, which also includes the CEOs of oil companies.
      Dying so that the CEO of Exxon can receive another multimillion dollar bonus seems a bit of a cruel joke. America’s congress are all prisoners of the zionist lobby.

  4. Thanks to VT for publishing this important information. It should have been front page news all over the country. Where are giants like Edward R. Murrow reporting from the front today? So far as I know the United States is a criminal invader in Syria. Citizens there have every right to demand they get out. This could easily lead to violent confrontations. The U.S. totally over reacted in its usual Israeli criminal way. Donald Adolph was likely parading the limo at Daytona for a photo op at the time this horrible tragedy happened. Our country is a shameful disgrace to itself and the world. Donald Adolph Hitler obviously does not possess a conscience. “Conscience Doth Make Cowards of us ALL”.