Quitting fake left because of LGBT Doublefuckosity


Note by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I remember about two years ago, driving to Ann Arbor to see VT Writer Gilad Atzmon who was speaking there.  I am an old-line Democrat, trade union, grew up in Detroit, worked for Adlai Stevenson, Bobby Kennedy, etc…

Professionally, I am GOP as nobody on earth can talk to a Democrat much less do they listen.

The Atzmon thing, I had my daughter with me, she is U of M, degreed in useless and obscure.  After 5 minutes we knew we had been trapped in a Fellini film.

Atzmon is always OK but as with Kevin, they are both too patient with the lunatic fringe that buys their books.

These were some crazy fucks, delusional, self-absorbed.  I hate it when I want to smack the living shit out of a room of people and, somehow, know that it would be wrong.

Self-control is overrated.

As for the gay community, my familiarity goes back to the early 70s, longtime relationship with one or more supposed lesbian girlfriends who could read a map and fix your car.

But as a Vietnam Vet, I understood oppressed and broken people very well; a term that one might broadly place on those who stood against the grain as to sexual preference independence.

As a Marine, always weekends in Los Angeles, I got to know the local drag queen community.

These were good people, loyal, decent and funny.  They were also abused and exploited and I was a handy house guest who also had the delightful ability to beat the fuck out of people.

Yes..just like the movie, in fact, exactly like the movie.

Where are these folks now?  My suggestion, long-dead as is so often the fate of the vulnerable.

Today I only see things through kids, who are getting older and grandchildren and there I see exactly what the video puts out.

The gender crap is just as advertised, a way for narcissists and time-wasters to express themselves at the cost of others.

In the 70s, East Lansing and Ann Arbor, it was ex-cons, Charlie Manson types, who became high profile hippie/drug dealing human trafficker types.

You could check out of Jackson Prison for child rape and a day later be living in Lansing with “followers” of jailhouse bullshit.

To that extent…nothing new here…move along…

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  1. Mr. Duff—What an interesting Article.

    __As for me, although I look in my late 50’s, I am 70-years old, and out of those years I have been suffering from lack of mobility due to having sever (RA) for 11-years.

    —Before that, however, I had a good life traveling at a young age, and visiting numerous countries of the Continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, except Antarctica & South America).

    —I am an “Independent American Voter who Votes for “USA” NOT a Party (D), (I) or (R).

    –After 2016, to Trust the Media’s Talking Heads & Polls is like “Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me”

    —I believe we have to keep fighting to restore our Freedom of Speech & Gun rights (although I don’t have one), to Protect USA & the Kids in our Families from “ISRAELI-Americans’ ANTIFA the Terrorists Group” before they Colonize” USA.

    A Christian, who grew up in a Missionary Schools until I got to college, so I am NOT Ready Yet to See LGBT on JFK’s BED.

    The Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev said “THE NEXT WAR will NOT be WW-3, IT WILL BE THE LAST WAR WHERE, NO ONE WILL SURVIVE”

    • –A Sample of A GOOD ISRAELI” LOOKS & SOUNDS SOMEONE like Gideon Levy the Haaretz Columnist and a Member of the newspaper’s Editorial Board. I am sure there are more. But “THE EVIL ISRAELIS” the list is too long to mention.

      –Until Israel Respects ALL of The United Nations (UN) International Laws & Return Palestinians’ Land__ (67 Boarder) There Won’t Be Peace or “A Jewish State”

      –In 1945, after WW-2, Our Beloved USA President (FDR) and has seen ALL the Dead & Wounded, Not Only he “Coined” he “Created” The United Nations (UN), so All Independent Countries, Currently 193 + Holy See (Vatican City, Rome, Italy), where their Sovereignty will be Respected and with Various Depts. at the (UN) that will Help & above all “The (5) Security Council Members (China, France, Russia, UK USA) will have their FINAL say to Solve All their Issues, so they could live in Peace.

      –Well, If (FDR) could see now what His Country (USA “THE VETO KING” for 70 yrs.) breaking laws with “The Evil & Apartheid Israel Empire” Leaders are doing at the (UN) Especially, “Palestine’s -The Deal of The Century” moving our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (FDR) would have been Turning in his Grave.



  2. There’s more than a working theory & prima facie proof of a psychopathy of an Amygdala Hi-Jack of the emotional brain void of any Cortex thinking of the liberal mind. Just try to discuss any twistory or any esoteric topic w/ any of them. Reductio ad Absurdum.

  3. soooo, your an insane lesbian woman, who could talk under water with a mouthful of marbles
    & i’m guessing you have no friends?

  4. You nailed it again Gordon. After I was awarded a degree at MSU I was off to Pasadena CA to work for a very large bank. Many gays in Pasadena and I had similar experiences to you and Gall. After too many years in the military and other endeavors I have arrived at the same conclusion you have: “The gender crap is just as advertised, a way for narcissists and time wasters to express themselves at the cost of others.”

    • My concern is public teaching that it is all (ALL) okay, in school… in grade school. They literally are teaching them that they don’t know what sex they are. I can’t see teaching children that they can just change their sex at will or even PC ways of masturbation. Too much too early….and if they want to put resources really in, have a voluntary parent participation approach that is kept private, never discussed in the public classroom as “at will”.

  5. I had a girl friend back when who used to be a lesbian and then was bi that I always tried get to bring her girl friends over. You know for a reunion 🙂

    Arial kinda reminded me of her.

    Never had any problem with gays who are mostly good people just like everybody else. Back then they would have laughed gayly at the idea of same sex marriages because they thought marriage was for straights.

    Anyway it all seems like Crazy Town now. I can understand why poor Arail would wanna bug out on all that.

    • Come on down to the French Qtr. Jim. Too bad you are too late for Mardi Gras. Zulu is parading now and will be followed by Rex. I had a similar experience to Gordon’s my first time in the quarter. I stopped a (what I thought) was a woman who was about to get knifed in the back by some little psycho. I mean, really, this guy could have come out from central casting as a homicidal psycho. He got pissed when she heard me, screamed, and took off like a (brown) streak. The little psycho stabbed me 7 times as I fought him off. Then the local gays dragged me inside the bar and helped me stop the bleeding. Word got around, that I was one of the good guys.

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