Russian Aerospace Greatest Hits: February 21, 2020, Turkish Tank Column Wiped Out, 250 Killed (video)


On February 21, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) released a video revealing the catastrophic losses the Turkish military and its proxies sustained during their recent failed attack on the town of al-Nayrab in southern Idlib.

The attack saw the direct participation of the Turkish military, which provided al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the National Front for Liberation (NFL) with heavy weapons and fire support.

The SANA’s video, which was filmed by Syrian and Russian drones, shows how the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) annihilated most of the attackers.

Syrian and Russian strikes destroyed four M60 Sabra MK II of the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as several vehicles, including ACV-15 and M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs). Some of these vehicles were being operated by HTS and the NFL.

Earlier today, the Syrian state TV revealed that more than 250 Syrian militants were killed in the failed attack. Turkey, from its side, acknowledged that two of its service members were killed. The new footage suggest that more Turkish soldiers may have lost their lives.

Despite the catastrophic losses sustained by its army and proxies in al-Nayrab, Turkey may attempt to launch another attack soon. Ankara is apparently desperate for any achievement that could improve its political stand.

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  1. While it’s not nice witnessing the destruction and death, I’m happy knowing that it is being done for GOOD. All I have seen in the past is videos, for example, of Iraq being bombed to “liberate” them (translation: invaded and looted). Those videos were somewhat satisfying in that regard. The criminals spread the psyop through media that “”peace” is always the best solution but they do so knowing that it basically gives them the power to do anything without resistance, but to stop people like that, force is always the only viable option.

  2. The old saying,”you can run but you can’t hide” has gained new support by watching these videos. There is almost nowhere to hide when these high explosive warheads go off anywhere near your vicinity. The last couple videos of the second clip shows two people running from a vehicle only to have fate catch up with them any way. was it the blast that killed them or the flying shrapnel?
    Erdogan has some explaining to do but most likely he will simply lie about the loses, no different than what the American people get. No one in power can be trusted with the truth. The truth has been the arch enemy of tyrants and despots through the ages. How are the families of those Turkish soldiers killed going to feel when told ?
    What was Erdogan thinking when he ordered men and machines into Syria without air cover? Could he really be that stupid? Did he really believe he could get away with it? Self delusion is a sign of a very sick mind.

    • I suspect if the Turks followed the beliefs of Islam, rather than the talmud, there would be no problem with Turkey. But they don’t. so there is.

  3. Erdogan and the Turks need to admit the complicity of their ancestors in the well documented Holocaust of 1.5 million Armenians in about 1915. Read the long Wikipedia article documenting these massive crimes on humanity by the lying cowardly Turks today who are descendant from the outlaw perpetrators of these horrible and unspeakable crimes against humanity.
    Shame, shame, shame…on them. The U.S. should boycott this despicable country and Israel too. By the way Israel did 9/11/01.

  4. This is justice. I am hopeful that we are are going to be seeing a change in the world. The Khazarian Demons are losing their power and the innocents of the world will be able to return to our humble abodes.

    Thank you Mother Russia. Beloved Syrian children…….may they be immortalized in the Heart of the Divine.