Health Editor’s Note: If COVID-19, formerly known as novel coronavirus 2019, was designed to be a bioweapon there is a major fail in the concept.  This virus does not appear to be as tough on children as it is on adults, particularly adult males with some co-existing, pre-viral, condition.  Bioweapons are designed to kill populations….right?

The very definition of a bioweapon is that it involves the use of bacteria or other living organisms to destroy other organisms, be they organisms that are harmful to plants or animals, or humans themselves.  If COVID-19 was designed as a bioweapon, as the conspiracy theorists are beating their drums about, then it is a fail. COVID-19 is NOT a killer of children.

While research is limited due to the fact that well, not many children are being infected with the COVID-19 virus, it is clearly apparent that this virus does not nor will it wipe out human life. Let’s use some common sense and yes, some people still have common sense,  in our observations of this virus. Stay away from anyone who is sneezing, coughing, has a temperature, is sick.  And do not touch your face, mouth or nose.

Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and treat this like a virus, like we get every year. If you are sick go to your doctor, etc. Only a test can determine if you have COVID-19 and if you do you will be quarantined to avoid spreading the virus to others, although do remember you were already spreading the virus for days before you came down with any symptoms.

Incubation periods, days in which the virus is hijacking your body cells and producing more virus and you do not appear to be or feel ill, come with all viral infections and an incubation period of 14 days has been chosen as the mean for COVID-19 with a case actually appearing 24 days after exposure.

The most dangerous bioweapon of our time is the anti-vaxx movement. It takes root with an intellectually vulnerable population and though seldom cited for massive fatalities in first-world nations its devastating side effects and complications and the families destroyed go unreported. COVID-19 is the opposite with morbidity rates only a fraction of the Spanish flu. There has been a concerted effort made to mislead the public; a failure in releasing statistics that would cite all reported deaths as primarily related to other causes including just a few murders….Carol

COVID-19 and Kids: Jury Still Out on Scope of Infection

by Molly Walker, Associate Editor, MedPage Today

Little is known about how the COVID-19 coronavirus affects young children, and a small Chinese study provided few answers.

A research letter published in JAMA by Zhi-Jiang Zhang, MD, Ph.D., of Wuhan University, and colleagues examined nine infants with COVID-19, and found two commonalities in all cases: the illness seemed to be mild, and family clustering occurred for all infants, meaning all were from a household with at least one infected family member.

“This shows that infants are getting infected, but at least in this [study], all had a mild illness. Some had no symptoms,” said Waleed Javaid, MD, director of Infection Prevention and Control at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York City.

“This is a retrospective study, so it’s limited by information documented and that can be a flaw, as some information may be missing,” Javaid, who was not involved with the research, told MedPage Today.

Even CDC officials have seemed stumped when asked how COVID-19 may affect children.

“There have been multiple hypotheses why there haven’t been that many cases in children,” Nancy Messonnier, MD, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said at a recent press event. “One hypothesis is there have been [infections], but it’s been mild illness.”

Messonnier added that if sustained transmission occurred in the U.S., keeping children home from school might be an option, given the availability of “teleschooling.” This would potentially limit opportunities for transmission.

Recent studies from China have suggested that older people with preexisting chronic illnesses are most at risk for severe COVID-19 illness and death.

Zhang and colleagues noted that COVID-19 is more likely to affect older men, especially those with chronic comorbidities, but “few infections in children have been reported.” This study examined data from hospitalized infants from Dec. 8, 2019, to Feb. 6, 2020 in China. Infants ranged from age 1 month to 11 months.

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Carol graduated from Riverside White Cross School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio and received her diploma as a registered nurse. She attended Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Literature. She attended the University of Toledo, College of Nursing, and received a Master’s of Nursing Science Degree as an Educator.

She has traveled extensively, is a photographer, and writes on medical issues. Carol has three children RJ, Katherine, and Stephen – two daughters-in-law; Suzy and Katie – two granddaughters; Isabella Marianna and Zoe Olivia – and one grandson, Alexander Paul. She also shares her life with husband Gordon Duff, many cats, and two rescue pups.

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  1. “Bio-weapons are designed to kill populations….right?”
    It depends on the motive and hence how selective one wants to be.

    Suppose a country is in dire financial straits and that has a large pensioner population
    then such a country could indeed select to cull the elderly while leaving intact the young.

    Much so if that country has a copius population where everyone is deemed expendable.
    Couple that with the ‘abide by the rule’ follow the leader mentality of Asian societies.

    These societies are brutal and cruel beyond Western imagination.
    See how they treat their animals in their wet markets and you would have a hard time differentiating the human fro the animal.

  2. Carol, There are none so blind as those who refuse to see… Carol… please read the vaccine inserts available with every vaccine and tell us that vaccines don’t cause ANY injuries and that they are dogmatically SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Your EGO is the foundation for the rigidity of your belief system and the most courageous thing you can do for yourself is to admit YOU WERE WRONG… about the antivax movement. WAKE UP to the truth.

    • Those who have been trained by the medical and pharmaceutical industries (and don’t know that their entire training regimen was designed to promote their products, unhealthy choices, and generate business for themselves) mostly will never educate themselves out of it. It takes a very questioning and scientific view to do that, and is quite rare.

      Ditto for many other professions/industries. For example, I had to argue relentlessly with my 9yo daughter’s mother about her atrocious hair – dry hair that a healthy young girl should not have. After scientific and calculated tests (by me) it was determined that the toxic shampoo and conditioner was the cause. But mum knew better. Then add to that her hairdresser friend who insisted that my daughter needs conditioner to fix it. So I said stuff them – I covertly stopped using those toxic products in conjunction with my daughter, and after several months her hair was fixed. A one off use of coconut oil made things fantastic. When I explained it to her mum and showed the evidence, rage ensued. But eventually they all woke up and now do the same.

      Conclusion: “professionals” in their field often don’t realize how much their minds have been programmed. Just like your average MSM TV watcher – they’ll rarely educate themselves out of it.

  3. Big Pharma pays doctors millions to promote vaccines. The CDC and FDA are also big receivers of “donations” from big pharma.
    Why does the pharmaceutical industry spend money of free trips and vacations for doctors?
    Why are there now more than 60 required vaccinations before entering a public school, something no parent in their right mind would send their children to?
    Why has the pharmaceutical industry been protected against lawsuits from injuries or deaths caused by their snake oil nostrums?
    Why has the government/taxpayers paid out billions in damages, to the families of the victims of vaccine injuries and deaths?

  4. “The most dangerous bioweapon of our time is the anti-vaxx movement.” – CD

    But the “anti-vaxx movement” is useful for Big Pharma in that it makes it easy to dismiss any legitimate criticism of current vaccine manufacturing and dosage practices as “anti-vaxx hysteria”, sweeping legitimate problems under the rug. As usual, the real casualties are the truth and logical debate.

    It would not surprise me in the least to find the “anti-vaxx movement” funded behind the scenes by the larger vaccine manufacturers.

  5. I believe this IS a bio weapon targeting China and for one reason only. Not to wipe out millions but to kill a few and cause a major panic worldwide. Why? To erode China’s booming economy. China was set to pass the US economy next year. It would have been the biggest economy. Even now the US is experiencing a gradual degradation of its currency been used as a major global trading currency. Russia along with many other countries including China are circumventing the US dollar dominance by setting up their own trading currency arrangements. The yuan was slowly becoming the preferred trading currency. The Zionist banking cartel did not like China devaluing the yuan as it made it more desirable as a trading currency. We saw this as the US made such a noise whenever China did this. The coronavirus was designed for one thing only and that was to damage China’s economy and it has been successful in that. It has set back the Chinese economy for at least a decade.

    • The author is on the wrong track. I think your perspective is much more realistic. It’s not about eradicating a population. It is about causing economic chaos (some people die from the virus and others from the resulting chaos). Look at the timing – after China opens the gas pipe with Russia, China accelerates investment in both South America and Africa, China signs a $400billion trade deal with Iran to trade oil and gas in yuan, etc. The virus starts after a group from the US participated in the ‘Military Games’ in China and at a time when lots of people are travelling in China. I think the Chinese now suspect that this is an attack.

    • Cindy and Nex, you’re at least coherent!

      Uni, you’re a mess, as usual.
      This is your brain on dogma.

      Why you can’t handle the self-evident truth that #OpenBorders* #MadeAmericaGreat.

      That USA founded Globalism, and the Globalist WTO. As as solution to the… trade wars that fueled fascism & WWII.

  6. The link, entitled, “The 1918 influenza pandemic: Lessons for 2009 and the future”, notes that “the 1918 to 1919 ““Spanish flu”” pandemic was among the deadliest public health crises in human history, killing an estimated 675,000 people in the US and approximately 50 to 100 million people worldwide (1). This pandemic’s explosive pattern of rapidly recurrent waves and its predilection to kill the young and healthy (2–4) have contributed to an urgent element of pandemic planning today”.