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[ Editor’s Note: It is showdown time, not at the OK Corral, but in Idlib province, and maybe even all of north Syria. While Erdogan brags about having made major preparations to “recover Idlib,” he has not explained how he can do that with no air cover.

The EU sure as hell does not want to get dragged into this. As for NATO, it could be tempted to show it is needed. Its combined airpower with that of the US would trump Russia’s. But is Erdogan worth it, for protecting his terrorist proxies?

I don’t think so, but I have not had any calls from EU bigwigs wanting my input. They are concerned with Erdogan’s threats of another refugee flood, this time maybe with a lot of angry, defeated jihadis who might want to take their revenge on the EU.

Would Trump not love to see Turkey and Russia go at it? I surely think so, and with free popcorn for all in the situation room. Does the Turkish army, whose general staff knows that sending a large land force inside Syria with no air cover is suicide, want to risk being blamed for the disaster? … JD ]

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– First aired … February 19, 2020

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to launch an “imminent” operation in Syria’s Idlib province. 

Erdogan said Turkey is making its final warnings. He also said the recent talks with Russia over Syria’s Idlib were far from meeting Turkey’s demands. Russia was quick to respond to Turkey’s warning. It said any operation against Syrian forces would be the worst scenario.

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On Tuesday, Moscow and Ankara ended talks on Idlib without any agreement. Tensions have run high in the northwestern Syrian region in the past few weeks, after Turkey said its forces had been attacked by Syrian forces.

Government troops in Syria are engaged in Russia-backed operations in Idlib to drive out militants. Russia accuses Turkey of breaching an agreement they reached over Idlib in 2018.

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  1. We’ll just see how much blood and treasury Erdogan is willing to expend in Syria in some vain hope of stealing the resource rich land from Syria, as if he and his thugs haven’t stolen enough from Syria already.
    Erdogan is a small time street thug, corrupt through and through, a self important little dictator who should have been removed from the last coup attempt. Too bad the CIA didn’t succeed, at least they could have controlled their puppet from Langley but it’s obvious Erdogan is so out of control he just may envelop the entire middle east in a major war and Turkey itself won’t be spared this time either.
    The Turkish people deserve better than this as their economy is nearly on the ropes with no more rope- a- dope deals left to keep the Lira afloat. A war with Syria that involves the Russians would be disastrous for the Turkish people. It may even bring about the return of Kurdish terrorism inside Turkey itself.

  2. Erdogan is in the neo-ottoman society. They dream about restitution of their ex-Empire, and the parts of Syria was there, too. Now it is a trial version of a boxing round in the ring- who will tuen out to be a mucho. Russia has no way to swallow the Turkish agression. We must beat them right in the face to the blood. The other way doesn’t work with the Turks. History showed it. I’m sure that USA likes Erdo’s ambitions to contradict the Russians, but i hope he will stay alone. We can make Turkey to pay the highest price by economy. It would be a better humiliation for that Erdo-the-bully, than military, ’cause we are the neighbours around the Black Sea and to kill Turkey is a question of short time. I think NATO will not back Turkey up. The anglo-saxons never trusted the ottomans, too.

    • NATO has NO Interest in this conflict , to NATO this is a Voluntary Hardware testing by Turkey , NATO Wouldn’t want to be involved except for sending Endless incoming hardware to be tested ……

    • The Ottoman Empire was a Huge Land mass AND For Resurrection of a Neo-Ottoman Empire is Impossible Because although most of Ottoman Empire area was Muslims Spread across the continents , the Same Muslims Today would rather stay Nationalistic Independent and the Muslims won’t see any sense in committing to Far away Turks and becoming Slaves …… This idea is a flop and false but as propaganda it bites in well …….

    • Russia has the combat experience garnered from two world wars and they are major chess players when it comes to fighting wars. Erogan is a thug with pipe dreams of a neo-Ottoman empire that he will never realize. His military just doesn’t have the experience of fighting a guerrilla war, which is exactly what’s going to happen, if he is even somewhat mildly successful.

  3. Armenian Genocide
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    “Twenty-nine countries and forty-nine U.S. states have adopted resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide as a bona fide historical event.[223] In October 2019, the United States House of Representatives voted 405-11 to officially recognize the mass killing of Armenians by Turkish nationalists during World War I as “genocide” (H.Res. 296).[224][225] The United States Senate also passed a unanimous resolution in recognition of the Armenian Genocide despite President Donald Trump’s objections.[226] Despite a large number of direct descendants of the Armenian Genocide living in Jerusalem, specifically in the Armenian Quarter, Israel still refuses to recognize the genocide”
    Armenian Genocide, by his ancestors, is what that criminal Erdogan should be working on. Not surprised that Donald Adolph Hitler supports these crimes of the Young Turks against Armenians just as he supports the crimes of Isaelis against Palestinians.

    • Con artists in Israel are making good money off the Holohoax of WWII; they don’t want any competition from another Holocaust by the Young Turks in WWI. Man’s inhumanity to man did not begin or end with these crimes against humanity by international outlaws Israel and Turkey.