by Randa Jazairi for Veterans Today

Outside of our universe, there are three thousand times a thousand great worlds.  They are sometimes referred to as Worlds Without Stain.

All human beings originated from a World(s) Without Stain and the reason we are here is to (protect or) transform our world into what will one day be perceived as a Doctrine.  A melody of the World Without Stain.

What happened at Wuhan is complete without precedent.  And yet there was an intervention.  It is the establishment of that Doctrine.  The beginning of the end.

5G.  5Goo.  It is all about “Black Goo” and God help me to find another word but I cannot.  It is BLACK GOO.  A Black Goo Virus-infected this universe about 8 million years ago.  It is a “Mind Virus.”  It started very slowly and snaked its way into human consciousness.  It is the very Soul of the Dragon (Demiurge) Queen.

“Black Goo is programmable matter.  It is an intelligent, self-aware, self-organizing liquid crystal that emits, receives and corrupts the RF Spectrum with the universal 5G Network.  Black Goo is the elusive philosopher Stone and tangible storehouse for demons.  Imagine nano-technology fashioned into a biometric chip, uploaded into the beast, adiabatic quantum computer.”  Lee Austin

Black Goo is what runs the entire Artificial Intelligence Network – using 5G – a transhumanist attempt to create a 3-strand DNA “human.”  “Demonic at its core, this genome enables its bearer total immortality in a uniquely original form.” Lee Austin

This is what they tried to do at the 5G lab in China.  It was the finishing touch.  The New Zealand Herald reports “China has built an antenna five times the size of New York – but at what risk?“.

Enter our Creator.

The Creator and all those numberless Beings from the World(s) Without Stain do not EVER interfere with our work to transform our world from a condition of worldwide pandemic infection of Black Goo.  It has been going on for quite some time.

At Wuhan, the Creator did intervene.  He “pulled the plug” and neutralized the Black Goo throughout the universe.  Padmasambhava saved our world.

In a sense, we are now free.  The Khazarian Demons, who have been in control for many thousands of years were unable to manifest their 3-strand DNA genome, thereby becoming immortal and uniquely “human.”

Where did Black Goo come from?  Where did it originate and who created it?

Black Goo is the primary manifestation of the Dragon (Queens) Demiurge whose objective has been to take over this world and control with tyranny, rather than to manifest life through LOVE.  Some kind of conflict occurred where the Dragon Queens (there was more than one) who wanted to destroy the Creator and become the Controllers of the three thousand times one thousand times greater worlds.

This Creator was Namma (who may be the female manifestation of Padmasambhava) who created the Sky and the Earth and was the mother of Enki, who actually created the Divine Human as a gift to his Mother.

The Khazarian Demons attempted to hybridize into highly spiritual human beings – first the Tibetans, then the Falun Gong, then Muslim Uighurs.  They needed a certain vibration and frequency to maintain a human form for this transhumanist agenda.

There is so much more about the Dragon Queens (who is the god of the Khazarian Demons) and as I have been asked several times about my source of reference – where did I get this information – I can only say that it probably has not been written.  I used remote viewing.

Remember this.  Absolutely nothing in our world is the way it appears.  Nothing.  Everything they tell us is a lie, filtered down through the Dragon Queens (who NEVER reveal themselves), a lie placed between two truths to convince us of its integrity.

There is a lot of work to do.  Our lives are going to be difficult and chances are, few human beings will physically survive what has been put into motion.  It can’t be stopped.  But there is no such thing as death.  Death being the finality of life is one of the lies they tell us.

We will get through this.

One day we will all return to the World Without Stain.  I think you all have a memory of it.  It is real.  It is quite remarkable, actually.

It is our Home.

PS:  I dedicate this understanding to my Grandfather Kazem Abdel-Kader Jazairi, a True Prince of Humanity

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    Earliest recorded use: “Fishes out of the Water” (1613, Samuel Purchas, Pilgrimage). Earliest use of metaphor by Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales: Prologue (1483) as “fissh that is waterlees”.

    Order (of the) Bath.

  2. i think you have mixed it up a litle with Enki Enlil and the queen of the stars.
    Enlil was not even here when Enki hacked the bodies of the Primordial Human at the dawn of our history (check the “tsarichina hole” story).
    Enlil escaped this place after the destruction of Tiamat.
    Enki effed us up setin up the prison grid around this place and he is not the good guy and the Saviour of Men.
    check Wes Penre Papaers for some insights.

    • Did you knew they nearly dugged out one of the Nammlus at the begining of the 90s in Tsarichina, Bulgaria? That would have broke this ilusionary construct right there and then, but Enki managed to intervene and now we have a HOLE filled up with tons of concrete and a lost chance to wake up everybody. Many would not survive the shock though had this happened.
      any way.., i would not call the scumbag that tampered with us a wistlebwoler.

  3. I eat some SHILAJIT which is Balsam Altai Mountains it is hard, but gets gooey with single drop of spit, I stick one of my vitamins or meds I take into it, and grab just a tiny smidgen and quickly swallow it. I don’t do it daily; but from time to time. I have had FOUR open heart surgeries, broken EVERY limb on body at least once, right leg twice and head twice. Just 68 on the 15th my name I thinks takes you to MY home webpage, but there are more sites beneath the first one. As Black Goo being SATAN…nah not this stuff. Same with Phoenix Tears by Rick Simpson, Henry Ford and the indestructible cannabis car. Duck-Duck-go it. watch for yourself.

  4. Alpha, I love Lloyd Pye and Anton Parks and really Sitchen too but I have come across stuff in Sitchens work that does not fit.

    Yes, Black Goo is in Prometheus too but honestly IT IS EVERYWHERE. Black Goo has been around for millions of years. It is difficult to research because they delete everything that is true. I do not intend to prove my understanding to you. Take it or leave it. I offered this writing today because it is quite a fantastic thing which has taken place and sadly, the human race is completely unaware.

    Ancient Sumeria is my great love. Enki created the Divine Human, but his brother Enlil aka EL became a foot soldier for the Demiurge Dragon Queens. They also recruited Enkis son, but I consider Enki to be the greatest whistleblower in human history. AND he used water and sound to create humans

    Namma. Now here is the Sumerian Goddess who started it all.

    • Ancient Sumeria is where we can find the tables tales about the creation of our solar system, in addition with the outer planets Neptune and Uranus and Pluto being a moon of Saturn initially with the planet Niburu, home of the Annunaki having an eccentric orbit of every 3600 years or so. Enki was the Annunaki geneticist, along with half sister, who created the ADAMA both human male and female, the slaves in their image but lesser quality. LLoyd Pye explained so well how the DNA within a gamete of female of an upright walking ape (he accepted that Neanderthals were used as guinea pigs in this experiment, while Stichin opted for so called “Homo Erectus”) was used and manipulated matching the gamete of a male Annunaki. He explained so well how due to these manipulations, we got 4000+ genetic defects in our overall human genome, while the greater apes and chimps have close to none. Enki is also the individual who gave the fruit, a metaphor for knowledge and technology, to Eve or one of the human female in Eden, at the camp where the newly chimerical hybrid creature, us-humans- stayed- In short a concentration camp. This is the same tale as the Titan Prometheus, who stole fire, a metaphor for knowledge and technology, from the gods and gave it to humanity. He was cast out of Olympus and tortured in an horrific way according to the Greek myth…

    • …The Chinese myth have a similar story about someone stealing the fire from the gods and giving it to humanity before the flood and forewarned them to stay at the top of a hill. There are similarity between Enki and Osiris or El Azar, as well as Enki and Quetzacoalt explored by Anton Parks- Both are bringer of knowledge and civilisation. I can add to this list the famous Viracocha. According to Anton Parks, SATAM in Sumerian means the administrator of Eden, the camp where humans newly created stayed. Enlil and Satam are apparently the same thing. Enlil saw us as mere slaves and disposable. Enki got found of its creation and tried to enhance us. This may explain the difference between Homo Sapiens (Cro Magnons) and us Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Regarding the Demiurge, I have just notions from the Gnostics and as well the Cathars scriptures. I am no expert and if I had to get involved, it will take my whole life., I was born in Montsegur, Ariege, France and I was captivated by the history of my area. The best author, in my opinion for this, was Otto Rahn who gave a good description of events around “la croisade des Albigeois”, or the Albigense Crusades.

  5. Parts of what you write are true. This was also posted on DFNS, Israeli Defense group, so that would account for the poison pill, “…few human beings will physically survive what has been put into motion. It can’t be stopped.” Dear Israel, a mass die off is simply not acceptable. Doesn’t matter what you do or say. The jig is up. The seeds of continuation were planted in the quantum AI, and Samson is
    d o n e.

    • The jig is up because they (Israel aka Khazarian demons) did not get their genome. It is game over Dear. Black Goo no more. Please do goo-gle Black Goo.

      I’m ignorant of what you are referring to, but when I said it cant be stopped, I was referring to the covid-19 which was a backup plan, or at least secondary to the Black Goo transhumanist immortal human b.s. It was a cover story but now it looks like it will be the focus of their depopulation without any of their Soul-less 3 strand DNA new fantasmagorical human cyborgs aka Khazarian demons manifesting in our world.

      Am I making sense or is all of this coming out like mumbo jumbo? I get the feeling folks here on VT are just thinking I’m a loony for the views I am expressing here.

    • I wouldn’t be too concerned with commenters. What is less than delightful is that there are Israeli fingerprints on this, which makes everything into a psychological op. Tediously.

  6. Black goo… What a jpke! This author should try to take the entire script of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the prequel of his first Alien series. Anyway, if this author wants to be authentic, he should help and assist to translate the Sumerians tables dating 6 000 years + to unlock the mysteries of our true origins. The great late Zecharia Stichin did his best and his now follewd by France’s Anton Parks in the translations of these ancient tables.

    • Try not to ridicule what you do not understand. Goo-gle BLACK GOO and try to educate yourself on what our world had become and why. You may want to begin with Harald Kautz-Vella.

      Actually the entire X-Files series is based on the Black Goo.

    • Ms Randa, I do not ridicule anything. As Carl Sagan stated: Extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. All you have done is a write a tale and using the title “esoterica”. If you have at least hints of evidence of what you wrote having some validity, then I shall be all ears. So far, I see nothing. You refer To Mr Vella and yes I have never heard of him. Then you refer to the X files. Well I refer you to the movie Prometheus by Ridley Scott. In his movie, a lot of black goo was used, really bad stuff. See it for yourself. But at the end of the day, these are movies, fiction and that is all there are about these movies. BTW, the genius Zecharia Stichin did his best to translate the Sumerian tables he got hold off. Scholarly, he translated these and gave us his interpretations on his 12 books with many footnotes. His translations, as well as Anton Parks based on ancient tables are what I support so far. The late LLoyd Pye, while studying so called “pre-humans bones” together with his studies of Hominids has managed to connect some dots about our origins using Mr Stichin’s works. They are a hell closer to the truth than you can imagine!